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How it the sun responsible for these phenomena: wind, ocean currents, water cycle, and plant growth The sun is involved in many aspect of nature. WATERCYCLE: For instance; the water cycle needs a lot of factors that make the cycle to work well. The sun is responsible for the water cycle, and it is very important factor in this cycle, because it conducts it. It is responsible because the sun heats up the water of the cycle, causing the water to evaporate. The sun provides thermal energy and heats up all the bodies of water in the earth; oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. When the sun provides thermal energy it is causing these bodies of water to become vapour (evaporate). Is the sun didn’t exist water cycle would exist, because the water would have been frozen.


Sun is also responsible in other earth phenomena called wind. Sun also heats up the wind creating the wind molecules to heat up and move faster. When molecules move faster air becomes less dense, causing this warm air to go up, while the cool air takes place the place where warm air was, creating wind convection current.

OCEAN CURRENTS: The sun is responsible for this phenomena, this explanation is very similar to the wind current one. The sun heats up the water in the oceans, causing the cycle of the current to start. The hot water goes down and the cold one goes up, this cycle moves with heat. Sun is also responsible because wind and ocean currents are connected, because when wind blows, the currents of the ocean are faster.

PLANT GROWTH: The sun is responsible for these phenomena too, plant growth. The sun is one of the main factors that make the plant live and survive. Mostly it all depends on the sun. The sun is responsible because as you know the sun is an energy source, and most of the living things need any of the existing energy sources. In this case, the plants need the suns energy source for grow. It happens because for the plant to grow, it needs a process called photosynthesis which is the process used for capturing the sun energy and mixing it with other substances converting this energy into chemical energy. The sun is also responsible for plant growth because, sun+water+some other chemicals cause the plant to grow. It is very important that the sun affect the plants growth because without this process of photosynthesis, oxygen would not exists in these plants, and we won’t be able to breathe like we are right now.

All the energy that is in the atmosphere comes from the sun. First this energy is taken by the atmosphere and very little is absorbed directly, usually by gases. Energy can also be reflected back to space by clouds in the earth. Energy in the atmosphere is transferred by conduction convection and radiation. Conduction: heat energy is transmitted with contact with near molecules. Some solids are good conductors some are bad. Metal is an example of a good one and wood is an example of a bad one. Air and water are also poor conductors and because of this the energy transferred by conduction occurs in the earth surface. When it is night the ground in the earth cools and

conducts heat away from the air that is right by. At day the sun heats the ground and this heats the air that it is there.

Convection: heat is transmitted by a group of molecules from place to place within a substance. This occurs in substance such as water ad air because they can move freely. It occurs in the atmosphere and winds are caused by convection. Convection is caused when hot air raises and cold air sinks and this allows heat and moisture to be distributed evenly in the atmosphere this also contributes to clouds and storms.

Radiation: transfers heat energy without a physical substance. Radiation can transmit heat energy through vacuum. Energy travels from the sun to the earth in electromagnetic waves. When it has a shorter wavelength there is more energy. So this means that in the atmosphere the shorter the wavelength more

energy is transmitted and the longer the wavelength less energy is transmitted.

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