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  Billing  Scientific  /  Simple  Pay!   For  your  Simple  Pay!  worksheet  to  be  customized  to  your  practice,  please  identify  OCR  codes  your  practice  uses.    If   necessary,  you  can  use  ‘other’  and  let  the  comment  line  be  your  description.    Your  file  will  be  customized  with  your  OCR   codes  most  often  used,  along  with  your  case  listing.         We  have  identified  the  most  popular  codes  to  simplify  timekeeping.    The  OCR  list  for  EZPay  is  over  120  entries,  so  we   have  pared  it  down  to  a  more  manageable  number.    Your  practice  may  use  codes  other  than  the  ones  listed  below.    If   so,  please  make  note  of  the  codes  you  would  like  to  customize  Simple  Pay!  to  use  on  the  last  page  of  this  document,  and   return  it  to  us  to  customize  your  copy.                                  

Court  appearance   Copying  charges   Conference   Copy  other   Wait  time  at  court   Draft  letter  to  other   Draft  motion  to  court   Email  w/other   Homevisit   Hearing:  other   Meet  child  elsewhere   Mileage   Meet  w/  other   Paralegal   Phone  call  to  /  from  other   Prepare  investigation  report  /   update   Prepare  legal  arguments   Postage   Review  case  file   Review  legal  documents   Review  other   Transcript  charges   Travel  to  other  

      This  document  and  the  processes  described  are  ideas  from  the  team  at  Billing  Scientific.    All  rights  reserved.    2009  

About  the  Simple  Pay  form  

  Timekeeper  –  Name  of  the  person  whose  time  is  being  reported.   Today’s  Date-­‐  Date  form  is  completed.   Date  of  Work-­‐  Date  work  is  performed.   Timekeeper-­‐  If  multiple  timekeepers  are  on  the  same  page,  make  note  of  it  here.   Client  Code-­‐  Standardized  convention  of  the  last  name  of  the  oldest  child  represented  followed  by  the  last  three  or  four  digits  of  the  case  number.   Case  Name-­‐  Auto  populated.   Case  Number-­‐  Auto  populated.   Expense-­‐  Travel  mileage  is  listed  here  along  with  any  other  expensed  item.   Amount-­‐  Auto  populated.   Hours-­‐  Time  entry.   Rate  Category-­‐  Out-­‐of-­‐court,  In  court,  Paralegal,  Travel  mileage.   Pay  rate-­‐  Auto  populated.   $-­‐  Auto  populated.   Code-­‐  Simple  Pay  code  from  abbreviations  listed  in  legend.     Description  of  work  done-­‐  Auto  populated.   Comments-­‐  Clarification  for  the  description.  

    This  document  and  the  processes  described  are  ideas  from  the  team  at  Billing  Scientific.    All  rights  reserved.    2009  

Common  Shortcuts  to  use:    

Ctrl+d  –  duplication  of  cell  above,  


Ctrl+c  –  copy,  


Ctrl+v-­‐  paste.  

    The  Simple  Pay!  process  was  designed  from  OCR’s  EZPay  system  backwards.    Buy  undoing  EZPay,  Billing  Scientific  had   made  getting  paid  efficient,  quick,  and  understandable.                                     This  document  and  the  processes  described  are  ideas  from  the  team  at  Billing  Scientific.    All  rights  reserved.    2009  

OCR  EZPay  picklist   Arraignment   attempt  to  contact/interview   witness  

email  w/  other  

organize  transcripts  

respondent  parent  pleads  

email  w/  relatives  


respondent  parent  withdraws  plea  

attempt  to  locate  witness  

entry  of  appearance  

phone  call  to  /  from  attorney  

restitution  hearing  

Attend  IEP  

entry  of  plea/admission  

phone  call  to  /  from  child  

review  audio  or  video  tapes  

Attend  staffing/meeting  


phone  call  to  /  from  court  

review  case  file  

BCOP   CBI  charge  for  criminal  history   check  

home  visit  

phone  call  to  /  from  court  reporter  

review  discovery  

interview  child  

phone  call  to  /  from  DA  

review  endorsement  of  witness(es)  

Conference   copy  discovery,  tapes,  files  or   transcripts  

interview  family  of  child  

phone  call  to  /  from  DOC  

review  investigator's  report  

interview  victim  

review  letter  from  RPC/ACA  

copy  other  

interview  victim's  family  

copying  charges  

interview  witness  

phone  call  to  /  from  expert  witness(es)   phone  call  to  /  from  family-­‐friends  of   child   phone  call  to  /  from  investigator-­‐ paralegal  

court  appearance  

jury  selection  

phone  call  to  /  from  other  

review  motions  of  RPC/ACA  

create  ID  chart   create  summary  report  of   witness  statements  

Letter  to  respondent  parent  

phone  call  to  /  from  police  officer(s)  

review  of  scene  

long  distance  phone  tolls  

phone  call  to  /  from  probation  

review  other  

defendant  FTA  for  appointment   deliver  /  pick-­‐up  audio  or  video   tapes  

meet  w/  attorney  

phone  call  to  /  from  public  defender  

review  sentencing  

meet  w/  child  in  placement  

phone  call  to  /  from  social  services  

review  supplemental  discovery  

deliver  /  pick-­‐up  case  files  

meet  w/  expert  witness(es)  

phone  call  to  /  from  witness(es)  

review  transcripts  

deliver  /  pick-­‐up  discovery  

meet  w/  family-­‐friends  of  child  

phone  call  to/from  CASA  

run  background  check  on  witness  

deliver  /  pick-­‐up  other  

meet  w/  investigator-­‐paralegal  

Phone  call  to/from  foster  parent  


deliver  /  pick-­‐up  transcripts  

meet  w/  other  

Phone  call  to/from  respondent  parent  

subpoenas-­‐  prepare  and  serve  

discovery  charges  

meet  w/  police  officer  

phone  call  to/from  teacher,  etc.  

transcript  charges  

draft  letter  to  other  

meet  w/  Social  Worker  

phone  call  to/from  therapist  

travel  to  courthouse  

draft  letter  to  RPC/DSS  

meet  w/  witness(es)  

phone  call  with  residential  staff  

travel  to  jail  /  DOC  

draft  motion  to  court  

meet  w/CASA  


travel  to  other  

draft  motion  to  reconsider  

meet  w/child  elsewhere  

pre-­‐sentencing  review  

travel  to  witness(es)  

draft  opening  brief  

meet  w/teacher,  etc.  

pre-­‐trial  conference  

Travel  to/from  home  visit  

draft  reply  brief  

prepare  /  draft  oral  argument  

Travel  to/from  staffing/meeting  

draft  response  to  court  

meet  w/therapist   Meeting  with  respondent   parent  

prepare  and  serve  subpoenas  


draft  writs  

memo  to  file  

prepare  investigation  report  /  update  

trial  preparation  

email  w/  attorney  


prepare  legal  arguments  

wait  time  in  court  

email  w/  child  

motions  hearing  


witness  preparation  

email  w/  expert  witness(es)  

organize  case  file  

research  legal  issues  

email  w/  investigator-­‐paralegal  

organize  mitigation  files  

reset  hearing  


review  material  from  RPC/ACA   review  motion  to  amend  information  

  Please  circle  the  functions  common  to  your  practice.    We  recommend  using  the  comment  field  on  the  Simple  Pay!   worksheet  to  clarify  any  entries.    

This  document  and  the  processes  described  are  ideas  from  the  team  at  Billing  Scientific.    All  rights  reserved.    2009  

Simple Pay Instructions