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Journal Entry  I:  WGSN   January  29,  2013     Some  major  components  included  throughout  the  WGSN  that  particularly  appeal  to  me   include:   -­‐The  section  that  offers  insights  and  analysis  if  current  fashion  trends   -­‐The  section  that  includes  a  look  on  contemporary  design:  colors,  fabrics,   catwalks  etc.   -­‐The  focus  on  current  fashion  trends  and  projections  throughout  particular  cities   -­‐The  ability  to  quickly  and  easily  access  the  Vogue  guide     -­‐The  ability  to  delve  into  specific  products  and  product  details  that  appeal  to  the   contemporary  consumer   This  website  is  useful  and  contributes  to  the  sustainment  of  the  fashion  industry  as  a   whole,  its  analysis  and  focus  on  constantly  changing  fashions       Journal  Entry  II:  History   February  3,  2013     Premium  black  leather  is  a  currently  prevalent  material  and  trend  when  one   considers  leather  jackets  that  are  frequently  being  produced  today.    Although  very   similar  in  style,  one  of  the  main  variations  between  leather  jackets  today  and  those  of   the  past,  I  feel,  are  the  emphasis  on  today’s  dually-­‐shaded,  black-­‐based  design  of   zippers,  buttons  etc.  that  reflect  the  black  leather  itself.    One  element  of  the  jackets   design  that  maintains  derivation  from  the  past  trend  is  the  belts/straps  that  fall  from  the   jacket  as  well  as  the  style  of  collar  that  can  be  worn  “flipped”  up.  

3.1  Phillip  Lim  Leather  Jacket       Journal  Entry  III:  Cosmetics   February  10,  2013       (MAC  Cosmetics  Expands  Presence  in  Africa)­‐industry-­‐news/retailing/mac-­‐ cosmetics-­‐expands-­‐presence-­‐in-­‐africa-­‐6684083?module=beauty-­‐industry-­‐news-­‐color-­‐ cosmetics-­‐page-­‐2   MAC  Cosmetics  is  planning  to  expand  onto  a  new  continent  —  Africa  —  by   entering  a  trio  of  new  countries  and  planning  a  three-­‐year  strategy  to  build  business.      The  brand  will  open  its  first  self-­‐supporting  store  in  Lagos,  Nigeria  on  the  prior  to  the   launching    of  other  units  in  Zambia  in  December  and  Botswana  in  early  January.      The   Lagos  store,  which  the  company  is  doing  in  partnership  with  Essenza  Co.,  will  be  located   in  the  Ikeja  City  Mall.  A  second  MAC  store  is  planned  for  The  Palms  Mall  in  Lagos  later   this  year,  and  within  three  years,  the  city  may  be  home  to  as  many  as  five  MAC  stores.   The  capital  city  of  Abuja  will  be  next,  followed  by  Nairobi,  both  within  the  first  three   years  MAC  is  in  Nigeria,  noted  Karen  Buglisi,  global  brand  president  for  MAC  Cosmetics.    

Journal Entry  III:  Men’s  Trend   February  17,  2013     A  trend  currently  prevalent  throughout  the  men’s  market  is  a  more  tailored  approach  to   casual  dress.    Also  the  constant  use  of  bold,  principal  colors  is  included  when  illustrating  a   picture  of  contemporized  trends.    I  can  agree  with  this  currently  prevalent  trend  as  I  feel  it  is  a   safe  interpretation  of  the  original  40s  or  50s  style  with  a  modern  twist,  which  makes  the  trend   itself  more  of  a  tribute  to  a  “contemporary  vintage.”    


Journal Entry  IV:  New  Movie   February  24,  2013  

(­‐playroom/10082988/main)   A  currently  released  film,  The  Playroom,  holds  a  vintage  70s  fashion  trend  that  could   emerge  in  the  form  of  stripes  and  colorful  sundresses.    Set  in  970s  suburbia,  Maggie  and  her  

younger siblings  spend  the  night  telling  each  other  stories  in  the  attic.  Downstairs,  as   their  parents  entertain  guests  over  the  course  of  a  drunken  evening,  truths  are  

unearthed and  betrayals  come  to  light.      The  film  works  to  reveal  the  underlying   negatives  within  a  seemingly  “normal”  American  household.    The  colorful  designs  and   aspects  of  the  70s  could  serve  as  a  refreshing  scheme  in  contrast  to  a  dominant  canvas   of  all  black  that  has  already  introduced  itself  in  today’s  fashion  market.    The   expressionistic  aspects  of  70s  vintage  wear  can  develop  into  considerations  of  a  more   realistic  and  forgiving  sense  of  identity.    

Journal Entry  VI:  Fabric  Swatches   March  9,  2013    

    One  currently  popular  trend  is  the  fabric  leather.    Although  presented  in  a  range   of  different  colors,  leather  provides  futurist  homage  to  an  enormous  trend  of  the  past.    

The intermingling  of  leather  and  other  contrasting  fabrics  in  one  garment  can  also  be   considered  a  currently  popular  trend.  

  A  currently  trendy  fragment  of  the  fashion  world  happens  to  be  the  color  Indigo   Blue.    This  hue  provides  a  comfortable  release  from  another  currently  prevalent  color,   black.    Furthermore,  the  dark  blue  color  can  work  to  hide  a  number  of  tinges  that  may   otherwise  work  against  a  garment  of  a  lighter  tint.        

Recolored Melange  is  another  popular  theme  of  fabric  that  can  be  described  as  a   dominant  trend.    The  fabric  is  held  together  in  a  clean  way  and  provides  a  cohesive   sense  of  warmth  throughout  a  number  of  outfits.    

Journal Entry  VII:  Do’s/Don’t’s   March  10,  2013     Men:  

-­‐Short  Sleeved  Button  Down  Shirt   -­‐Socks  w/Sandals     Women:  

-­‐Tights  as  pants               -­‐Designer  Logo     a.      Short  Sleeved  Button  Down  Shirt     Short-­‐sleeved  button  down  shirts  seem  to  have  been  a  failed  fusion  of  two   reasonable  pieces,  the  tee  shirt,  and  the  long  sleeve  button  down.    If  your  long  sleeve   button  down  is  too  warm,  roll  your  sleeves  up.    There  is  no  successful  medium   between  traditional  undergarments  and  formal  wear.   b.    Socks  w/Sandals.     Honestly,  it  just  looks  bad.    

c.  Tights  as  pants               Think of tights as an accessory. Would you ever wear a purse as a dress? d.    Designer  Logo     Logos are logos are logos. If I see it once I don’t need to see it printed over and over again. Unless you are getting paid for promotion please don’t. Journal  Entry  VIII:  Store  Visit/Trends   March  10,  2013     Throughout  a  visit  of  mine  to  Macy’s,  I  was  able  to  consider  a  number  of   dominate  trends  that  were  clear  in  aesthetic,  one  of  which  is  the  immersion  of   brighter,  lighter  colors.    A  light  teal,  an  early  morning  yellow,  a  rose  pink  are  some  of   the  many  examples  of  color  that  are  included  within  a  scheme  of  trends  in  Macy’s.    A   number  of  Khaki  based  garments  also  seem  to  dominate  the  men’s  department  and   compliment  the  previously  stated  use  of  lighter  colors.    Considering  my  observation   of  current  tends  concerning  cheaper  accessories,  there  seemed  to  be  an  abundance   of  matted/rusty  jewelry  to  communicate  a  “used”  visual  aesthetic.       Journal  Entry  X:  Designer  Report   March  31,  2013  

Christopher  Kane’s  (Frankenstein)  Autumn/Winter  2013-­‐14  collection   echoes  a  number  of  popular  trends  including  large-­‐scale  image  prints  on  garments,   symmetric  pattern  and  animal-­‐inspired  design.    Although  derived  from  popular   aesthetic,  Kane  happens  to  emphasize  a  sophisticated,  regal  approach  in  his  use  of   basic  complimentary  colors.    Although  basic  and  almost  created  within  a  standard,  

Kane’s use  of  familiar,  trending  qualities  works  to  comfort  the  fashionably   unconscious  while  still  pleasing  the  critical  observer.    A  retailer  that  may  include   this  designers  work  is  RSVP  Gallery.      

Daniel Robbins; Fashion Journal.  

Daniel Robbins; Fashion Journal.

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