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Broad spectrum Disinfectant (bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal)

BENEFITS • Easy to use. (On floors, walls, baths, equipments, vehicles, etc.) • Disinfectant and detergent in one product (Effective against bacteria, viruses, yeast, moulds, algae and spores.) • Multiple applications. (Disinfection in poultry, cattle, and pig houses, hatcheries and slaughterhouses) • Long lasting effect. • Long shelf life.

D4+ DISINFECTANT UNIQUE FORMULA WITH SYNERGIC COMPOUND Broad spectrum Disinfectant (bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal) No loss of activity in presence of organic residues in the premises. Natural component to remove irritating odor. Highly penetrable, thanks to ingredients for reducing the surface tension. TESTED & RECOMMENDED BY MINISTRY OF HEALTH. Approved for use against important viruses and bacteria Avian influenza FMD virus SARS Virus Brucella spp. Hog cholera FAST, LONG ACTING AND STABLE Quickly kills pathogenic agents Long activity thanks to special excipients. Effective at low temperatures (500C ) without loss of activity. Maintains full activity in hard water. EXELLENT DETERGENT

The better the detergency, the better the disinfecton. Removes soil from hard surfaces. Physically removes the micro-organisms.


For equipment: Non-corrosive for material equipment For environment: Biodegradable.

APPLICATION Surfaces, materials & walls. Dillution: 0.5% to 1% ( 0.5 to 1litre D4+ in 100L water) Hand sprayer: 1 litre dilution per 3 m2 High pressure cleaner: 1 litre dilution pr 2m2 Foot paths: Dilution: 2% (2 litre D4+ in 100 litre water) Refresh the disinfection foot path every day. Fogging devices: Dilution: 33% (1.5litre D4+ in 3 litre water) For complete disinfection of a volume of 1000m 3) D4+ disinfectant can be used in fogging and foaming devices, without any additions. D4+ is used for animal houses (pig, poultry, cattle, horse, etc.), equipments, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, etc. PRESENTATION 1 litre bottle and 10 litre container. On request: 5 and 25 litre containers.