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well hello

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well hello


Editor I have a confession, about a year ago we cancelled our television cable and I found my new obsession. Podcasts. Every time I am alone (which granted is rare with 2 littles) when driving, cleaning, cooking, I have a podcast in my ear. Some of my go to choices are Extreme History, Serial (of course) and my favorite - Tim Ferris. As an entrepreneur, he has inspired me in countless ways. The most recent was the most surprising in its impact. Tim was interviewing Jocko Willink, a formidable navy seal who led the most highly decorated Special Operations Unit of the entire Iraq war. I never thought I would relate to this man, let alone want to talk about him in this context. Two lessons of his stuck with me. First, a great leader must have humility. After arriving in a foreign land, the key to success is to gather knowledge and information and from those who know more than you. Never ever go into a situation thinking you already have all the answers. Second, always have a back-up. Two is one, and one is none. If you only have one plan, without any fall-back strategy, you will eventually be left in the lurch which can be devastating on the battlefield, and in life.

These lessons from a military hero could not be more applicable to me as a mother, and a business owner. When editing this magazine, I would be nothing without my team and I could not be more grateful for their inspiration and expertise. Every day I learn from them and get the energy to push this little magazine to be the best it can. The same goes for those helping me to rear my family. Taking the time to speak with other parents, teachers, coaches. Focussing more on listening, rather than speaking. There is so much to learn. In both contexts I have also found that I can never count on anything. That is not to sound defeatist. Far from it. It is far better to always have a backup plan in the event that your expectations are not met. As parents of young children, it can surprisingly feel like we are navigating our own little battlefields... and staying light on our feet and not tying ourselves down with expectations makes it a much more pleasant journey along the way.

Letter From The Editor LARA TEOLI 8 • • 9

Our Team.

VANESSA WIKTORCZYK is a graphic designer living in Toronto. With a background in fashion brand managment. She’s merged her love of fashion and design specializing in editorial layout.-

10 •

GEORGIA GROOM has fashion running through her veins. The ex pat Brit, now living in Toronto, is a stylist extrordinaire with experience in almost every aspect of the fashion industry. Whilst continuing to work with commercial clients, she still finds time to be inspired by fashion and somehow can always sense what’s coming next. She brings an eclectic eye to children’s fashion but also has the practical sense that comes with being a mother of three beauties under 5.


KATE SPARKS Kate is an interior designer living in Sydney Australia and mother to two gorgeous children. After dedicating her career to early childhood education, she decided to merge her passion for children and design into one resulting in some fantastic spaces that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. @littledwellings

MARK BINKS is a fashion and portrait photographer, dog lover, bicycle rider and cyborg from the future. His work has appeared in a few places you’ve heard of and a few places that you haven’t. @markbinks

POLLY ALDERTON Polly Alderton is a UK based photographer. She documents her journey as a mother with whimsical grit and works on various social projects with other women in and around the UK. @ dollyandfife • 11

binky Editor Art Direction & Layout Art Direction Graphic Design Fashion Direction Guest Styling Photography Guest Photography

Hair and Makeup

Lara Teoli Vanessa Wiktorczyk Georgia Groom Vanessa Wiktorczyk Georgia Groom Elissa Contino Lara Teoli Modern Baby Mark Binks Polly Alderton Richard Von Hofsten Billie Woods Photography Robert Weir Caitlin Cullimore Shawna Dowling

All rights reserved @ 2014 Binky Magazine

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@binkymagazine #binkylittles


binky Picks

What we found while looking around. A few must have items for your winter gift list.

2 CHAPTER  SHOES These beautiful hand made shoes are the epitome of slow fashion. Look after them and pass them along to another little once yours have grown out of them.



I mean. This amazing swan print will elevate any space for littles and their grown ups. Pure magic. provided by the fabulous



Hansel from Basel’s name is almost as fun as their gorgeous socks. Wear, smile, repeat! 14 •


4 CHARLOTTE TILBURY Top make up artist, CLAUDINE BALTHAZAR chose her 3 favourite lipstick colours for fall. These girls are all you need, and the glamorous rose gold packaging makes putting it on so much more special.Lipsticks (from l to r) Velvet Underground, Love Bite, So Marilyn



SAJE Saje’s Nebulizer is the anti-febreeze. Enhancing the quality of the air you breathe, and infusing your home with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.


A Peace Treaty is known for their gorgeous luxurious scarves, and just happen to be respectful of the people that make them too. • 15

Dolly & Fife Polly Alderton on innocence, censorship, and childhood unplugged.

Photos by Polly Alderton



e met Polly Alderton through her stunning instagram feed @dollyandfife. In addition to their obvious haunting beauty, the distinguishing feature that drew us to her photos is their ability to capture the essence and freedom of childhood without any pretext.  Can you tell us a little bit about family and how you have come to create such a stunning family album for the world to share.   We are a family of six living in East Anglia, UK. I’ve always documented what I’m experiencing through photography and logically this now includes photographing my husband and children when we’re out and about. I’d describe my outlook on life as romantically realist, I think this comes through in my pictures. It is, of course, our real lives that I’m picturing but I’m led to exhibiting or highlighting the fantastical parts. I’m drawn

18 •

to emotion and I don’t want to strip that out of pictures but I do consciously choose an angle say that will show I more fantastical side to the story. What role does social media play in your life and business? I’ve enjoyed sharing my images on Instagram and it has, at times been boosting to receive comments under my pictures. I’ve enjoyed being part of a community of mothers and connecting with like-minded people creatively. Sometimes, when you blend your passion for an artistic endeavor with a business, something can give.  Has this ever happened to you? Yes, though I wouldn’t necessarily say it is business that I’m blending with my creativity. It is that I’m documenting my life and the way

we like to spend time as a family, that I’m a photographer and have a business is part of that I guess, but only latterly. In the summertime I received several notifications that Instagram had removed many images for showing nudity. Said nudity was of my six year old and a friend’s 3 year old daughter shirtless and grubby, playing. That was a painful experience, not because the images were removed, because I’d never considered them as provocative (I still don’t) but because they were judged as that, because some people looked at my innocent child and judged her for being provocative and I guess, me also. That I’d put her in a position where people looked upon her negatively. That people think this way about a bare female chest, that people would rather see a bare female chest with an adult female bra covering her future breasts. It makes me angry that already we’re censoring and telling our daughters to cover up from the age of three. To be the ones to accept responsibility for future attention they receive that they might not have wanted. It’s essentially as infuriating as asking a woman who’s been raped what she was wearing, what does it matter? Why do we waste resources teaching women how not to get raped or molested when really we should be teaching men not to damn well rape or molest? I digress slightly here but my issue is that, from an early age we are in a society where we’re teaching our females to modestly protect themselves, we’re indoctrinating them with hundreds of years worth of societally induced female guilt and making them wear it on their skinny boylike bodies in the form of bra top on the beach, at three. The sexualization of females globally is disgustingly out of whack.

BINKY | VIEWS What is your view on the publication of children without their clothing on? My issue isn’t that I think we should all be posting images of our children nude. It’s what counts as ‘nude’, what’s viewed as provocative. In the time that Instagram went through responding to reports against my pictures by removing the images, NONE were ever taken down of my shirtless 2 or 8 year old boys. It’s a female issue. There is no difference between an 6 year old boy and an 6 year old girl, how their upper bodies look. Yet the females are targeted. An instagram friend commented that she had had pictures removed of her very long haired shirtless boy, this issue was resolved apparently by informing them of their mistake and the image was reinstated. Well that’s great and good for her for writing and being angry over the sexualization of her child. BUT, Instagram and the people who reported the image presumably were unable to decipher the gender of this child so assumed him to be female

because of his hair. Once the correct gender of this child had been confirmed the picture was allowed back, with a sigh of relief. Do you see my point? It’s that there is no male/female difference at this young age, the disparities in the way essentially the same images are viewed, one as male one as female.

Is there something to be said for the view that children cannot give their consent to having nude or semi-clad photos of themselves out there for the world to see? Yes, maybe. I can only talk from my personal experiences here though. My conscience is clear in this instance, what I choose to put out on social media is the fantastical side of our story, in many ways it’s not real. In many ways those images of my children are not my children. And as a family we engage over these issues, the children are present in my choices.






The Mad Hatter


30 •


Left Page: Dress-Bang Bang Copenhagen from The Mini Life Blouse-Jacadi Bow Hat-Amour Bows Tights-Zara Shirt-Zara Shorts-Zara Riding Hat-Amour Bows Ribbon (worn as bow) Mokuba • 31


Bow Hat-Pomp and Ceremony Turtleneck-The Gap Dress-Gymboree

32 •

Floral Dress-Louise Misha from Kol Kid Shirt Dress (worn underneath)-Ralph Lauren Kids Hat-Pomp and Ceremony • 33

Quand Je Grandis

girls style Photography Mark Binks Styling: Elissa Contino Hair & Make-up: Shawnna Downing

From Left: Dress- BCBG fur vest- Theory Shoes- Aldo Dress- Talula Coat- Zara

Marley T. and Brooke K. with Kamera Kids.


From Left: Sweater- Free People Skirt-BCBG shoes- Stylist Own Dress- BCBG Sweater- Zara Purse- LoeямДer Randall Shoes- Stylist Own



Sweater- Free People Skirt-BCBG shoes- Stylist Own From Left: Top- Zara Jacket- Vintage Necklace- h&m


Jean top- h&m Sweater- Wilfred Jeans - Zara Scarf- Joe Fresh Purse- Furla Shoes- Aldo From Right: Top- Diesel



In To The Woods O the beaten path, boys fall fashion takes an unexpected turn.

Stylist: Georgia Groom @georgiagroom Photographer: Lara Teoli @modernbabylife

Tiger Sweatshirt - Mini Rodini Minimodel Gallery Shirt - Motoreta from Minimodel Gallery Kerchief - Pomp and Ceremony from Model Citizen, Track Pants - Mini Rodini from Minimodel Gallery Shoes: Adidas Superstars • 45


Left Page: Reversible jacket Agatha Club from Minimodel Gallery. Gold shirt - Wolf and Rita from the Mini Life Black jeans - Zara Kids Shoes - Adidas Superstars Trousers - Wolf & Rita The Mini Life Shoes - Naturina Kol Kid • 47


Left Page: Turtleneck - H&M White shirt - Zara Kids Sweatshirt - Beau Loves from Minimodel Gallery Hat - Wolf and Rita The Mini Life, Dessert Boots - Zara Kids Shirt - Motoreta Mini Model Gallery, Jean jacket - The Gap Beau Loves Fringe pants - The Mini Life Shoes - as before • 49

Turtleneck - H&M T shirt - Mini Willa from Minimodel Gallery Bomber jacket - Zara Kids Hat - Beau Loves The Mini Life, Medals - Stylist’s ow

Turtleneck - H&M White Shirt - Zara Kids Sweatshirt - Beau Loves from Minimodel Gallery Hat - Wolf and Rita from The Mini Life, Desert Boots Zara Kids


Trousers - Wolf & Rita The Mini Life Hat - Beau loves The Mini Life Shoes - Naturina Kol Kid • 53




Mums Bums Jacket - Smythe Jeans - The Gap Floral Top - Zara White Shirt - J Crew • 55


Jacket - Smythe Jeans - The Gap Tank (under jacket) - T by Alexander Wang Shoes - Club Monaco from Capezio Shoes Jewelry - from Francis Watson


Stylist and Author of Shopping Column • 56


While most of my days start with workout wear and either a kettlebell class, or a run along the lake, my next outfit often includes a pair boyfriend jeans. I’ve always had an affinity for menswear and love an androgynous look so they’re kind of a no brainer for me. Comfortable, effortlessly chic, timeless and accommodate my not-so-skinny thighs. I love that you can dress them down with a great Isabel Marant sweatshirt and hightops, or pair them with a well cut white tailored shirt. Add a luxe blazer and heels and I feel ready for a meeting with clients or drinks with the girls. As a stylist, I find I’m sometimes torn between being on top of all trends and being true to what I actually like and look good in.... My boyfriend jeans seem to easily straddle both worlds, depending on how I style the look, but they’re a good base to build upon. • 57



Fake Fur Jacket: Aritizia Camisole: Aritzia Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Jewellery: Frances Watson Boots: Top Shop


White Dress: Top Shop Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Hat: Frances Watson Jewellery: Frances Watson

After my daughter was born I didn’t think I’d be able to wear jeans again. For many years I was devoted to low rise hip huggers and after many unsuccessful attempts to diminish what I like to affectionately call my “pouch”, I was afraid I wouldn’t find a pair of jeans that would flatter my new figure. I’ll never forget the day I was introduced to high rise denim. I have always had an affinity for 70s fashion and with those jeans I was able to embody the spirit of my fashion muses: Pam Grier and Farrah Fawcett. I am my most comfortable in high waisted pants but more importantly I feel confident and sexy. High waisted denim have an irrefutable ability to hug and accentuate my curves. And with my tall athletic frame, I like that it makes my legs look longer. I feel like an Amazon! Flare bottoms add a touch of femininity and playfulness. I can wear my flares with a light and fun tee or a button up blouse. • 59

OLIVIA STREN Freelance Writer

Coat - Massimo Dutti,Jeans - J Crew Blouse - Massimo Dutti,Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell from Capezio Shoes Jacket - Smythe White shirt - J Crew Sweater - Zara Jewelry - J Crew Jewelry - Francis Watson


I have an 8 month old and instead of taking up some kind of barre or cross-fit routine or forsaking denim forever, I opted for a pair of highwaisted jeans which tend to contain the, um, situation...I have a bit of a J.Crew problem, and I like the (comfy and inexpensive!) Look-Out High-Rise. Plus, they have a vaguely 70s feel and I’m a 70s baby--so anything that even remotely reminds me of something Three’s Company’s Chrissy Snow might have worn is a very good thing in my books! • 61 • 62


Cheryl Hickey Dress - Kaela Kay Jewelry - J Crew Shoes - Banana Republic


GirlCrush Cheryl Hickey

Styling: Georgia Groom Photography: Lara Teoli • 63

White Shirt - J Crew Skirt - Kaela Kay Jewellery - J Crew Shoes - J Crew

Cheryl Hickey, highlights fall looks from African inspired, Canadian designer Kaela Kay.

Top and Skirt Kaela Kay Shoes - J Crew Earrings - H&M Bracelet - Zara


So, we have a confession to make, Binky might have a girl crush on Cheryl Hickey. The charming host of Entertainment Tonight Canada came into the studio to model these Kaela Kay looks and talk a little bit about presenting, being a wife and mother and her great line of natural, affordable skincare Ours. Binky “We know your kids and family are the number one priority for you, this question is a bit of a working mum cliché, but how do you balance spending time with them, your job at ET Canada and now new venture, Ours?” Cheryl Hickey “I don’t! Sometimes there isn’t a balance for me, but it’s always consistent for the kids. It’s a family effort, we pull together, me, my husband and their grandparents. It’s important that the kids always feel like they come first. Sometimes it’s mummy and sometimes it’s daddy, but one of us is always with them.” Binky “How did Ours come about? We understand that you and your kids had some issues with your skin” C.H. “Skin sensitivity runs in my family. When

I had my daughter I found that there wasn’t enough on the market for people like us, especially at an affordable price point. That’s how Ours really came about, out of a need for something that I’d want to use on my own child.” Binky “You’re refreshingly down to earth, and a bit of an anti-diva. Is there something that keeps you so grounded? C.H. “My family, the way my parents bought us up. Now my kids and husband. There’s zero room for anything else once I get home!” Binky “O.K. last question. We have to ask, who is your favourite person to interview (on the red carpet)? We’d love to ask who your least favourite person is, but we know you won’t answer that!” C.H. “David Foster is my favourite person to interview. He’s so silly and I never know what he’s going to say. He’s worked with so many amazing talents from Michael Bublé to Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. The conversation is always rich and entertaining.”



Scandinave Design Designed by Kate Sparks of @littledwellings

Photos By Jacqui Turk

When designing any room, think of the long term goal you want to achieve. Sometimes budget plays a big part in what you can do in the short term. Try to think ahead & taking small steps to get there. Before you know it, you can gain the ideal space you desire.


68 • • 69

70 •



Key pieces in the room, for example; large furniture items should be plain & simple to gain long term use. This will reduce your fear of growing tired of the style. Stay on trend with accessories which won’t break the bank!



Swedish Jey Hallå from Sweden Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Photos and styling Richard von Hofsten Model: Julia Stiernborg @Journey_by_Jey 74 • • 75


76 • • 77


Tutu Du Monde Princess Charming Onsie from Minimodel Gallery, Tippi Toe Taylor Custom Made Doll. 78 •




Old Masters

Photography Lara Teoli Styling Georgia Groom 84 •


Blouse-Wolf and Rita from The Mini Life Skirt-Wolf and Rita fromThe Mini Life Kerchief-Pomp and Ceremony Socks-La Coqueta Shoes-Zara Ribbon (at waist)Mokuba


86 •


Raphaela Cardigan-Zara Shirt-Zara Skirt-Jacadi Tights-Zara Kercheif (in hair)-Pomp and Ceremony


Dress - Zara White Shirt - Zara Socks - La Coqueta Shoes - Jacadi Ribbon(at neck) Mokuba


Blouse-Wolf and Rita The Mini Life Dress-Wolf and Rita from The Mini Life Socks-La Coqueta Shoes-Jacardi


Dress-Motoreta from The Mini Life Hat-H&M Kerchief-Pomp and Ceremony Tights-Zara Boots-Zara

Dress - Zara Shirt - Zara Cape - Wolf & Rita from The Mini Life Socks - La Coqueta

Bouse - Wolf and Rita The Mini Life Pants - Zara Kids Socks - La Coqueta Shoes - Jacadi Ribbon (at neck) Mokuba

binky reads If you’re tired of princesses being rescued from towers, try one of these beautiful books for a more thought provoking, interesting read. THE MERMAID AND THE SHOE. BY K. G. CAMPBELL This one is for the inquisitive, the explorers and the asker of questions. The smallest mermaid and a beautiful red object. A whimsical book about determination.

STREGA NONA. BY TOMIE DE PAOLA Find out what happens to Big Anthony when he doesn’t listen to Strega Nona.... the original boss lady!

BINKY | READS THE HAT. BY TOMI UNGERER The brilliant Tomi Ungerer tells a magical story of a down on his luck dragoon and a hat with a magenta sash. The illustrations are pure delight.

THE STORY OF FERDINAND. BY MUNRO LEAF Munro Leaf’s pacifist bull just wants to sit under a cork tree and smell the flowers. Mums and dads will adore Robert Lawson’s  illustrations of Spanish characters and beautiful señoritas “with flowers in their hair”

ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER. BY ANDREA BEATY The plucky Rosie Revere learns the most important lesson, that we may only succeed by learning from our failures, with the help of a familiar aunt and a cheese o copter!


binky Buys 2 1 ELA For those times when you actually get to go out for a rock n roll night with your girlfriends, this is the only choice. Ela’s black studded clutch is fun and edgy, without trying too hard. This bag is so cool that your hip, little sister is going to want to steal it.


Anne Grand Clément’s spectacular purses are all hand embroidered in India. Each piece by a single artisasn. Wear it, cherish it, love it. This is an investment piece that you’ll have for years. Also available at Ewanika



Everyday bags don’t have to be boring! We pretty much love everything from Stuart Vevver’s tenure as Coach’s creative director but this one is perfect for busy mums. Big enough to fit your pocketbook and a kid snack, and stylish. 96 •


WHEAT As a digital magazine focussing on children’s fashion, one of the things that we have loved is meeting so many entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses as a family affair. Great children’s fashion is not a landscape that is dominated by retail giants. We are most interested in the smaller brands that are fueled by passion and hard work. • 97

BINKY | BUSINESS Wheat is a Danish clothing line for babies and young children with Scandinavian inspiration. We were introduced to this brand by the Canadian couple, Kat and Aaron, who brought this line to Canada. We were able to get to know this sweet family who have relocated to British Columbia on the Pacific Ocean. Featured is their beautiful daughter playing on the West Coast of Canada.

Photo Credit: Billie Woods Photography @billiewoodsphotography

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Binky Magazine Volume 06  

A lifestyle guide to the magic years.

Binky Magazine Volume 06  

A lifestyle guide to the magic years.