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Herb Uses Herbal Tea Benefits As health conscious people look for drink alternatives that are natural, the herbal tea industry is steadily turning out new combinations, often referred to as fusions. But are there really any benefits to drinking tea instead of other liquids? Here’s a few facts about herbal teas and what they can do for you. The fact is that not all herbal tea is actually made with tea leaves. Many of the fusions on the market today forego use of camelia sinensis in the blend and use any number of other herbs. In addition to tea leaves, various blends may contain chamomile, thornberry, licorice root, and any number of other herbs that are understood to contain nutrients and minerals that are good for the body in some manner. Even simple items that are found in the kitchen pantry are used as an herbal tea. Combining two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of clover honey makes one very popular fusion. By adding these ingredients to a mug of hot water, a tasty drink is created that is understood to be an excellent energy booster. Dried peppermint leaves may also be used to create a tea that many believe is a perfect remedy for an upset stomach or a sore throat. Depending on the combination of herbs contained in the herbal tea, it is possible to buy fusions that are purported to help with insomnia, improve weakening eyesight and even aid in weight loss. A qualified herbalist can provide you with information about what herbs are best for any particular health complaint you have. Of course, the real test comes when you taste the herbal tea. No matter what the health benefits may be, chances are you will not continue to drink the fusion if it does not satisfy the taste buds. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of teas on the market today, each with their own distinctive flavor. Try out several that you think you would like. Chances are you will find several that will be right for you. For more information

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Herb Uses