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Play Bingo Win Cash Only at Bingoflash The appetite popularity of online gambling (bingo, slots, keno and casino) can be gauged by the fact that more adolescents (male and female), have logged in to gambling sites this year than before, according to a report published in Bloomberg Business week this month. Going by a report published on triblive and a widespread optimism is that the online gaming/gambling scene in the US is expected to get a legal fillip by 2013. According to a Gibraltar based research organization “online gambling is worth $30 billion per anum in 2013 and out of this $4.5 billion is from US alone.” People can play bingo and win cash at reputed sites like bingo-knights, bingoflash and 123bingoonline. After Facebook and Zynga initiated gambling for cash in August this year, sports channel ESPN has also allowed horse betting ads on their sites via Youbet recently. More gaming sites (betting and for cash) went live after the U.S. DoJ Department of Justice reversed the online ban its on Internet betting at state levels. Currently, only few states in the US have legalized online gaming and wagering related laws. We also feel that old gamers or new alike will look out for new technology and features in games and they will be lured towards cash baits in games for cash like bingo, poker and casino. Setting up a gaming website is relatively easier than let’s say a land based casino, per sé. In the later, where people flock and wait to casinos, in online gaming sites, they will just log in. Online gaming sites offer very good jackpots and bonuses to fulfill the growing demand for online gaming (entertainment and earning prospects). So, what does it mean and indicate? According to our internal survey, people using technology based products and having access to internet are more likely to try online games and play bingo to win cash prizes. Bingoknights is a one stop shop for all your virtual gaming entertainment needs.

Play Bingo Win Cash Only at Bingoflash