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Transportation, Structural & Traffic Services

Transportation done Precertified by the Texas Department of Transportation in over 40 categories, Binkley & Barfield’s Transportation group is a recognized partner on multiple flagship projects serving major communities across the State of Texas. For over four decades, Binkley & Barfield (BBI) has supported our communities while sustaining our environment through the design of vital infrastructure projects. The projects completed include interstate highways, major interchanges and perimeter roads, as well as high-traffic roads in metropolitan areas that require strict traffic maintenance during construction. Our transportation professionals have completed roadway, structural and traffic projects for governmental entities and municipalities including Harris County Toll Road Authority, Texas Department of Transportation, Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority, Brazoria County Toll Road Authority, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, METRO, and numerous cities and counties throughout the State of Texas. Our expertise in structural design spans several areas including concrete and steel bridges, municipal structures, and marine and


port facilities. We offer services in structural analysis and design, major and complex bridge design, and design management. Our capabilities include the design and analysis of many different materials including steel, cold formed steel, prestressed/post tensioned concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, and timber design. We have bridge design capabilities including single and multi-span concrete bridges and steel girder bridges for vehicular and pedestrian facilities. In addition, we design abutments, bents, columns, foundations, and include special loads, such as wind and flood stage hydraulic loads. Our structural group is well known throughout the local engineering community for its structural expertise and is often called upon for its reputation in providing common sense solutions that solve the project’s needs while minimizing the cost to the client.

Our traffic expertise covers every aspect of traffic engineering from planning, preliminary engineering, design, contract documentation to construction management.

For over four decades, BBI has supported our communities while sustaining our environment through the design of vital infrastructure projects.

BBI is an employee-owned, multi‑disciplined engineering consulting firm with headquarters in Houston and fully staffed regional offices in Austin, College Station, Richardson, Round Rock, and San Antonio. Helmed by Larry M. Barfield, PE, FNSPE as President; Brett Binkley, MBA as CEO; David A. Hamilton, PE as Executive Vice President; and Youssef A. Laham, PE as Corporate Vice President, the firm has served Texas for over 47 years and has a total company‑wide staff of more than 250 employees.

Transportation Services

Structural Services

Transportation Systems Planning • Subarea/Corridor Planning • Land Planning/Engineering • Feasibility Studies

Bridge Design • Roadway & Railroad Grade Separations • Aligh River Crossings • Direct Connectors • Fault Crossings

Schematic Development • Route Studies and Schematic Design (Minor Roadways) • Route Studies and Major Design (Major Roadways) • Route Studies and Schematic Design (Complex Highways) • Minor Bridge Layouts • Major Bridge Layouts • Multi-Level Interchange and Exotic Bridge Layouts Roadway Design • Rural/Urban US Highways and Toll Roads • Major Freeway Interchanges and Direct Connectors • Residential Street Reconstruction • Boulevard Design • Streetscape Design • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design • Change From Open-ditch Asphalt to Depressed Concrete Curb and Gutter Streets • County Roads • Median Beautification • Street Light Upgrade/Additions

Special Structures • Retaining Walls • Drainage Structures • Roadside Structures • Sound Walls • Docks, Wharfs & Bulkheads Hydraulic and Hydrologic Design • Roadway Drainage • Hydrologic Studies • Basic Hydraulic Design Complex Hydraulic Design • Pump Station Hydraulics • Pump Station Electrical • Pump Station Structures

Traffic Services • • • • • • •

Traffic Engineering Studies Traffic Signal Design Traffic Data Collection Illumination Drainage Utilities Project Management

BBI is precertified with the Texas Department of Transportation in the following areas: FIRM SEQUENCE NUMBER: 00000347 1.2.1 1.3.1 1.4.1 1.5.1 1.6.1 2.1.1 2.5.1 3.1.1 3.2.1 3.3.1 3.4.1 3.5.1 3.6.1 4.1.1 4.2.1 4.3.1 4.4.1 5.1.1 5.2.1 5.3.1 5.4.1 6.1.1

Systems Planning Subarea/Corridor Planning Land Planning/Engineering Feasibility Studies Major Investment Studies Traffic Noise Analysis Geological Assessment for Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Route Studies & Schematic Design - Minor Roadways Route Studies & Schematic Design Route Studies & Schematic Design - Complex Highways Minor Bridge Layouts Major Bridge Layouts Multi-Level Interchange And Exotic Bridge Layout Minor Roadway Design Roadway Design Complex Highway Design Freeway Interchanges Minor Bridge Design Bridge Design Multi-Level Interchange Design Exotic Bridge Design Routine Bridge Inspection Team Leader

7.1.1 7.2.1 7.3.1 7.4.1 7.5.1 8.1.1 8.2.1 8.3.1 8.4.1 8.5.1 9.1.1 10.1.1 10.2.1 10.3.1 10.4.1 10.4.2 10.4.3 10.5.1 11.1.1 11.2.1 14.3.1 18.2.1

Traffic Engineering Studies Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Studies Traffic Signal Timing Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design And Implementation Intelligent Transportation Systems Signing, Pavement Marking, And Channelization Illumination Signalization ITS Control Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation Highway-Rail Grade Crossings Bicycle And Pedestrian Facility Development Hydrologic Studies Roadway Hydraulic Design Bridge Hydraulic Design Storm Water Pump Station-Hydraulic Design Pump Stations-Electrical Pump Stations-Structures Bridge Scour Evaluations And Analysis Roadway Construction Management And Inspection Bridge Construction Management And Inspection Transportation Foundation Studies Subsurface Utility Engineering





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TBPE NO. F-257

TBPE NO. F-257

TBPE NO. F-257

TBPE NO. F-257




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TBPE NO. F-257

TBPE NO. F-257

TBPE NO. F-257

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Transportation, Structural & Traffic Services | Binkley & Barfield, Inc.  

Transportation, Structural & Traffic Services | Binkley & Barfield, Inc.