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Brookfield St. Luke Parish


Franklin Polish Fest Bingo Xaverian Festival

5 12

Greendale Am Leg Post #416


Greenfield Pioneer Drum & Bugle United Seniors of WI

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Kenosha Danish Brotherhood


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Greenfield Honors Men and Women Who Lost their Lives in Vietnam War

Wisconsin Edition New Vietnam War Book on Maj. Michael O’Donnel

Guitars for Vets helps kick off the ceremony. Greater Milwaukee Fire & Police Pipes and Drums. Memorial Day weekend Visiting the memorial and trip to Washington D.C. was made extra special seeing the wall is a power- was the only way to see it. this year in the city of ful and moving experience. The Moving Wall makes it Greenfield. The Moving Before the Moving Wall possible to experience the Wall came to town. It is a was built by John Devitt, memorial right in your half-sized replica of the Vi- Norris Shears, Gerry Ha- own home town. Vietnam etnam Veterans Memorial ver and other Vietnam vet- Vets and all other Veterin Washington D.C. eran volunteers, taking a ans deserve our gratitude.

Carole Meekins WTMJ TV introduced the veterans who spoke at the ceremony.

MSgt Larry Elliot U.S.M.C. provided Reflections of a Veteran. He served in Vietnam.

4 2


In That Time: A Story of Loss and Reconciliation in the Era of Vietnam written by Daniel H. Weiss tells the story of Major O’Donnel a helecopter pilot killed during a rescue mission in Cambodia. Major O’Donnel wrote this untitled poem: If you are able,/save them a place/inside of you/and save one backward glance when you are leaving/for places they can/no longer go. Be not ashamed to say/ you loved them,/though you may /or may not have always. Take what they have left/and what they have taught you/with their dying/and keep it with your own. And in that time/ when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace/those gentle heroes/ you left behind. We will report when it goes on sale.

2 &12 11 4 3 5 12 5 4 8 9 9 10 2 10 7 6 11 11 3

Emily Brahm Greenfield High School Sophmore Junior ROTC member played taps. Emily plays live taps at veterans funerals, it is appreciated.

George F. Banda, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran honors friends killed in action. He reminds us, “All Gave Some, Some Gave All.“

Opening ceremony participants tour the moving wall. This was made possible by the Moving Wall Committee. An emotional time for all.

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JUNE 2019 newfound freedom and mobility. Celebrate your revelations. Lucky Days: 12 - 24 Lucky Numbers: 39 - 40 LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): June just might be the luckiest month of the year for you. Get ready to receive the acknowledgment you’ve sought all year. Lucky Days: 6 - 19 Lucky Numbers: 13 - 19

Horoscopes for June 2019 ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): June does find you surveying the neighborhood and wondering about home and curb appeal improvements. Enlist the help of a trusted handyman. Lucky Days: 9 - 23 Lucky Numbers: 2 - 39 TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): Get ready to clear your mental data bank this month. The secret to purging is finding new interests and studies to explore and master. Lucky Days: 3 - 21 Lucky Numbers: 12 - 19 GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): With Venus in your house of ‘self’ in June, your words can attract the people and opportunities you need to assist with your dreams. Lucky Days: 4 - 28 Lucky Numbers: 12 - 38 CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): Revealing the truth can often bring

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): Cosmic forces are calling for you to a experience a new level of freedom in your life, a degree of independence that only self-reliance can provide Lucky Days: 16 - 23 Lucky Numbers: 5 - 46 LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23) June is an important month for applying persistence and discipline to achieve your dream job or promotion. Lucky Days: 29 - 30 Lucky Numbers: 2 - 46

AQUARIUS (JAN 21-FEB 19): Learn to toggle between ‘me time’ and the social drive that moves you into the world of others. Balance is the key. Lucky Days: 8 - 22 Lucky Numbers: 9 - 34 PISCES (FEB 20-MAR 20): You’re asking the big questions now: Who are we? Where did we come from? And where are we going? Lucky Days: 23 - 29 Lucky Numbers: 4 - 12

St. Joseph Parish BINGO 1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only

$1,000 Bingo - 50/50 Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo Consolation Prize Schedule

SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23-DEC 21): Money might become a messy matter this month, especially if you’ve avoided financial challenges that will benefit from the advice of a keen financial maven. Lucky Days: 2 - 18 Lucky Numbers: 8 - 31

Doors open at 5:00 PM - Bingo at 7:00 PM Progressive Bingo at 8:30 PM


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star ts with

CAPRICORN (DEC 22-JAN 20): Anger and depression often go hand in hand, don’t let your pride stand in the way of seeking the sort of guidance and support that you most need. Lucky Days: 1 - 11 Lucky Numbers: 44 - 56

SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22): The full moon on the 19th is a perfect time to allow your favorite companion to take the initiative, let yourself be swept away by their ardor. Lucky Days: 3 - 6 Lucky Numbers: 22 - 58

Do You Believe in Your


48 49 50 51 >51

calls calls calls calls calls

= = = = =

$350 $300 $250 $200 $150

consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize

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3476 East Howard Ave. - 483-5080


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NOVEMBER 9, 2019






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Happy Campers Get Cranky Too Dear Aunt Bingo: Please accept this open letter as a reminder to your Bingoplaying readers that the whole reason Bingo is permitted to operate is for charitable purposes. It’s understandable that the draw to Bingo is to win money, but to become angry when they don’t win and others do, or to be confrontational about the speed of the caller or how much people talk or whatever, is quite inappropriate. The people running the Bingo aren’t professional businesspeople (at least in the smaller charity games). They are community members, many of them retirees, who are there to help their organization and support the good works that organization sponsors. Players should relax and enjoy themselves, and not get so worked up when Bingo isn’t going their way. JAG, Ohio, via email Dear JAG: You are, of course, absolutely right that players should be mellow, reserved, happy campers when they’ve bellied up to the Bingo tables. But by nature, many people simply aren’t like that— particularly when they are one number away from winning a big chunk of cash and must sit there staring at N-32 through 10 more calls until they hear some S.O.B. two tables away call “Bingo” on N-33! Bingo is exciting and fun, but it can also be very, very stressful. And it isn’t always easy to chant, “think of the charities I’m helping…think of the charities I’m helping….” When you’re 11 numbers into an


JUNE 2019 “X” game and four of your cards still don’t have a single dauber mark on them! When something unlucky is happening, it’s very easy to get irritated by the talkers, the eaters, the caller, and your bladder— which just decided mid-game that you need to go to the bathroom. Clearly, they are all conspiring against you and must be destroyed! While it’s important to remind Bingo players that we should be civil, I think it’s equally important for Bingo workers to keep in mind that Bingo is a competition with money at stake, and that most of the players in the room will be heading home empty handed. This sometimes makes some of us edgy, cranky, and more than a little ticked off at the lucky few who do win. —Aunt Bingo Dear Aunt Bingo: Regarding your many letters about political arguments at Bingo… I had no idea this was going on. It doesn’t speak well of us. Because you have the right to speak freely, doesn’t mean that you ought to do so any time or anywhere you like. Part of being an adult in a free society is knowing when your opinion should be expressed and when it isn’t necessary, or appropriate. In that regard, I feel compelled to respond to the letter from R. West of Wisconsin. Talking “smack” about our “leaders” and being against our “great nation” are two very different things and ought never be conflated. The reason we are granted free speech in the first place is to openly criticize our “leaders.” To believe anything else is to make you far from being a “patriot.” M. Kavanaugh, Colorado Dear M.K.: Thank you for your thoughtful observations on this issue. Your letter struck me as an excellent final response regarding heated public political discourse in the modern age. —Aunt Bingo Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email her at STENGL456@aol. com. Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

A Flu Shot Could Save Your Life Some of us just don’t want to get a flu shot every year. It’s too much trouble to get an appointment, or we just don’t like needles — or maybe we figure that we’ll just tough it out for a week if we do get the flu. After all, it’s not going to kill us, right? A researcher at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Minneapolis has come up with a strong reason to get an annual flu shot: You could have a heart attack if you don’t. After studying 450,000 medical records of four flu seasons, the VA researcher and his colleagues concluded that while the number of flu cases might go up only slightly (5%) in a given month, the number of heart-related problems soars (24%) during that same period. They coordinated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for flu



Escape Room (R) — Six players accept an uninvited mental challenge with a hefty payoff: survive an enhanced escape room and win a million dollars. When the puzzles become perilous — the first room heats up like an oven until it bursts into flames — the strangers must combine wits and learn from past experiences in order to literally escape with their lives. And the lives to be saved are diverse, from an Iraq War veteran (Deborah Ann Woll) to an introverted physics student (Taylor Russell) to a supercilious stockbroker (Jay Ellis). It’s moderately suspenseful young adult horror, and although there are plot points that aren’t hard to work out, I couldn’t escape my own enjoyment. Destroyer (R) — Nicole Kidman goes deep undercover — so deep that there are times you can barely identify the actress portraying LAPD detective Erin Bell. As a young cop, Bell takes a surreptitious role in a crime gang with her partner Chris (Sebastian Stan). They end up party to a botched bank robbery, and Chris is killed by gang leader Silas (Toby Kebbell), who disappears. Years later, Silas’ re-emergence

stats, and concentrated on four specific communities in Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi and Minnesota. While a correlation between the flu and heart failure has long been suspected, this large study nails it with real numbers. If you’re already a heart patient, don’t depend on the doctors to send you a note about getting your flu shot. Get one. If you’re otherwise healthy, take responsibility for getting your shot, and make sure others around you get it too, especially children. You can find the shots everywhere, including the local pharmacy and chain grocery stores. While the 2018-2019 flu season is practically over, get started early for the next round by paging through your calendar to September and October and making a note to get a flu shot then. Consider this: As of March, there were 30,000 flu-related deaths and 300,000 flu-related hospitalizations. is discovered when a tainted bill is left behind at a murder scene. This brings Bell out full force, tracking him down for retribution and justice, gang member to gang member, with a treacherous bloodlust and moral ambiguity to match. The Gospel According to Andre (PG-13) — As a boy in North Carolina, Andre Leon Talley discovered luxury in not only the issues of Vogue magazine he found in the library, but also in the smart and well-crafted clothes provided by his grandmother, a cleaning lady at Duke University. Raised in the segregated South, but never accepting its limits, he rose to a life of influence in the New York fashion world, working at the top echelons of Vogue by his mid-30s. Told through interviews and archival footage, with a loving patina of honesty from the man himself. Hal (NR) — He operated in the same universe as other pantheon directors of the 1970s, a decade of groundbreaking film direction, but you don’t generally hear the name Hal Ashby in a list of greats. Director Amy Scott means to change that by documenting the significant contributions of one of the most respected and rebellious editors and directors of his time. From his editing Oscar for In the Heat of the Night to direction of iconic, era-defining works such as Shampoo, Harold and Maude and Being There, Hal is brought into focus by an exhaustive list of actors, Hollywood filmmakers and friends.


Bingo in the Great Outdoors Our good friends, Karla and Don are bingo lovers, and Don used to play at every opportunity. Lately, however, he has been having trouble with being indoors. When he is outside he is friendly, cheerful and talkative. But take him inside and he sort of curls into a ball and doesn’t want to talk to anybody. Therefore, he spends most of his time out-of-doors doing things that he likes such as gardening or working on one of his cars. Karla says she has even taken to giving him his meals outside, as he doesn’t want to eat when she makes him come in. He has been to a doctor about this problem, which is a form of claustrophobia, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution, other than therapy, which, of course, takes place inside and therefore seems out of the question for know. I really feel for Karla, as there seems to be no ready assistance.


JUNE 2019 She spends as much time as she can outside with Don, but there are many rainy days that make this impracticable. I shudder to think what will happen when winter comes. In the meantime, Don would really like to play Bingo as much as possible. We tried to make a game outside at his house, but it didn’t work out well at all. We only had two players besides Kate and Karla and Don and me and we had no big prizes. Then after a break, it started to rain so that put an end to it. I tried hard to think of help for Don and was finally able to come up with an idea. There is a regular Bingo game at the VFW Hall. I talked to the manager, Bill, and we rigged a table outside on a very open porch with a long extension cord and a microphone for Don to holler his responses if any. Bill was most cooperative and sympathetic to Don’s problem and we were off to have a great game. I sat outside with Don until I got too chilly and then was forced in. I didn’t like the idea of Don being by himself but it didn’t seem to bother Don at all. We went through some of the regular games with all the action happening indoors. I was on a couple of times, but nothing came of it. At intermission I checked with Don and took him a doughnut and a drink, which he was very happy to have. “I can’t get into the kitchen for my regular snacks,” he confided. “Which of course makes Karla happy but I miss them. She makes really good snacks and then expects me not to indulge, if that isn’t stupid.” We started the second half with no big expectations, but

Don was finally hot. He won but had to share with two others, so he netted only four dollars on a double Bingo. Then on the very last game he was on early and won both the on-the-way game and the final game. He yelled into the microphone, he was so happy and half the players came outside to look and congratulate him. On the way home—he has to have the window wide open in the car—he talked about his win and how he was going to create his own bingo operation. “I’m going to make a special place outside to play Bingo,” he said. “I hear they have it on the radio now. All it takes is a little ingenuity. I can get started right away with the basics. I need a few Bingo supplies. I can get them from you, can’t I?” I left him still mumbling his plans, a happy man.

1st thru 6th… Strike it rich 2nd or 6th$$ 7th thru 12th… Impressive WIN 7th or 11th! 13th thru 18th… Not so much 19th thru 24th… Can’t go wrong 20th-21st$ 25th thru 30th… Yr name’s called 25th/26th$!

Positive thoughts! (27th/28th)

Waukesha Elks Lodge #400

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2 - $1000 Sessions Plus Progressive Bingo

50/50 Raffle in 2nd Session Pull Tabs - Food - Soda Water FULL BAR TVs Hooked Up Every Sunday! 2301 Springdale Rd. Waukesha, WI (262) 717-9488

Pioneer Bingo! Every Saturday

@United Seniors

Wednesday June 5th June 12th Progressive Jackpots

@Saint Francis Lions 3476 East Howard Ave.

BINGO St. Luke Parish 18000 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, WI

Sunday June 2nd & 30th

$2,000 in Bingo Prizes! CASH RAFFLES PROGRESSIVE BINGO Games begin at 6:00 PM

"Best Paper Prices in town" 3ons, $6 6ons, $10 9ons just $13 Food - Refreshments - Lighted Parking

Allesandra reveals your lucky days for JUNE

Lucky Predictions for June 2019 ARIES: March 21 to April 19 1st thru 6th… You’re seeing RED the 6th$$ 7th thru 12th… Jumpin’ high the 7th$! 13th thru 18th… Get with it & WIN 15th-16th! 19th thru 24th… Friendly $cheme the 20th 25th thru 30th… You’re 1st in line (25th) TAURUS: April 20 to May 20 1st thru 6th… Worth trying (4th & 5th)$ 7th thru 12th… Watch & wait 13th thru 18th… Instinct prevails 17th-18th$! 19th thru 24th… Higher bets 22nd-23rd$$ 25th thru 30th… Bank won’t break GEMINI: May 21 to June 21

CANCER: June 22 to July 22 1st thru 6th… Best bets 4th-5th$$ 7th thru 12th… Work friend=Luck the 10th! 13th thru 18th… Get your feet wet, 13th$ 19th thru 24th… NOT dreaming (22nd)$$ 25th thru 30th… You deserve a $$ treat 27th/28th LEO: July 23 to Aug. 22 1st thru 6th… Looks 2 good 2 lose (3rd)$ 7th thru 12th… Friendly possibilities the 11th-12th 13th thru 18th… Multiple chances 15th-16th$$ 19th thru 24th… Save face (refrain) 25th thru 30th… Pot is your 25th/26th$$ VIRGO: Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 1st thru 6th… Gear up for the 5th$ 7th thru 12th… Promising the 9th 13th thru 18th… 13th-yes…then hold off 19th thru 24th… Slam a hard card down (19th)$ 25th thru 30th…

LIBRA: Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 1st thru 6th… Exiting times the 3rd$! 7th thru 12th… Make a wish *$* 13th thru 18th… Up to you 15th-16th$! 19th thru 24th… Go ahead—20th-21st$$ 25th thru 30th… Too many obstacles SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 21 1st thru 6th… Smooth sailing 4th/5th$$ 7th thru 12th… You are HOT the 9th$$$ 13th thru 18th… It’s a snap the 13th & 18th! 19th thru 24th… Solid WIN the 22nd! 25th thru 30th… Retreat from defeat SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 1st thru 6th… Not the best start 7th thru 12th… Things pick up 6th-8th$$ 13th thru 18th… More $$ continues! 19th thru 24th… Fun winning 20th-21st$$! 25th thru 30th… RED card rewards (26th) CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 1st thru 6th… Modest bets the 1st$ 7th thru 12th… Terrific luck the 13th$$ 13th thru 18th… Best the 17th-18th! 19th thru 24th…

Save up for the 22nd$! 25th thru 30th… Fantastic 27th-28th$

AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 1st thru 6th… Easy as pie 2nd-3rd$ 7th thru 12th… Advantages 11th-12th$! 13th thru 18th… Back in the game (16th)$$ 19th thru 24th… Get ‘er done! (21st) 25th thru 30th… Beyond lucky the 26th$!$ PISCES: Feb. 19 to March 20 1st thru 6th… All yours 4th-5th!$ 7th thru 12th… Step aside quietly 13th thru 18th… Chance to shine 13th & 18th! 19th thru 24th… Big set up 22nd$$ 25th thru 30th… Eye on the prize (27th-28th)! Color associations refer to lucky objects, daubers, cards, machines, clothing/jewels you wear, or a dominant color in the room.


JUNE 2019

Hello Spring A couple days ago we celebrated Memorial Day. I am sure we can finally say with some certainty that spring has arrived. The evidence is overwhelming. The sudden devised gas shortage is happening again, but we are solving it by raising the prices for the summer. My car stalls every time I pass a yard sale or Bingo Hall, root beer stand or Dairy Queen. Little kids are outside playing on the sidewalk. Big kids are rolling down their car windows as they drag the avenue with hard rock turned up. That nice warm $99 jacket that I admired all winter at K Mart is now $19.95, but who needs a nice warm jacket when the temperature

outside is eighty degrees? My neighbors are all out in their yards, picking up sticks, raking dead leaves, spreading fertilizer, and planting pretty little flowers. They keep looking over here at my yard where last year’s leaves are still protecting the green grass bursting to breathe. If a person rakes, it won’t be long till he has to mow. Some of the apples that the deer left behind are still on the ground. They are easy and fun to get rid of. I like to address each one with a nine iron and guess what? Applesauce! It’s spring at Bingo, too. No longer do we trip over long heavy coats dangling from the chair backs. The Snowbirds are back from Florida and rambling on about how the game is played there. The concession stand now hawks hot dogs and Pepsi instead of Chili or bean soup. Players step outside during breaks to have a cigarette. There are long lines at the car wash. We start getting those open house invites from everyone we ever knew who now has a graduate in the family. I’ve received a couple. What is the going rate now to put in a graduation card? And there are fewer empty seats in Church. I suspect many want to say, “Thank You, Father”!

It’s spring at Bingo

Polish Fest Bingo Every Wednesday at the Polish Center Doors open at 4:00 pm 1st Session at 6:00 pm - 2nd Session at 7:30 pm $1,050 in prizes each session Free Dauber if it’s your Birthday Month (ID required) 1st Wednesday only


Every 3rd Wednesday of the month! Every Week: Dinner Specials and FREE popcorn Polish Center of Wisconsin

6941 S. 68th Street, Franklin - 414-529-2140 www.polishcenterof

ST. BERNADETTE PARISH BINGO 8202 W. Denver (South of Good Hope/North of Mill Rd.) COUPON

Buy 2 Pull Tabs - Get 1 Free Coupon valid any Sunday in June 2019 only 1 coupon per visit, please

$2,500 BINGO Every Sunday @ 6:00 PM

Pu l Ta l bs

EARLY BIRD SESSION 6:00 P.M. - 2ND SESSION BEGINS AT 7:30 P.M. Homemade Desserts - Nachos - Food - Money Raffle



BOB ON BINGO By Bob Whittmore

Understanding the Rules of Bingo I first discovered Bingo in 1957 when my brand-new grade school starting having weekly games to help pay for the new building. If you remember, a couple of years ago I went back to southern Indiana and found out that the school was still playing Wednesday night Bingo, sixty years later. So, you can see, I have loved the game for a long, long time. During all the years I have been playing Bingo, I have seen very few situations where the games totally got out of hand. The reason I mention this is because I recently got an Email from someone who had a really confusing experience. Alice F. writes to say: “Bob, a couple of weeks ago something really strange happened while I was playing Bingo at a large casino in Nevada. During one of the triple Bingo games, the caller accidentally announced the wrong number. Apparently, the ball that came out of the hopper was N-21. But, the caller announced B-12. “There was a short pause, after which the caller noted that he had called the wrong number. He corrected himself. Meanwhile, the caller had placed N-21 in the right slot so that the proper number lit up on the tote board. Now, Bob, it would seem that everything had

been corrected. But, there was a problem. Many of us were playing paper Bingo cards. And, before the correct number was called, we had already marked B-12 … the wrong number. “Eventually, the game ended with someone having a Bingo that was not affected by either of the two numbers on the winning card. But, what if there had been a dispute? I welcome your thoughts, Bob.” Alice, thanks for the Email. I have made several calls to the gaming agencies in several states. I have found out that, by and large, the rules say that the number c a l l e d is the one that the caller first announces. Now, this puts a huge burden on the caller, who has a lot to do already. And the tote board is actually just a courtesy and, for the most part, according to the rules, means nothing. This creates an additional issue. For many of us who can’t hear the callers clearly, we rely on the tote board. So, what if it’s wrong? I welcome your input on this. Remember, my e-mail is: Let me hear your stories about things that have gone wrong during Bingo sessions. I would love to hear from Bingo employees about what they have been told about the rules of the game and if they have had any disputed calls at their Bingo halls. I also have no idea about what you and I will discuss next month. Send me a suggestion.

totally got out of hand

Our Lady Queen of Peace


$2,500 Bingo

& Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo & Fun! Our Game Schedule Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM - Doors open at 8:00 AM Every Friday at 6:30 PM - Doors open at 4:00 PM




JUNE 2019









Our Lady Queen of Peace Knights of Columbus 732 Badger Ave. 6:00 pm 764-1709

Am Legion Post #416 6351 W. Grange 9:45 am 421-3371

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm No Children under 10

Serb Hall

5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. 6:30 pm 545-6030

Elks Lodge #46

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

Elks Lodge #46

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 10:00 am 672-0313 Ext. 142

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

Polish Fest

Germantown American Legion Post #1

6941 S. 68th St. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 529-2140

N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 7:00 pm 251-5470

St. Francis Lions

St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive Bingo at 6:30 PM Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

United Seniors of WI

June 5th & 12th Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps. St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm 321-0220 No Children under 10

1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays Only Tichigan Lions Club 6710 Big Bend Rd. Waterford 6:30 pm (262) 895-6268

United Seniors

of WI Bingo Hall 4515 W Forest Home Avenue Monday Evening 6:30pm, 8:00pm Thursday Evening 6:30pm, 8:00pm Friday Morning 9:30am, 11:00am Friday Evening 6:30pm, 8:00pm




Monday, Thursday & Friday Eve.


Pull Tabs

Complete Menu! Doors open 2 Hours before

“Dave’s Crazy Idea”

poetry corner Two Poems

By Susan Gabbay

THE GARDEN The days have gone for me to kneel in the garden to dig up dandelions with an old kitchen knife. No more will I drag hose and sprinkler to a thirsty lawn. Never again to tuck a baby snapdragon snugly into bed. My back has called a halt. Accepting my new role in the drama of the garden I will watch, and I will applaud.

A ROOT You are twisted, misshapen, warped. Dingy, dusty, with swollen excrescences. No place in the garden for such as you. I cover you with earth, not to look upon you more. Time passes. In that spot there appears a tall, stately, living green stem, bearing a giant blossom, intricate, royal red. It is you, O Dahlia, your splendor rules the garden.

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JUNE 2019






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Pioneer Bingo Every Saturday 6:30 pm

4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 9:30,11:00 am & 6:30 pm, 8:00 pm 414-321-0220

Am Legion Post #416 6351 W. Grange Ave. 6:00 pm 421-3371

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave.

Our Lady Queen of Peace

St. Bernadette Parish

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 6:30 pm 672-0313 Ext. 142

8200 W. Denver Ave. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 358-4600

St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive @ 6:30 PM 7:00 pm, Bingo 483-5080

Elks Lodge #46

1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only St. Joseph Parish

Moose Lodge #49

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 12 Noon 353-2900

June 2nd & 30th St. Luke Parish

Brookfield 18000 W. Greenfield Ave 6:00 & 7:00 pm (262) 782-0032

2nd & 4th Sundays Only Elks Lodge #400 2301 Springdale Rd., Waukesha 1:00 pm (262) 717-9488

13th & Grange Ave. 12:30 pm 281-4444

S89, W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Big Bend 7:00 pm 262-662-2832

1st & 3rd Fridays Only Danish Brotherhood lodge #14


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All listings in the Bingo Bugle Player's Guide are for the normal schedule of any given bingo. If you have a question regarding the schedule of any particular game due to a special event, holiday, or weather condition, please call the number listed for that game. Players should also be aware that advertisers may withdraw or alter any advertised offer without prior notice.

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4 National 5 Cheese Day


D Day

7Chocolate 8 Ice Cream

Day 14 15 13 10 Iced 11 12 Donald Flag Tea Duck Day Day Day 16 17 19 20 Bald 21 22 18 Go Columnists Juneteenth Summer Father’s Fishing Eagle Day Day Solstice Day Day Day 27 26 28 Paul 29 24 25 23 Sun Beautician’s Glasses Bunyan Day Day Day 30


Otis Says . . . The Darndest Things Summer time! Well, time to cut the grass! I want you to stay safe when doing yard work this summer. Don’t forget to use safety glasses, hearing protection and wear your gloves. And if you’re laying sod, remember “Green side up and Brown side down.” I’m Otis - Stay Safe and read the Bingo Bugle!

In the Greendale Village Kanece has a passion for helping people achieve their dream look while caring for the overall health of the hair. Whether you are trying to rebuild the health of your hair or maintain it, she knows what to do! Call for an appointment with Kanece 844-550-0761 Or book online -



Knights of Columbus

$3,000 in Bingo Prizes Guaranteed! Doors open at 4:00 pm Bingo starts at 6:00 pm & 7:15 pm LARGE PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS PULL TABS - NO STAIRS OFF OF #15 BUS LINE

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JUNE 2019

Coffee Break Moon Phases


New Moon


Old Maid’s Day



10th First Quarter Moon 14th Flag Day 16th Father’s Day 17th Full Moon 21st Summer Solstice 21st National Selfie Day 25th National Catfish Day 25th Last Quarter Moon 30th Meteor Day


1. U.S. STATES: Which state is home to the Volcanoes National Park? 2. HISTORY: When did the Deepwater Horizon oil spill occur in the Gulf of Mexico? 3. MOVIES: Who sang “Beauty and the Beast” in the 1991 movie of the same name? 4. GEOGRAPHY: Which one of Japan’s islands is the largest in size? 5. RELIGION: Who was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity? 6. LITERATURE: What was the name of the land featured in the seven-novel fantasy series written by C.S. Lewis? 7. MATH: What is the name of an angle that is less than 90 degrees? 8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was Mahatma Gandhi’s profession before he became an activist for nonviolent civil disobedience? 9. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president popularized the phrase “The Silent Majority”? 10. INVENTIONS: Who is credited with inventing Coca-Cola?

Predictors Lucky Bingo Card For JUNE

BINGO BUGLE CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Fellow 5 “-- Blue?” 8 Barbershop item 12 Mentor 13 CD- -14 Sheltered, at sea 15 Office machine 17 Tarzan’s transport 18 Scrooge’s outcry 19 Hateful 21 Future mare 24 Met melody 25 Sandwich cookie 26 Site of many sites 30 Swindle 31 Paquin and Quindlen 32 Id counterpart 33 Gap 35 Bartlett, for one 36 Line of stitching 37 Papa 38 Triangular letters 41 “-- Town” 42 Pelvic bones 43 Lyon-based crimefighting group 48 Expansive 49 Old hand 50 Norway’s capital 51 Initial chip

JUNE’s Lucky B: 03 04 12 13 14 I : 18 22 23 24 27 N: 31 34 36 38 43 G: 52 53 54 58 59 O: 62 64 66 69 72

Mona’s Monthly Numbers


52 Author Umberto 53 Spruce (up) DOWN 1 Film high-tech tricks (Abbr.) 2 Attila, for one 3 Skill 4 Colorado city 5 St. Louis attraction 6 Cattle call? 7 Undying 8 Ritzy spread 9 Hodgepodge 10 Server’s

Trivia, CryptoQuip and Crossword Puzzle answers on page 11

handout 11 Honey bunch? 16 Shaft of light 20 Conks out 21 Central points 22 Press 23 Fasting period 24 Region of Vietnam 26 Tending to spread 27 Requirement 28 “Zounds!”

29 British conservative 31 Neighborhood 34 Subject of a will 35 Buccaneer’s bird 37 Payable 38 Prima donna 39 Verve 40 Roster 41 Sgt. Snorkel’s dog

44 Asian electronics giant 45 Omega preceder 46 On in years 47 Actress Myrna



B…1…2…7…3…14 I…22…28…29…24…21 N…37…42…FREE…31…32 G…48…59…60…53…54 O…63…64…67…61…62


JUNE 2019

“Steamed” Follows Up on Splitting Wins Hi Guy, This is “Steamed in Northern California.” I sent you an email earlier this year about me and my cousin agreeing to split our Bingo winnings, which only lasted until she won a large jackpot ($850). When that happened, instead of sharing it, she gave me half ($50) of a smaller previous prize I’d won and split with her and told me she didn’t want to share our Bingo winnings anymore. She kept the entire $850 for herself. This stunt really made me mad, and I told her so while we were still sitting at Bingo. I said it was obvious she did this to keep the big jackpot, and to me this was greedy and selfish. At the time I also said that I had no problem not sharing our Bingo winnings anymore, but that she shouldn’t have waited until there was a big prize to cheat me out of. All she said in return was that she was “sorry I felt that way” and behaved as if I was the one making

a big deal about the money and not her—which is what made me decide to write to you. I very much appreciate that you published my story and shared your advice, and I want to thank all the people who wrote in with their comments. It was interesting to see that I was not the only one who has been burned by a “splitting our winnings” arrangement. Having never seen someone write in with an update, I thought I would take a moment and tell you what has happened since. My cousin and I didn’t speak for a while. She finally phoned me after she saw my letter in your column and asked if I had sent it. When I told her I had, she called me mentally ill and hung up. The next thing I know, I’m hearing from other relatives and friends, some who say I was perfectly right to be angry and to have sent you the email, and others who think I am wrong for airing a family quarrel in public. Oddly, when I ask the people who tell me I was wrong about the letter what they think of her keeping the money, most all of them say the same thing: That’s not the issue; the issue is that I went public with my complaint. Cheating a family member out of $400+ dollars isn’t an issue? Come on… On the bright side, I rarely think about it anymore (even though this email makes it seem otherwise!). What’s done is done and I’m moving on. Your readers are right…NEVER split your winnings with family or friends. You may think you know them, but until you’ve actually


seen your Bingo “buddy” with a big win and how they act when it’s in their sweaty little hand, you have no idea. Over It in Northern California Hi Over It, You’ are correct—I don’t believe I’ve ever received a follow-up letter from a writer. (And I’ve asked a few to let me know how a particular situation worked out.) Maybe you’ll start a trend! It’s a shame that your issue with your cousin has grown into a whole family thing, but it’s a risk you take when you “go public” by writing to a columnist. Your cousin has had multiple opportunities to make things right, but apparently has chosen to leave things as they stand…and even rally a few family members to take her side. So, I guess that is that. It’s good that you decided to get “over it” and move past the conflict. Chalk it up as a lesson learned, and Happy Future Bingoing! — Guy Hey guys! (And gals!) Write to: Guy’s Turn c/o The Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email Guy directly at Be sure to include your name and address (you may request that your name not be published), as typically Guy will not include anonymous letters in his columns.


* It was 20th-century American writer, publisher, artist and philosopher Elbert Hubbard who made the following sage observation: “Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.” * When the bubonic plague, more commonly known as the Black Death, was at its peak in Europe in the 14th century, a wide variety of remedies was prescribed, including smoking tobacco, bringing spiders into the household, inhaling the stench from a latrine, sitting between two large fires, drinking red wine in which new steel had been cooled, and bathing in goat urine. * The first photograph of a United States citizen was taken in 1839. The subject was Samuel F.B. Morse, a painter who also happened to be the inventor of a single-wire telegraph system and developer of the Morse Code. * You probably are aware of the fact that slugger Babe Ruth held the record for the most home runs; you might not know, though, that he also held the record for the most strike-outs. Cell 414-403-7606

Jim A. Hellmich

Basement Rec. Rooms Cabinets & Countertops/Small Remodels Window/Door Replacement

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Video Poker Policy Lately, it seems that some casinos are changing their policy toward video poker players, and this often is not good news for them. I’ll give you a few examples so you will be aware of these revised casino policies. A Mississippi casino recently posted the following banner on their web site: “9/6 VIDEO POKER MACHINES…36 NOW AVAILABLE.” I got excited and paid the casino a visit to see for myself. Sure enough, I found 36 slanttop video poker machines that had 9/6 Jacks or Better games on them. However, as I glanced over the entire pay table, I noticed something that made me sick to my stomach; namely, they had shorted the max-coin royal flush payout from 4,000 coins to only 2,500 coins at all denominations (25 cents, 50 cents, and dollar). This reduction in the payoff for the royal flush decreases the Expected Value from 99.54% to 98.39%. Now, you might think a reduction in ER of 1.15% is not a big deal, but for serious players, trust me, it is. I had a short meeting with the casino’s slot manager to voice my displeasure over their shorted royal flush payout. Casino management revisited this issue and subsequently changed the payout to 4,000 coins on their quarter denomination 9/6 Jacks or Better machines (at 50 cents and dollar denomination, the payout is still 2,500 coins). The point is this: you need to be diligent and check the entire video poker pay table to be sure none of the payouts have been shorted. Many casinos have changed how they determine a player’s monthly mailer (specifically, the amount of bounce back cash, free play,


JUNE 2019 and other comps in the mailers). The amount of perks that players got in their monthly mailers used to be based on either their coin in over a period of time or their daily average coin in. Nowadays, casinos are basing a player’s mailer on theoretical (or “theo”), meaning how much average profit the casino expects to earn from a player based on the specific machine they play. So video poker players that play, say 9/6 Jacks or Better, will get much less bounce back free play and comps in their mailers compared to a player who plays a video poker game with a worse pay schedule. The following policy change blows my mind. Some casinos factor in a player’s win/loss history in their equation that determines how much a player will get in their mailers. Get lucky and hit a royal flush (or a jackpot on a slot machine) and the amount of bounce back and comps in your mailers will dramatically decrease. Some casinos decrease the rewards a player receives for playing a full pay video poker machine. Instead of having to wager, say 1,000 coins, to get a point on their slot card, signage on the machine will state that you need to wager 4,000 coins for a point (thus it takes more coin in to get a point). Several casinos have even gone so far as to post signage on their full pay video poker machines that state when you play this machine you will get zero points and you won’t be eligible for any promotions. (No, I’m not kidding…absolutely no incentives for a player.) Many casinos actively promote bonus point promotions to video poker and slot players. Unfortunately, when some video poker players took the casino up on their offer while playing fullplay video poker games, their mailers were discontinued. So what should a smart video poker do if their favorite casino changes their policy toward video poker players for the worse? You have two choices: voice your displeasure with management, making sure they know you will be playing there a lot less, or find another casino that will offer you a better deal for your play. Henry Tamburin is a blackjack and video poker expert. He is the host of the smartgaming. com website.

Garage Doors Commercial Residential Sales - Service - Installations 24hr Emergency Service

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BINGO 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays

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1st & 3rd Fridays 2206 63rd Street Kenosha Sales Start 5:30 P.M. Bingo Starts 6:15 P.M.

PROGRESSIVE BINGO Cash, Bottle & Artwork Raffles Full Bar Food Available



(Last Thursday of Every Month) Doors open at 5:00 pm Early Bird at 7:00 pm Reg Session @ 8:15 pm


N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 251-5470

What's News in Nevada . . . Little White Chapel for Sale A Little White Chapel, one of the oldest and most popular wedding venues in Las Vegas and the first to offer drive-through nuptials, is on the market. The chapel, which opened in 1951, is located on an acre of land Las Vegas Blvd. S., just south of Charleston Boulevard. Charlotte Richards, perhaps Sin City’s most prominent chapel owner, has presided over the weddings of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Michael Jordan, and Britney Spears; she’s asking $12 million for the business and property. New Comedy Club Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club will opened last month at the LINQ Promenade, with performances Thursday to Sunday at 8 p.m. and additional shows at 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (the bar opens at 4 p.m.). The dual-level 8,000-square-foot venue has an expandable showroom that seats up to 300 guests and was designed by Kimmel, who grew up in Las Vegas and attended Clark High School. Tickets are $39-$69 before fees and are available at Hotel Apache Now Taking Reservations The Hotel Apache opened in 1929 and was originally owned by a cement contractor for Hoover Dam. It was the first Las Vegas hotel to have air-conditioning in the lobby, protected by an air curtain at the entrance. It was also the first with an elevator and a carpeted

casino. Eventually acquired by Benny Binion, it has been closed for a number of years, but 80 rooms just reopened as a boutique hotel-within-a-hotel. Binion’s is touting it as downtown’s “Historic Haunted Hotel” and the remodeled rooms are going for $99 weekdays and $199 weekends. Las Vegas Heats Up According to Climate Central, an organization of scientists and journalists researching and reporting on changing climate and its impact that studied data going back to 1970, North America’s fastest warming areas are in the U.S. Southwest and at the top of the list is Las Vegas, where the average temperature has increased 5.76 degrees. El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, and Burlington, Vermont, follow with at least a 4.1-degree increase in temperature since 1970. Climate Central reports that temperatures have risen across the globe since the late 1800s, though most of the warming has occurred in the past 50 years, during which nearly 100% of cities studied by the group have seen temperatures increase. Lucky Dragon Sold The sale of the shuttered 2.5-acre Lucky Dragon Hotel-Casino, which went bankrupt after less than two years in business, closed in April. The purchase price was $36 million, upwards of $14 million less than was owed on it. The casino will become meeting and convention space. No timetable or budget has been announced so far.


Bikes, Bods, and Bingo Cards The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age. —Lucille Ball Attention, readers! If you’re in a clothing optional frame of mind, the World Naked Bike Ride is held in many cities this month. This is an international c l o t h i n g optional bike ride in which participants ride with the purpose of highlighting c y c l i s t vulnerability to automobiles; to protest our oil and car dependence; and to celebrate our amazing human bodies. All righty, then. As amazing as most bodies are, I must warn you that what you see, you can never un-see. As I picture pedaling along as Mother Nature made us with a bunch of other nudists on bikes, I can’t help giggling. Sure, there will be some beautiful bods on those bikes, but I’d guess more of us will be chunky monkeys who look better wearing clothes. Actually, truth be told, I haven’t even biked in years, much less doing so wearing nothing but my birthday suit. Thinking about this brings back a forgotten memory of when I first learned to ride a bicycle. One summer day, my father arrived home with a used bicycle painted bright green. O my! I was so dazzled with delight that this beauty was going to be mine that without a thought, I jumped on it and started peddling through our yard. But oops! When our wooden

fence loomed large in front of me, I suddenly realized I did not know how to stop the dang thing. Ouchie, kerplunk, over I went! The end results were two scraped knees and elbows, plus a severely bruised ego. My dad picked me up, dried my tears, and put me back on it after explaining about the brakes. And speaking of dads, don’t forget your own dad, step dad, or special someone who loves you like a dad on June 16 of this year. Mine is long gone but I remember him with love on Father’s Day and every other day actually. But on to other topics…I was surfing the Internet the other day, pretending to be doing something useful, and found a bingo tidbit. Apparently, the numbers on a bingo card can make a difference between winning and losing. According to, the odds of winning at bingo are enhanced if the card numbers adhere to the following: B row, low numbers; I row, 19 to 29; N row, 31 to 39; G row, 49 to 59; O row, 60 to 70. How you manage to find cards with those parameters is beyond me because who has time to pick through cards while others behind you are glaring. However, if a quick scan is possible, it’s worth a shot to enhance your odds of hollering bingo. Until next month may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you dance out the door with dollars. Win big. And if you do decide to participate in the nudie bike ride share your experience with me by emailing No pictures, please. And by the way, if you’re in Iceland on June 24th, bathe naked in the morning dew to stay younger and delay old age. In my case I’d need so much morning dew, I’d be old before I finished bathing. On the other hand, I’m told that getting old has its perks. I’ll let you know when I get there.

World Naked Bike Ride is held in many cities this month.

Contest Winner Jeff Miller Your name has been drawn as our current contest winner! In order to qualify to receive your $100 CASH prize, you must now contact the Bingo Bugle Newspaper at (414) 327-0705 before June 15, 2019. Please leave a message if we're unable to answer when you call.

Crossword Answers Trivia Answers 1. Hawaii 2. 2010 3. Angela Lansbury 4. Honshu 5. Constantine 6. Narnia 7. Acute 8. Lawyer 9. Richard Nixon 10. Dr. John Pemberton


JUNE 2019

Rules for The Bingo Bugle Monthly Cash Sweepstakes

Each month the Bingo Bugle of Wisconsin conducts a monthly “Sweepstakes” featuring a $100.00 prize for the winner. What follows are the rules of the contest. The Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes contest is open to everyone. It is a FREE contest. Entry forms are usually found on the next to last page of each monthly issue of the Bingo Bugle. Readers who are interested in entering the contest may cut or tear the entry from the paper, fill it out and officially enter by dropping the entry into the plastic Sweepstakes Entries” jug located at most not for profit Bingo halls. Some Bingo halls do not have an entry jug, but usually one the game volunteers will take your entry and get it to us. You may submit a copy of the entry form if none are available to you. If you prefer, your entry may be mailed to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237 If you mail in your entry, only one entry per envelope is accepted. Entry forms must be completely filled out to qualify. Entry forms

that are not completely filled out, do not qualify for the drawing. Enter as many times as you like, but please, take only one Bingo Bugle when you play. A random drawing is conducted each month from all entries received. Winners are announced each month in the Bingo Bugle. Winners must call 327-0705 prior to the 15th of the month in which their name is announced as the winner to claim their prize. Entries received after the drawing are held for the next month's contest. Your chances of winning are determined by the total number of entries received prior to the drawing. By entering the contest, you grant the Bingo Bulge the exclusive right to use your name, photo and comments for publicity purposes. Winners not making themselves available for a photo will forfiet their prize. The contest is not “progressive,” that is to say, if the winner does not claim the prize prior to the deadline, the prize is not increased. The prize is always $100.00 payable via check. Please, don't call the Bingo Bugle office to find out who the winner is, we won't tell you. And, if it is you, you will be disqualified. Thanks for reading the Bingo Bugle and for entering our monthly Sweepstakes. Maybe one day soon, you’ll be our lucky winner.

The Bingo Bugle’s


You could be a $100 Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winner. Just check the rules above, fill out the form below, and enter the sweepstakes. Then, make sure to check the Bingo Bugle to see if your name is listed as the winner. If your name is listed, make sure to call in by the deadline.

NO Winner in May

Please complete this entry form and deposit it at your favorite Bingo Hall, or mail to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237

Name:_________________________________ Date:_______________ Telephone Number:_________________________________________ Addresss:___________________________________________________ City: _______________________State:________ Zip_____________ email:______________________ Where did you get your Bugle?___________________________

Please check your age group: _____18 to 35 _____36 to 55 _____56 & over Thanks for entering!


JUNE 2019


Do You Believe in

Magic? Your

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Our courteous, friendly and experienced staff members early bird Bingo and specialoffer games in addition to the Wor Championship Tournament ld games.


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