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ABSTRACT SUBMISSION Form 5th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-regional Countries 28 - 29 September 2013, Yangon, Myanmar --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CONTACT DETAILS OF PRESENTING AUTHOR TITLE : PhD, MPH, MD




Senior Researcher, Centre for Community Health Research


Faculty of Public Health

ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTE: Centre for Community Health Research, Hue University of

Medicine and Pharmacy ADDRESS: No 6, Ngo Quyen Street CITY: Hue City STATE: Thua Thien Hue COUNTRY: Vietnam POST CODE: 47000 PHONE:





CONSENT OF ALL AUTHORS Please note that the submission of this abstract indicates that all authors have given permission for the University of Public Health (UPH) Yangon to publish the abstract in any conference related materials. I/We hereby give the University of Public Health, Yangon permission to: 

Reproduced my abstract in proceeding of the conference.

Reproduced my PowerPoint presentation electronically for access on the UPH website

Title: Correspondence between training and the functions performed at work by Bachelor of Public Health graduates from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam Name of authors: Thang Vo Van 1, 2, Michael P Dunne2,3, Tam Nguyen Minh 1,2, , Binh Thang Tran 2

Institution Affiliation: 1

: Faculty of Public Health, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam


: Centre for Community Health Research, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam 3

: School of Public Health, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Address (City/Country): Hue city, Vietnam Tel No: (+84)918910466 E-mail Address:

Key words: Bachelor of Public Health, alumni, curriculum, competencies

Objectives: The study objective is to identify the distribution of Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) graduates in the health care system and their job descriptions, to assess the relevance and adequacy of the knowledge and skills acquired during the BPH program and to identify the relative importance of a range of public health competencies performed by alumni in their present work. Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted with public health alumni (121) and leaders between April 2012 and January 2013 and used a combination of quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. Results: Many BPH graduates work in Preventive Medicine Centres (60.9%) and the clinical field (9.1%). The relevant subjects of the BPH program that applied to their job (70%) include: Health management, health policy and health economics; scientific methods in public health; epidemiology and Biostatistics. Most alumni agreed that the BPH curriculum corresponded with the working requirements of public health professionals. Many BPH alumni reported feeling confident performing competencies in normal work routines (80%), especially in public health management, scientific research, health education and teamwork. However, nearly 50% of participants reported that the curriculum of the program has not been updated and places too much emphasis on academic theory and lacks field practice sufficient to achieve deep learning. Conclusion: Hue University BPH alumni are distributed across the 3 regions in Vietnam. SociĂŠtal needs have increased recruitment for BPH graduates, but some health agencies still lack understanding of the role and funtions of BPH. The competencies most strongly related to their current jobs are in public health service management, scientific research, health promotion/education and teamwork skills.

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