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What is country losing?

What could India do with 73 lakh crores (1.4 trillion dollars)? India’s poverty can be wiped out. Build: 2.4 crore primary healthcare centres. That’s at least 3 for every village, at a cost of Rs 30 lakhs each.

Build: 24.1 lakh Kendriya Vidyalayas at a cost of Rs 3.02 crore each, with two sections from Class VI to XII.

Construct: 14.6 crore low-cost houses assuming a cost of Rs 5 lakh a unit. Set up: 2,703 coal-based power plants of 600 MW each. Each costs Rs 2,700 crore.

Supply: 12 lakh CFL bulbs. Thats enough light for each of India’s 6 lakh villages. Construct: 14.6 lakh km of two-lane highways. That’s a road around India’s perimeter 97 times over.

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