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Which One is Your Best Bingo Games Online There are approximately 2.5 Million only-female Bingo players in the world and a majority (96%) of people have won a game of Online Bingo, at some point or the other. this online version of Bingo is played by all people of all ages. With these self explanatory facts which measures the popularity of online Bingo, which are the best Bingo games you prefer playing online?

According to mathematicians and experts, there should be around 1,474,200 unique bingo cards possible to bet/play. If the combination looks humungous, should you know how many games there are in all? The most Loved Online Bingo Games are mentioned below. 90 Ball Bingo – Certainly the oldest form of Bingo, it is the most loved one as well by all. Every ticket here will comprise of three horizontal rows plus nine columns. Which means every row will have five numbers, that totals fifteen numbers at each card – ranging between 1 to 90. The 90-Ball Bingo is split into 3 sections a) 1 line b) 2 lines c) Full House (JACKPOT) Full house is the jackpot. You win this when you see all the numbers in a ticket (ONLINE CARD) daubed.

80 Ball Bingo Games: It is a fusion of the 90 and 75 Ball 5X5 game. Each column is normally separated with a distinct color. It works very much like the 75 Ball bingo game, again common patterns are in the shape of X , central squares etc. 75 Ball Bingo Games: Traditionally played in the US/Canada region, the 75 ball bingo games has 5 columns and an equal number of horizontal lines also. On each column letters B, I, N, G and O is printed. Column B will have numbers ranging between 1 to 15, column I should have the corresponding numbers and so on like that. Now, the middle square (third column from the third horizontal) contains a STAR. There are 24 numbers somewhere between 1 and 75. The payouts are better here complete with new patterns like 'X', 'A', 'Four Corners', or any topical patterns such as Easter or Turkey. Coverall Online Bingo: If all your numbers on the ticket are found before the 41st ball, you hit the jackpot and the winner. This version is getting popular at Bingo-Knights and other well known websites, because of its simplicity.

Which One is Your Best Bingo Games Online