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by Sabrina Fournier

In May 2009, I flew to Brazil to navigate on one of the most famous rivers of the world: The Amazon River It was an amazing adventure which allowed me to learn, meet new people, and enjoy life.

Reasons To discover a new culture and experience their lifestyle To learn a new language: Portuguese To meet new people

To do humanitarian work

This was our first Caïpirinha, which is a Brazilian drink made of cachaça, sugar, and lime. Tasty!!!

Getting a good night sleep on a boat can be challenging. But when you have a hammock, you just rock like a baby and fall fast asleep.

On a little island, we decided to have some fun‌

I caught one of these blue crabs…

… with my bare hands!!!!

I’m NOT kidding!

I even got to be on the air during a local radio show!

Waldimir showed me traditional dances. Everybody dances in Brazil. Canadian men have a lot of catching up to do.


Appreciation of my Trip

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Can you believe that when I joined the group for this trip I knew nobody?

It was the most beautiful adventure of my whole life!

Photo Album of my Trip to the Brazilian Amazon  

awesomeness in these pictures

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