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The development of communication tools make our world smaller. We transmit signals, texts, thoughts and our voice. Thanks to RP techonology, a new era of tele communication is here, 3D TELEGRAPHY. People in design, architecture and manufacturing will have a much better way to expedite 3D models. Within momements, results that you can see and touch.

fast (real-time) compact size low material cost affordable price no additional finish required easy to use


top covers

top plate “teeth” extrusion grate

Two axel “teeth” form the shape in two layers.

power The foam is extruded from the bottom, layer by layer.

door body

The material is sprayable polyurethane foam that dries quickly and is easy to handle.

foam cans


Touch Screen with easy and user friendly user interface.

Power, a place for memory card and USB are on the back side.

Place for two foam cans.


Alex, the industrial designer, lives in Toronto. He has his client, Mr. Suzuki in Tokyo. Alex was asked for prototype model of a mouse for Logitech. Mr. Suzuki is subcontractor of Logitech. Alex has 3d model file from Rhino, however, Mr. Suzuki wants the tangible prototype model that he can touch it. Mr. Suzuki contacts Alex and asked to send the model too him. As soon as Alex received the message from Mr. Suzuki, he turns on the ‘Real-Time 3D model communication tool’, as well as Mr. Suzuki. He loads the spray foam can in the hole on the side of machine. Alex plugs the USB memory card with Rhino model file on the side of the tool. Through screen, he selects the file he wants to print and after he inputs the distinct number of Mr. Suzuki’s tool. With beep sound and texts on screen, it shows the progress of transmitting. Meanwhile, in Mr. Suzuki’s machine received the signal from Alex’s tool, and started to build model. With the spray foam can that Mr. Suzuki loaded, the machine and moving mold started make the model on layer by layer. Mr. Suzuki can actually see the whole process of building model layer by layer 20 minutes later, with beep sound, the tool informed that model is complete. Alex’s tool also informs that transmitting is complete through screen and beep sound. Mr. Suzuki instantly received the 3D model from Alex from Toronto.Thanks to this tool, he saves a lot of time and gain efficiency to receive the model in his hand.



Customer Relationship Provide 2 year warranty. Customer can get after-sales service through office supplies store or internet homepage.

Customer Segments

Freelancer designer or architecture Design office Manufacturer

Key Partners

Spray Foam Company Network Communication Company Print Company

Key Activities/Resources 3D Telegraph – Transmitting 3D foam to other space in real time. Telephone or internet connection Office supplies (for design, architecture, manufacturing company)

Value Propositions

HEB tool can transmit 3D foam to another space or people instantly. There is limit to explain 3D foam with words or drawing. HEB tool will solve this problem in short time in much more reasonable price compare to other 3D printer. When customer purchases HEB tool, they will receive the machine itself, HEB number (to distinguish with other machine so it can transmit to different HEB tool) 2 spray foam can cartridge, and cables (electrical cord and internet cable.

Revenue Streams

The most important values are lower material, power and device costs. Customers are also willing to pay for speed and functionality.


Advertise through expo, design forum and conference. Visit offices’ supply manager. Upload sample video on YouTube. Send pamphlet to office supply store (ex. Office Depot) Customer can purchase by Internet or phone. Visit Office supply store (ex: Office Depot) Deliver through office supply store or parcel service If there is any mal-function in 2 year, customers can replace their machine through office supply store. HEB will send mechanic after customers contact with us.

COST STRUCTURE most important costs: The head part (movable extrusion layer with teeth) takes the biggest part of our manufacturing cost -If we put more teeth and more layer in the machine, the outcome will be more precise and the printing speed will be faster, but it will increase the manufacturing cost too. most expensive key resources Since our new 3D printing technology with foam tells the difference from other existing 3D printers, the technology is the most expensive resource and it should be protected by patent most expensive key activities After we sell the printer, we can keep the relationship with the customer by providing repair service and the consumable foam cartridge can.


+ Moving mold for changing the shape


Fast process, easy step, visually amusing.

3rd world


mobile printer

character industry

Smart textile


Spray foam

moving mold


Convenient material, various forms are possible.


plastic model

Real Time

rotational molding


vacuum forming

intelligent fabric

paper clay

foam printer


pin toy

Toy P2P

extrusion lego

3D Fax  

Fax machine for 3D model

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