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Equine Culocid p-menthane 3,8-diol 0.8%

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Used world-wide as an insect repellent. Can be applied direct on to skin. Although used here as a repellent, this active is known to act as a physical barrier that can smother insects. Easy to see the applied area. No apparent odour For use against flies, biting midges and horseflies Easy to apply




See reverse side for full indications, administration and dosage.

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Equine Culocid What is Sweet-itch? Sweet-itch occurs every year, usually from April to October and affects horses, ponies and donkeys. Small midges bite your horse and, as in humans, certain individuals react violently giving rise to severe itchiness and inflammation of the skin. This is why in one field one horse can be severely affected while a companion may not. What are the signs of sweet-itch? Along the mane of your horse and the base of the tail, you will see a loss of hair where the animal has tried to rub itself to relieve the itchiness from the reaction caused by the midges. Often the reaction is so severe the surface swells, becomes broken and fluid exudes onto the surface forming scabs that often contain pus. Your horse will be diverting energy away from the health maintaining routines of exercise and feeding, by rubbing to relieve the irritation. This in turn may result in injury requiring treatment by a veterinary surgeon. This NEW PRODUCT FROM BIMEDA is a unique formulation that has proved effective as a Non Insecticidal repellent control of Sweet-Itch.

Equine Culocid is registered with the HSE as a repellent. Equine Culocid has the additional advantage of putting a shine on the coat. Once this has started to fade re-application should be considered. This period will vary depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Equine Culocid is very safe when applied correctly but care must be taken to avoid contact with the eyes. We would recommend that owners apply Equine Culocid to a lint free cloth prior to wiping the area around the eyes. Equine Culocid should not be applied to the saddle area if the horse is to be ridden as the saddle may slip. Equine Culocid is supplied in a handy to carry 500ml non-aerosol spray pack that you can carry with you whilst out on a hack allowing you to provide instant relief to your horse should it be attacked by flies. Other products in Bimeda Equine Range include:

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Equine Culocid is an innovative patented formulation based on the same technology as Europe’s leading head lice treatment, with the addition of P-menthane, a well known and safe insect repellent.

BimedaÂŽ A division of Cross Vetpharm Group UK Limited Unit 2, Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, Anglesey, LL77 7XA Tel: 01248 725 400 Fax: 01248 725 416 Web: