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EDITOR’S LETTER It’s been 3 years since the spark of Styletag first took hold of us and we set out to make the idea of a curated lifestyle website an experience to behold, and boy… has this been some journey! What started as a team of 5 people has now expanded to include over 70 creative, upbeat individuals constantly improvising to better the customer experience and making Styletag synonymous with the online designer experience in India. Since we want to build an experience for you that’s about more than just shopping, we bring to you Styletag, a monthly lifestyle magazine. The regular features included in the magazine will cover style in all its aspects – apparel, accessories, home décor, horoscopes, fashion features, et al. The idea of this journal is not to preach but interact – we want to know how young India thinks, likes to dress, likes to evolve. Tell us what you’d like to read and talk about and we promise, we will try and mould the features to include what interests you. So share and like us on social mediums, and tag your friends to become part of the Styletag journey. Editor, Styletag PS – Write to us at with your thoughts.

100 Years Of Indian Cinema STYLETAG launches with a fashion show by Manish Malhotra

What went down... The after-hours at the Styletag launch party

Happy, s What our customers s (dressed in their Sty

People The who’s-who of Bengaluru glitterati who turned up for the launch party

shiny people say about us yletag buys!)

Fashion horoscope Know your style quotient according to your rashi!

In the times to come... The future face of

We see you! Celeb shining at IIFA ‘13

Launch was formally launched on June 1st, 2013, at Embassy Grove in Bengaluru. As India’s first curated designer-wear website, Styletag has carved a niche for itself by providing designers across the country a platform to reach out to audience all over India. The big attraction of the launch event was a fashion show by Manish Malhotra titled 100 Years of Indian Cinema. Malhotra, in his quintessential style, brought to the stage a dose of oomph and glamour. The creations were a tribute to the ever-dramatic and enigmatic Bollywood and ranged from the era of the silent talkies, panning an entire gamut of 70 years and ending with his very-popular sequinned chiffon sarees donned by divas such as Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, etc. The party was hosted by Yashodhara & Sanjay Shroff, along with Lina and Jeetu Virwani.





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Prasad Bidappa, Manoviraj Khosla, Ritu Mallya, Leena Singh, Radha Thomas, Ramjee Chandran, Kubra Sait, Vinita Chaitanya, Balu Mankani, Radha & Dr Naik, Ajay & Anju Nanavati, Rashmi & Rajiv Khaitan, Sabrina Khergamwala, Manjusha Maheshwari, Anu Kapoor, Chelna Lekhi, Arjun Sajnani, Bunty Peerbhoy, Suresh Sud.


(*All names L to R)


FASHION HORO Know your style quotient according to your rashi!











This is what the site is going to look like. Fresher, easier and more responsive!

Watch the teaser now!


This is what our customers (dressed in their Styletag buys, by the way!) have to say about us‌

Suhani Pittie India’s leading jewellery designer

“I love that Styletag is easy to navigate and clutter-free. I like the range of designs available – there are many options to choose from and the sales are constantly updated. Sometimes, the theme is Bohemian. At other times, it is very kitschy, like the recent neon burst. So, the collection is quite right on the trend. I am a very forgetful person but is so active on social channels that it’s never out of sight and hence, never out of my mind.”


Shweta Aggarwal “I have been shopping with Styletag for a year and my experience has been amazing. The selection of apparels is very chic and up-to-date. My outdoor shopping has reduced since I discovered Styletag.�


Shivani Saini

“My experience with Styleta awesome – I like wearing design buying that constantly is quite ex

The clothes on Styletag are b and budget-friendly. I general such clothes on high-street bran completely satisfied.”


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Manisha Bahadur “My shopping experience with Styletag has been good. I always revisit the site as I wear size 35 shoes which I rarely get on other websites.”



ollywood turned up fu throttle at the IIFA ’1 awards held in Macau. Whi the green carpet (yes, no red!) saw oodles of glamou and bling, which in som cases was unbridled, her are some of the winnin looks, according to Styletag


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Designing of the launch issue for | Highlights - A fashion show by Manish Malhotra.