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VETRISUL INJECTION Trimethoprim Sulphamethoxazole INDICATIONS Infections caused by micro-organisms susceptible to trimethoprim and/or sulfamethoxazole.

BENEFITS • A synergistic and antibacterial effect occurs when both Sulphamethoxazole and Trimethoprim are combined • Treats a wide range of diseases in cattle such as in the respiratory, alimentary and urinary tract infections • IM administration route • Can be used in dairy cattle







See reverse side for full indications, administration and dosage.

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VETRUSIL INJECTION Presentation Amber Type II 100ml vial, sealed with a rubber butyl stopper, with an aluminium cap containing per ml: Trimethoprim 40 mg Sulphamethoxazole 200 mg Benzyl Alcohol 9.0 mg N, N-Dimethylacetamide 170 mg Pharmaceutical Form Solution for Injection. Target Species Cattle. Uses Infections caused by microorganisms susceptible to trimethoprim and/or sulfamethoxazole. Contraindications, warnings etc Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients. Do not use in animals with impaired liver or kidney function. Folic acid deficiency, crystaluria and/or blood dycrasias may occur, especially if treatment is prolonged. Occasionally, temporary swellings at the injection site may occur (for this reason subcutaneous injections should be avoided). The combination is in theory

incompatible with paraaminobenzoic acid and esters of it (lidocaine, procaine etc.). Operator Warnings Avoid skin contact with the solution. Use during pregnancy, lactation or lay The active ingredients are excreted in milk and may thus be transmitted to sucklings. No adverse effects are anticipated at the recommended dose during pregnancy and lactation. Dosage and Administration Vetrisul 100 ml injection is indicated for intramuscular administration only. The general dose is 1 ml per 10-15 kg body weight daily This dose may be repeated daily for a period of 3 - 5 days, according to clinical response.

Shelf-life Shelf-life of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 3 years Shelf-life after first opening the immediate packaging: 14 days. Storage Do not store above 25째C. Do not freeze. Protect from light. Disposal advice Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with national requirements LEGAL CATEGORY POM

VPA 10989/009/001

Withdrawal Period(s) Meat and offal: 35 days. Milk: 5 days. Incompatibilities Do not mix with any other medicinal products. 113


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