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bina buzz Volume 3: November 14, 2008


BINA went to Jamestown and Williamsburg after Sukkot vacation. Thanks to our history teacher Miss Megginson, we were able to see what we learned in our history class. The way that a person lived back then was much harder than it is now. They actually had to make the houses that they lived in; there was no contractor to do it for them. They didn’t have the snazziest clothes either. And

there was no such thing as a toilet; they used chamber pots, which I’m not even going to get into. The trip, overall, was really fun and educational. We saw a lot of cool things and we met a lot of interesting interpreters who

seemed right out of colonial days. Now that the trip is over, all I have to say is, “Encore! Encore! We want an encore!”

PROGRAMMING By Tova Seligson These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of fun programs that have kept us all very busy! Last week we took a trip to Virginia Beach. The afternoon was spent playing ball, reading, shopping, and a couple of us were even brave enough to get a few toes wet! Our lunch of sandy bagels and cream cheese really

added to that beach experience. As it began to get colder, we bundled up, (some of us in brand new colorful Virginia Beach sweatshirts!!) for the ride home. Tuesday night was a special “surprise!” We put Aviva and Malky to work at their acting skills again, and we knew they did a good job by the shocked look on Miss Hirsch’s face when she realized the surprise party was in honor of her 21st birthday! Thank you so much, Mrs. Mostofsky, for making that great party, and the ice cream sundaes were delicious! (Yes, even those people who chose to have BANANA splits!) Motzai Shabbos we had a special treat! We had an exciting game night hosted by Mrs. Ahuva Manela. Mrs. Manela made us a delicious hot soup and melt-in-your-mouth cookies straight out of the oven. We then sat down to play some games like Scattegories and Boggle, to name a few! It was such a nice warm evening we didn’t even notice how cold it was outside. Thank you so much, Mrs. Manela. We all had a great time!

QUESTION OF THE DAY By Mrs. Aviva Harpaz Each day the BINA girls are faced with a question to ponder. They submit their answers, anonymously if they wish, and we read them out loud the next day.

Below is a sample question and answers: Is technology good or bad? Why? 1. It’s both – depends if you use it for good or if you use it for bad. 2. Both – if not for it, I highly doubt any people, company, business . . . would function nowadays. Also people would not be able to communicate, but also it’s bad because people spend way too much energy and money on trying to get the latest technology to be better than everyone else. 3. Bad – Many years ago, there was no such thing as technology, and people were able to survive. Now, it’s hard to live without a cell phone . . . I think technology ruins the soul. But since technology is so helpful and tempting, everyone has it. If people didn’t have technology, it would be a lot easier to live a frum and holy life. The Question of the Day Program gives us something to think about and adds a little spice to our day!



Nov. 15

Surprise Activity

Nov. 16

Melave Malka - Carnival preparation 1 to 4 @ shul

Nov. 20

Picture Day

Nov. 21

Shabbos Dinner


BINA went to Jamestown and Williamsburg after Sukkot vacation. Thanks to our history teacher Miss Megginson, we were able to see what we lea...

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