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India, Republic of Scams

Degradation of India’s politics 40% of Indian MPs have criminal record A tight control of media is exercised so as not to expose, specifically Gandhi family. Politicians even own large media. Even highest honors of India are awarded based on the affiliations. People are fooled with hundreds of Indian Institutions named after Gandhi Family in spite of overwhelming proof & allegations (Bofors, Quattrochhi, KGB Payments, 2G) of looting country. While Mayavathi is busy unveiling her own statues, YSR who looted the state was given state burial.

Rahul Gandhi, who has no record to speak of (and who was arrested by FBI for money laundering in US 2001) is foisted on the country without any regard to eligibility. Rahul was partying while Mumbai was in flames during 26/11.

indian correption  
indian correption  

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