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bina buzz Volume 6: March 13, 2009

RABBI GOLDHAR SEMINAR by Mrs. Aviva Harpaz The girls of BINA High School in Norfolk, VA learned a new verb recently – “spoking.” To “spoke” is to take notes using Rabbi Avraham Goldharʼs class, and makes reviewing for the comprehensive learning test quicker and easier. system. The system is BINA is grateful designed to improve noteto the The teachers also attended taking skills and reduce portions of the seminar so that they Kleimans study time, all with the goal would understand the system and of gaining mastery of the & Blochs be able to guide the students in material learned in the for underwriting the using it. In addition, Rabbi Goldhar classroom. demonstrated how to present and Rabbi Goldhar Seminar review a lesson in a very clear and After seeing the Goldhar organized format. Method demonstrated twice, Mrs. Aviva Harpaz, We are looking forward to seeing the results of the the Menaheles of BINA, felt that it would provide a seminar as the students become accustomed to skill that could help the girls be more efficient in all using their newly gained skills. their studies, both Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. The middle school girls from Toras Chaim, We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Norfolkʼs elementary school, were invited to join the Mr. and Mrs. Heshe Kleiman and Mr. and Mrs. full-day program. Robert Bloch, for helping us to raise the standard of learning at BINA. The girls learned how to take notes from both a teacher and a textbook more effectively, listening and looking for keywords. They were taught how to structure their notes in a way that would present the material in an organized, easy-toremember layout. This structure gives a student a clear understanding of the

MACHANAYIM GAME By Chaya Rosen As a Sunday activity the BINA girls played against women in a game of machanayim, which is a little like dodgeball. Even though most of the women had never heard of the game, they actually put up a good fight and played fiercely. The BINA girls won both games, but it was, surprisingly, a pretty fair fight. We congratulate all the women who dared to play!

IVRIT CLASSES By Mrs. Shuly Einhorn Usually, students go to school to acquire knowledge from their teachers. BINA High School, however, sometimes does things a little differently. Recently it was the students who were preparing the lessons on all different topics – in Hebrew! BINA aims to make the Hebrew language second nature to the girls so that they will be able to use the language freely. In our Hebrew classes we sing, we act out dialogues, we play games, and of course, we read and write. Occasionally the girls are challenged with a special project.

nothing about) and various other super heroes. Young as they are, the girls showed great knowledge about caring for babies and shared their familiesʼ stories with us. Dancing and guitar playing took the stand as we all sat around together singing. And then, there were those who went above and beyond and “invented” the first flying car or the cold microwave. Well, I will tell you, after sitting through these amazing presentations, I wish I could just zap a cold drink (using the cold microwave of course) and sit here relaxed, ready for the next projectʼs surprises.

ART CLASSES by Mrs. Helen Schloss Griffin

For our most recent Hebrew project, each girl had to prepare an oral presentation on a subject of her own choice. Some girls enlightened us about things from our every day life, such as clothes (different styles for different ethnic groups), glasses (who was the first to wear them and how did they develop with time). We learned about coffee and coffee beans and were somehow reluctant to taste what seemed to be frozen salad.

Coming into BINA for the first time this year to teach art, I was eager to introduce the girls to what an interesting and unique experience art creation could truly be. The plan began with a simple idea for each student to discover the beauty in all things even mundane items. My art curriculum would involved projects that require recycling of household refuse and ordinary everyday items.

A few of the girls told us about their favorite characters, including the legendary Harry Potter, the Twilight “gang” (which to my dismay I knew

Sometimes people do not believe that they can be creative, or artistic, and I knew some of the BINA students would feel this way as well. Doing projects that are away from the norm can often

help students see that even though they may not be the next Van Gogh, they can indeed create beautiful objects of art. Meanwhile they learn and have fun. The most recent project was making sculptures in an unorthodox fashion. This involved a coat hanger, a block of 2x2 wood, and a knee hi. The block had two holes drilled in it, and the hanger was stuck into one hole. It was then twisted and formed into an abstract shape of each girl’s choosing. The remaining end was put into the other hole, and both were glued in place. When the knee hi was pulled over the hanger, it assumed the shape of an interesting sculpture. The girls painted the structure with several heavy coats of a glue and water mixture to make it stiff. Once all the glue dried, each girl observed her sculpture and discussed with the class what it looked like or made her think of. Then each student told us how she planned to paint her creation.

their sculpture and could not wait to take them home. As we go through projects this school year one by one, each girl is learning she can have fun with art and see that she can indeed be creative. An added bonus is that I get to spend 45 minutes of my week with them.

BALTIMORE SHABBATON The Scotts Hill area of Baltimore was the scene of the second annual Shabbaton for the girls of BINA High School of Norfolk, VA, and a group of girls from Bais Yaakov of Baltimore. The Norfolk girls acted as the 'hosts” on the grounds of Talmudical Academy. The BINA girls prepared “Welcome” kits for the Baltimorians, and both schools prepared games and Divrei Torah. While the temperatures outside were freezing, the atmosphere inside was warm and inviting as the girls quickly became acquainted. The theme of the Shabbaton was “Olam” – seeing Hashemʼs Hashgacha in the world. Local Mechanchos addressed the girls with inspiring discussions of finding Hashgacha Pratis in their own lives. A talk by Rabbi Yechiel Spero, author of the Touched by a Story Series at the Friday night Oneg was one of the highlights of the Shabbaton! For the Norfolkians who don't have a local pizza shop, the Motzaʼei Shabbos excursion to the pizza shop was a rare treat. The girls also attended a play put on by Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore. We would like to express our Hakaras Hatov to the local families who opened their homes to make the Shabbaton such a success.

This particular project took about 3 class periods to complete. By the end all 13 sculptures turned out completely different, but all were all amazing and a testament to the various styles and personalities of each girl. Examples of the completed sculptures included a crocodile, a rocket, President Obama, a crime scene, paint splatters and the list could go on. The students seemed to enjoy the process of making



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By Chaya Rosen We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Heshe Kleiman and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bloch, for helping us to rai...


By Chaya Rosen We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Heshe Kleiman and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bloch, for helping us to rai...