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Get ready for How to enjoy summer activities without injuries

designing a fitness program. *Be Consistent: Yo-yo exercisers are not doing themselves much favor by hitting the gym or road hard for a few weeks and then going back to the couch for six months. Beating your body up for fast results, followed by a prolonged period of inactivity will leave your body angry at you, and likely for injury. Remind yourself that results will come if you put in the work; it might take a few weeks (and it should since you will

tires, hiking boots, etc. and check them periodically for wear and tear. Your body will thank you. *Core Conditioning: Your “core”, everything between your neck and your legs, is the powerhouse of the body, and if it is weak, you are in danger of injury, especially if you are exerting yourself. The abdominal, back, chest and glute muscles play a huge role in keeping our bodies in alignment and working properly. I have personally experienced the huge

could run risk of injury. I hope these tips help you in getting active this Spring the SMART way! Thanks Laura for those great tips to help us make the best out of this summer! As a chiropractor, I know the benefits of exercise, I also know that exercising incorrectly can have long lasting harmful effects that can be prevented. Just as you would take your car to the mechanic if it had been stationary for a number a months, you should also

be easing into it, right?) but stick with it, and you will build strength and unlikely become injured. *Gear Up: Bad or worn out equipment is a huge red flag! Having quality gear is worth spending a little extra money; after all, what you might “save” in money, will likely cost you in injury treatment down the road. Investigate the lifespan of your shoes,

benefits to my posture and strength by having a strong core. Exercises for these muscles do not require complicated movements or machinery and can be executed at home (or with a good DVD). You may want to seek the advice of a Certified Personal Trainer if you are not educated how to properly perform these types of exercises, as if done improperly, you

give your body a check-up before strapping on those running shoes. Seek the assistance of someone who specializes in the treatment of sports related conditions to make sure you’re ready for the activities the summer offers.

by Dr. Bryan Binghm and Laura Minor

Spring is here and what a wonderful time of year! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and if you’re lucky, you can observe the Midwestern City Sloth emerging from its den strapping on a beat up pair of running shoes and migrating to the Monon Trail. Do to the harsh climate, this creature has been in a state of pseudo hibernation for the past five months. This sedentary state doesn’t seem to effect the memory of this creature as it thinks it can pick up exercising right where it left off before the cold months. This time of year I see a number of different


April 2009

exercise related injuries from the feet, knee, hips and all the way up the spine. What most of these injuries have in common is that they can be prevented with a few easy steps. I have asked someone who knows a lot about the benefits of proper exercise to give us a couple ideas on how we can exercise correctly while preventing injuries. Laura Minor is a personal trainer and owner of So.Be. Fit at her new location on 54th street just east of the Monon. Read Below for her tips. Ah, yes! I too have seen this creature of whom you speak Bryan, and it isn’t a pretty picture. Many folks are in denial that during their winter slumber that their body has aerobically de-trained, have become less flexible, and their muscles have atrophied. Whether you are heading out the door to do yard/garden work, train

for the Mini-Marathon, or to hit Broadripple Park Fitness Trail, there are a few key points to remember: *Be Realistic: Do not begin by attempting moves that you were able to do at your most fit state. I have seen this quite often (might I add most often from the male gender?), and I have seen many an injury result from not easing into an exercise program. Keep your head on and pay attention to your body. Do not ignore any signals such as pain, discomfort, or muscle spasm, and back off or stop the activity altogether if they occur. *Get Checked: If you have been sedentary and/or have not seen your doctor in a blue moon or two, it would be wise to get an all over check up before engaging in any moderate to strenuous activity. Knowing your blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate and blood glucose levels will help and your doc determine your current fitness level and will aid in

April 2009


Get Fit for Summer  
Get Fit for Summer  

Dr. Bryan Bingham of Compass Chiropractic and Laura Minor of So Be Fit personal training discuss getting back into summer activities without...