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EVE FANTOM —Women in Tech Managing Partner Once We Were @evelfantom

My favourite saying is … performance measurement is crucial to success. Understanding performance is the first point on the journey to optimisation and incremental improvement.

As a major player in customer centric Digital Marketing for Banking over the last two decades, Eve has now focused her talents on new ways of working to make digital impact on social good. As an awardwinning major hire for Craig Le Grice at CoSkill (as Eve Morris) she proved that a startup can compete with the big players and now at Once We Were she is transforming the business to bring even greater value to large UK charities through harnessing the power of customer data and digital to optimise performance, and drive success.




—Women in Tech Chairman and Co-Founder Omobono

—Media Owner & Platform Stars Managing Director / Content & Publishing Director Adyoulike

—Entrepreneurs & CEOs Co-Founder/CEO Visualise Creative Ltd


The next big thing in digital … will be how digital becomes an experience of the company, and how that builds brand preference, inside and out.

Francesca (Fran) Brosan is Chairman of Omobono, a role she’s held since starting the company at her kitchen table with co-founders Ben Dansie and Chris Butterworth in 2001. Fran’s focus is to advise clients on the strategic role that digital communications can play in strengthening business performance. Before Omobono, she was Managing Director of B2B agency Warman & Bannister, and on the board of consumer agency WCRS. Fran is a regular speaker at industry events and is author of Omobono’s research programme ‘What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing’. She has also been featured in The Sunday Times ‘How I Made It Column’. Married, with four daughters, Fran has no spare time. She runs to keep herself sane.


I’m where I am today because ... ‘Damned if you do, dead if you don’t’ – we think it sums up the startup attitude in digital advertising pretty well. You have to constantly embrace change and evolve for success.

Dale Lovell and Francis Turner are digital veterans, cutting their teeth on several Ad Tech and publishing startups over the last 15 years. In 2014, their content marketing company – Content Amp, founded in 2010 – merged with Europe’s leading native advertising platform and network, Adyoulike. The pair has spearheaded the company’s growth into the UK market. Adyoulike is now an established native advertising platform with capabilities across video, mobile, desktop and apps as well as expansion into programmatic and European markets. Dale and Francis lead the industry in understanding the opportunities around native advertising and have been instrumental in promoting the success of this format in the UK.


My one wish would be … to time travel. I’d love to see the future and the past like I was there, which is something people will be able to simulate through VR in the future.


Henry, a pioneer in immersive digital content since 2006, has been shaping the way for virtual reality production since the launch of the Oculus Rift in 2012. In the last 12 months Henry has created phenomenal 360 and Virtual Reality experiences for FIFA, Mercedes, Top Gear, Thomas Cook and many more. He regularly speaks at conferences and events on VR and is closely involved in furthering this emerging industry. As a prized partner of Oculus Rift and Samsung, Henry has been able to utilize cutting edge technology and circulate content reaching nearly 30 million views. Henry and his company are leading a niche market into the public eye, changing digital as we know it, and supplying a more engaging future.

BIMA Hot 100 of 2015  

Our list of the 100 hottest movers and shakers in British digital this year.

BIMA Hot 100 of 2015  

Our list of the 100 hottest movers and shakers in British digital this year.