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Addressing the Needs of Payers and Planting the seeds for a Simplified Future

Healthcare Payer Software

Automating various Organizations

Specific requirements blended with our technical expertise to provide the best personalized solutions

Experience in providing payer solutions to medium and large sized organizations





Payer Software Solutions We provide the following Payer Solutions:       

CRM Solutions Medical Research Administration EDI Solutions Online Analytical Processing Solutions Web Portal Health Risk Assessment Reporting for CMS and Sponsors

Case Studies: CRM •

The Task: To develop an organized process that well defines the Medicare members’ enrollment procedure into the HMO.

The Solution: CRM for managing campaigns, events, leads and enrolling Medicare members

Case Studies: MRA •

The Task: To develop a system wherein the details of the member’s healthcare risk assessment is done and reviewed in a structured and user friendly manner.

The Solution: Medical research administration for Medicare members

Case Studies: EDI •

The Task: To develop an application that would help in loading EDI claims, remittance, enrollment / disenrollment eligibility and various kinds of payments into the HMO’s database.

The Solution: EDI: Business to Business Platform for Bulk Transactions.

Case Studies: OLAP •

The Task: To create and deploy Cubes that would help to provide filtering, grouping and labeling of data in a data warehouse.


The Solution: OLAP created out of cubes to help in business analytics

Case Studies: Portal •

The Task: To develop a portal that serves as a platform in providing global information about the client.


The Solution: Managing website portal with regulatory content for compliance

Case Studies: HRA •

The Task: To develop an application that focuses on the primary phase of maintaining the member’s database by collection of data through enquiries.

The Solution: Heath Risk Assessment application used extensively for the purpose of maintaining primary health concerns of a new member

Case Studies: Reports •

The Task: To design an application that acts as a valuable reporting interface between the client and its various kinds of vendors.


The Solution: Standard reports for CMS and sponsors

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Binary Spectrum\'s Healthcare solutions helps heatlhcare payers to increase business performance and integrate business processes for medium...

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