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The Occupation Exhibitition at the CF-Farm Spring/Summer


Welcome to the Spring and Summer Program 2018 It is with great pleasure that we present you with another year filled with exciting, educational, and creative activities and experiences for children and adults alike. This year’s program focuses on both tradition and new initiatives. Once again, the program has been put together in close collaboration with Karensmindes Venner, Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner, the Billund Municipal Libraries, and the museum. Over the course of the first few months of 2018, the extensive renovation of the roof at Karensminde will be finished. We are very much looking forward to seeing the result that will bring the farm’s exterior back to former glory. 2018 is also the year, when we will move forward in developing the new Museum Center Karensminde, where Billund Municipality will gather all museum activity over the next few years. It is an exciting and visionary project, decided by the City Council in the spring of 2017. We look forward to welcoming you to hopefully many wonderful experiences in 2018. Best regards, Ole Bisbjerg Head of Libraries, Citizen Service, and Museums in Billund Municipality

You can follow the project – and all of our activities on: 2

Billund Municipality’s Museums is a state authorised museum of cultural history placed in Southern Jutland. The museum administration office is in Grindsted at the Magion Library. The main subject of the museum is cultural history in recent years in Billund Municipality with a strong focus on agricultural history, industrial history, the development of the railway town, and tourism. Administration Billund Municipality’s Museums Tinghusgade 15 · 7200 Grindsted Phone.: 79 72 74 90 · Email:


Museum Center Karensminde Museum Center Karensminde is a unique, active, and living agricultural museum where you can experience Danish farming life as it was in the period between 1920 and 1950. The farm is an amazing time capsule as is the beautiful surrounding nature. As a visitor you will have an excellent opportunity to follow everyday farming life through a series of experiences and activities. A visit to Karensminde is like stepping into another time. You can go exploring all over the farm and in the many rooms of the farmhouse, where a story from the old days hides in every nook and cranny - or you can visit the exhibition building and dive deeper into the history.

Is Your Name Karen?

If you share a name with the farm, you have free entrance to Museum Center Karensminde. There has always been a Karen on the farm. You can still meet the last Karen, Karen Søgård, in the farmhouse of the old farm, and she tells the story of how the farm got its name way back in 1914 in reminiscence of all the Karens. All you have to do is show us your ID when you visit, admission is free, and we’ll give you a name badge to wear throughout your visit. 4

Activities Through the Seasons During the year, Karensminde is buzzing with activities for the whole family. You can go to the wood shop where you can make toys from the old days, the blacksmith where you can make horseshoes and other iron tools, or you can paint eggs and make potato prints in the living room. Why not try your hands at making soup or jam in the kitchen? You can also visit the exhibition building where we have our temporary exhibitions. Our volunteers are more than happy to talk about their work and share stories of the farm’s history. They can tell you about how work was on the farm and about the people who lived on the farm. Pack a lunch, see the exhibitions, and enjoy a day with your family filled with great experiences.

Creative Workshop All Special Activity Days From 10am - 3.30pm

On any special activity day, we open up our creative workshop. This is where children and adults can test their creative abilities with everything from stone painting, rope braiding, and wool work, making candles from bees wax, glass mosaics, leather wallets, tin moulding, and much more. We always have one reccurring and one new activity in the creative workshop – join us and create your own beautiful crafts. Note: We do not open the creative workshop on Spring Day. 5

From Earth to Table The exhibition building is where you can experience our temporary exhibition “From Earth to Table� where you will need all your senses. There are things you simply must touch, listen to, and experience with your family and friends. The exhibition is a great way of experiencing what life was like in the countryside in the years between 1920 and 1950. Through digital communication, you will have the opportunity to experience history up close and personal - and even kick-start your own memories.


Get Close to the Animals

At Museum Center Karensminde, there are plenty of opportunities to get close to the animals. For example, you can help gather eggs from the hen house. Take a walk in the stables and see the pig – she often has piglets. You can pet the bunnies snuggling in their cages, or feed the goats – they are always hungry for some fresh grass. When we hitch our big Jutland Horses to the carriage, you can come along on a carriage ride through the fields.

The Occupation Exhibition CF-Farm Billund Municipality’s Museums have a large collection of objects from the occupation during WWII. A small portion is on display at the CF-farm and shows daily life and special occasions during the time of war in Grindsted. The exhibition gives an insight to the resistance movement, railway sabotage, illegal magazines, rationing, and much more. In the Gestapo office and the internment camp, you will learn how the German forces executed their power.


Special Activity Days

9th April 5th May See p. 20 and 27

In the living room and in the kitchen, you can see how people managed daily life in a time of blackout, control, shortage of goods and rationing. The exhibition also contains a small shop filled with rationed goods – so many things to see and experience!

The Occupation Exhibition is only Open on Special Activity Days or by Appointment only. For more information, see last page of program.


Billund Municipality’s Museums and Billund Libraries The administration of Billund Municipality’s Museums is located at the Magion Library in Grindsted. Therefore, some of our activities take place at the library or have its starting point there. Furthermore, the museum has made collaboration with Billund Libraries. This means that we often join forces to create exhibitions and activities.


Book Exchange

Bring a book from the shelf at home to Museum Center Karensminde. Billund Libraries have brought a case of discarded library books and if you find a book, you want to read, simply exchange your book for a “new� one. Should you fall in love with more than one book, or if you do not have a book with you, the price for a book is DKK 10.


Activity Calendar

An Evening of Handwork and Stories

5th February at 7pm Museum Center Karensminde

Join us for a cosy evening of singing together, storytelling, and try your hands with old-fashioned crafts – just like they did it back then on the farm during winter. The “hygge” is guaranteed. Sign-up at


Winter Holidays

10th - 18th February Museum Center Karensminde

Activities all Days in the Winter Holidays 10th -18th February

When spring comes around so do all the baby animals! Therefore, you can try our animal run where you get to meet all the farm animals and old breeds of domestic animals. Get smarter while you play. There will of course be time for cuddling with the animals and giving them a treat. You can also work with animals in the creative workshop. Can you draw an animal, you saw on the farm? Or maybe the animal you love the most? Can you draw an imaginary animal?


Activity Calendar

Winter Holidays

Special Activity Days 13th and 14th February

Beer Brewing

13th February at 10.30am Museum Center Karensminde We are brewing beer like in the old days! With our old recipes, the beer tastes just like it did back then. You can purchase the newly brewed beer and buy our very special Karensminde Ale. Get inspired to brew your own beer, expand your knowledge, and give your taste buds a real treat.


Pancake Day

14th February from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde On the great Pancake Day, we invite you to eat all the pancakes you can. We are serving up all kinds of pancakes in the coffee room. How much do you know about pancakes? We will have a pancake quiz – maybe you are the smartest in your family!

Activity Calendar

The Occupation as Seen Through Historical Objects

1st March at 7.30pm Meeting Room 2, Free Entrance Magion Library

The museum has handpicked a series of objects from the time of occupation and asked both internal and external people to come and tell a story connected to the object. Some might tell about that period in Denmark in general – from others we will get personal stories from the closest perspective.


Lecture: Local, Historical Crime Mysteries

15th March at 7.30pm Meeting Room 2, Free Entrance Magion Library Even though the area surrounding Grindsted has been sparsely inhabited, there have been many mysterious and thrilling events. The early history of the area is written by outlaws, smugglers, gypsies, and nobility fallen from grace. Our registrar, Carsten Sander Christensen, will shed new light to the different crime stories from the area – or those committed by people with great significance to the area.


Activity Calendar


17th March 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

Want to try scrapping? This craft is all about folding, cutting, and putting together paper and other materials in new ways to make art. We have scrap enthusiasts visiting, and they will give us all the tips and tricks and show us their work. If you are a scrapper, you can sign up at We have arranged for our guests to participate in a workshop, where you can make your own layered cards. 18


27th March from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

We want to decorate the farm for Easter, so we invite you to make Easter decorations from creative patterns and recipes. We paint Easter eggs and it is up to you to decide how to decorate your egg with colours and patterns. The Easter bunny has visited the farm and dropped many eggs on the farm and by the buildings and animals – join the egg race and help us find all the eggs.

The library and the Museum join forces to exhibit the history of Easter to all citizens who drop by. Get the historical view through sources, objects, texts, and books – and get inspired to make your own Easter traditions and decorations with the many books, the library has on the subject. Exhibition from 12th March - 6th April at Magion Library.


Activity Calendar

Three Exciting Stories from the Occupation

9th April from 4pm - 8pm CF-farm

We invite you to an exciting evening of three stories connected to three separate objects in the collection. Meanwhile we offer coffee substitute and war macaroons. We tell the stories at 5pm and again at 7pm. Experience the time of occupation in a different way and explore the exhibition on this special historical date.


When Grandma Was Young 15th April from 10am - 12am Magion Library The children’s library and the museum invite all children and their grandparents to a morning in the good old days, when grandma was young. Stories and fun activities fill the day – try games from way back then and discover what life was like. Come out to play – just like grandma and grandpa did, when they were children.

The event is free, but children and adults alike are required to have a ticket. You can order your tickets from the library website:


Activity Calendar

Spring Day

29th April from 10am – 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

Spring day is a very special day at the farm. This year, model airplane enthusiasts are here to show us their beautiful planes and take them for a spin. Spring Day is also laundry day! On the farm, this is done by hand. It takes muscle power – are you up for it?!


Shearing the Sheep 11am

We need to shear the sheep. At 11am we start shearing the thick wool. At the same time, you can see how the wool is processed. We will demonstrate grafting of the apple trees and provide useful information you can use in your own garden. More on next page.


Activity Calendar

Letting the Cows out to Graze 1pm

It is time to let the cows out of the stables so they can enjoy the wonderful spring. We are preparing all day – and we invite you to help us! When the cows are let out to graze, they jump and dance for joy – they have been waiting for this day all winter. A wonderful sight enjoyed by young and old.


Touring the Nature

3rd May from 7pm – 9pm Museum Center Karensminde Nature ranger Peer Høgsbjerg will take us on a walk through the nature surrounding Karensminde. This particular nature is very interesting and we will experience forest, heath, Grindsted Stream, meadow irrigation systems and agriculture. All these natural elements hold unique stories and animal life. During this tour, we will also unwrap the interesting story of Karensminde.


Activity Calendar

Memorial Service

4th May at 7pm Grindsted Church

We will mark the 73rd anniversary of the Danish Liberation with a memorial service, community singing and a historical presentation. The memorial begins at 7pm on the cemetery by Grindsted church, where we shall lay wreaths on the memorial site and sing a hymn. After this, there will be a memorial service in the church. After the service, you can attend a historical presentation in the church house, where Jørgen Eeg Sørensen will talk about his father, Mogens Eeg Sørensen, who was with the resistance movement during the war. The museum will provide stories from life during the occupation based on historical sources. Everyone is welcome. Free Entrance. Organiser: Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner, Billund Municipality’s Museums and Grindsted Church.


A Guided Tour of the Occupation Exhibition 5th May from 10am - 4pm Free Entrance CF-Farm

Join the tour of the occupation collection, where we will learn about many aspects of WWII in Grindsted. We will talk about railway sabotage, daily life, the German occupants, and the resistance. Discover the exciting local history of Grindsted through sources and objects.


Activity Calendar

Open-air Service

25th May at 4.30pm Museum Center Karensminde Everyone is welcome to our annual open-air church service where the sermon has a special theme. There will be music and song and afterwards you can buy soup or grilled sausages - and of course coffee and tea. It is a very special experience to gather under the open sky and share wise words and a nice meal.



Magion Library Entrance

Themed Bike Ride about the History of Meadow Irrigation 30th May at 6.30pm, Free Magion Library

Join us as we bike through 150 years of meadow irrigation. We go via Vesterbrogade to the meadows near Karensminde. Det Danske Hedeselskab (The Danish Moor Society) primarily promoted the meadow irrigation, as the company prompted the building of countless meadow irrigation channels in the area. We follow the channels and stop along the way to hear about Enrico Dalgas, the importance of the meadow through the ages, and the significance of the landscape for the area.


Activity Calendar

Mini-Exhibition about Superstition

1st June - 1st July Magion Library

Once again, the Museum and the library has worked together and created a small exhibition – this time about superstition. You can experience the Jutland pottery, ancient herbs, and other objects! Dive deeper into the world of superstition through the books in the library – or experience a world of fantasy fiction, you never knew before.


Across the Food Map

1st June from 6pm - 9pm Museum Center Karensminde

The museum would like to invite all international citizens as well as locals in Billund Municipality to an evening of exploring tastes. By cooking, we explore all parts of the world; we will cook with and for each other. The museum will contribute with old-fashioned Danish home cooking. In the process, we will talk about the Danish society and Billund Municipality in general. We ask everyone to each bring a dish you can bring it from home or cook it at Karensminde. You can show up without a dish – then the entrance fee is DKK 50. Sign-up at


Activity Calendar

Garden and Hobby Fair

10th June from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

Visit our garden and hobby fair and discover a world of plants and crafts. There will be booths with plants, seeds, exciting recipes from the garden, large machines for gardening, and much more.


We will demonstrate different crafts – such as wickerwork and paper modelling. There will be lectures about gardening, where you can get new inspiration for your own garden and planting. It will be a day for the whole family.


Activity Calendar

Midsummer’s Eve

23rd June at 6pm Museum Center Karensminde

As per Danish tradition, we light the bonfire, sing the Midsummer Song, and send the witch to Brocken Mountain. At 6.45pm, there will be entertainment in the courtyard – what it is will be a surprise! At 8.30pm, we light the bonfire and listen to hear if the witch screams, as she flies off. There will also be a bonfire speech.


Meet the Animals

Every Day, all of July Museum Center Karensminde The Animals are Fed at 2.30pm Every Day in July Meet-up: Stables.

During the month of July, you may help feed the animals and take care of them. You will get close when we feed the animals in the stables and you may lend us a hand to collect the eggs from the chickens. You may also pet the rabbits and feed the goats and the sheep.


Activity Calendar

License to Pet

2nd and 3rd July from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde Do you have a pet at home? Or are you considering getting one? Then a License to Pet from Karensminde is what you need. We will teach you how to feed the animals, correct lifting, what to be careful of when playing with them, and much more. You will receive a license as proof of your new-found practical knowledge of having a pet.

Shearing the Sheep

8th and 10th July Museum Center Karensminde

11.30am and 1.30pm

It is time to shear the sheep! When the shepherd has gathered the sheep, we catch a few who are ready to have their thick woollen fur sheared. The sheep are sheared at 11.30 and 1.30. In the courtyard, the yarn ladies are ready to spin the wool to yarn and show you how to colour the yarn using plant dye to make beautiful colours.

Berries, Bees and Carrom 17th and 18th July from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

The berries in our garden are ripe and sweet – and ready to be made into jam. There might even be a few berries left over to taste. Our bee keepers will spin the honey so it’s ready to be put in jars, and in the barn you can learn how to play carrom from skilled supervisors.


Activity Calendar

Butter and Cheese

24th and 25th July from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

On the farm we make our dairy products the old-fashioned way. We pour the soured cream into the butter churner – and let our muscles do the work! Anyone can follow the process, from pouring the cream into the churner, to kneading the butter and packing it. You can even try churning the butter yourself! It takes hard work and strong arms – be prepared to use those muscles!.


Experience the Old Crafts

29th and 31st July 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde

We have gathered a group of talented wood artisans. A carver shows us how to use an axe to carve the prettiest things. He also shows us how to use different irons to carve the wood. The upholsterer is also visiting and will demonstrate his fine art. We will make bird’s houses, apple boxes, and many other things in the wood shop all day – come join the fun!


Activity Calendar

The Harvest

5th and 7th August from 10am - 4pm Museum Center Karensminde We revive the old fashion harvest and everyone is involved -the farm will be buzzing with activity and excitement.


At 11 o’clock, the farm hands go to the field where they reap the grain with scythes. The maids walk behind and gather the grain stalks in reaves. The strong Jutland Horses pull the wagon, helping in the field. Finally, our tiny Ferguson and small harvester get to work. Sunday, a group of folk dancers join the harvest day and invite you all to join the dance. The harvest days are always a couple of joyous – and tiresome - days on the farm.


Activity Calendar

Themed Bike Ride with Stories from Grindsted Valley, Hinnum, and the Hidden Farm in Dalsø

22nd August at 6.30 pm, Free Magion Library


Magion Library Entrance

Billund Municipality’s Museums host a bike ride on this late summer evening through the landscape of superstition east of Grindsted. Animation of nature was common for thousands of years in the area. Superstition is an important part of the Grindsted area and the history of the area.


We will learn about the sunken farm in Dalsø, how Rækker Bjerge arose, and other troll stories. We will meet the different inhabitants in the landscape; hear about the lake and marsh and their mythical significance, and learn about how they tried to predict the weather 200 years ago.

The Triangle Region’s Festival Week and the International Kids Culture Days

24th August – 2nd September Once again, the Museum – along with the libraries, join the International Children’s Culture Days in Billund. The festivities start 24th August. The focus is on play, learning, and creativity during this colourful and fun weekend, where cultures meet and magic happens. In connection with the Triangle Region’s Festival Week, we are planning an event in Grindsted. Separate program to come at:


Ideas for the New Museum Center

WORKSHOP Citizen Involvement

We want to gather all museum activities at the Museum Center Karensminde. We have great ambitions for the new center, which will contain three areas with separate themes: agricultural history in recent years, industrial history, and history of tourism. The three themes are presented using the most innovative technology and communication. We will need creative input and brave ideas! We would like input from citizens in Billund Municipality to classify the needs for the new museum and think the great thoughts on how we can make the Museum Center interesting and relevant to all. Billund Municipality’s Museums would like to invite the citizens of Billund Municipality to an exciting evening, where anyone has the opportunity to influence the experiences, the new Museum Center will offer. For further information about future workshops and and project development, please visit the Museum website:


Your Life in Perspective – Photographic Stories from Grindsted and Surroundings

Billund Municipality’s Museums, Grindsted Archives, and the Billund Libraries started collaboration in 2016 with the purpose of digitalising and communicating Lund’s collection of photographs. The collection contains an estimated 170,000 photographs from 1907-1983. It is an extraordinary source of knowledge about the development of modernism – about changes in culture, traditions, interior decoration, family patterns, and fashion in dress, hair, and more. The vast extend and geographical spread of the collection gives us a unique look into the communal development in Grindsted and the surrounding areas from village on the moor, to railway center, and on to industrial town. Selected photographs are displayed on If you know some of the people or locations, you can post your own story on the website. This way, you can contribute to the ongoing communication of the Lund collection.


Volunteer Societies Karensmindes Venner (Friends of Karensminde) The Society ”Karensmindes Venner” plays an active part in running the museum farm in collaboration with Billund Minucipality’s Museums. The volunteers take care of the animals on a daily basis, run the kitchen and workshops on activity days and perform minor repairs and maintenance of buildings. You can read more about this society at:

Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner (Friends of the Occupation Collection) The society Besættelsessamling Grindsted Venner, in collaboration with Billund Municipality’s Museums, conveys the history of the occupation period in and around Grindsted. The society and the museum have a number of events connected to the occupation collection, located at the Civil Defense Headquarters. The society’s primary aim is to bring the occupation collection into the light and preserve the memory of the occupation period for future generations. Du can read more on the society’s website:

Thanks! The Museum would like to thank all our collaborators and volunteers, who play a big part in creating the many interesting activities we can present in the spring and summer of 2018. A big thanks goes to photographers Anette Sofia Svejstrup and Kaare Sandal Nissen for kindly contributing their pictures to the program. 46


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Special Activity Days Museum Center Karensminde CF-Farm Magion Library Other Locations

Opening Hours Spring and Summer 2018 Museum Center Karensminde Agricutlural history dating from ca. 1920 to 1950s, industrial history and the development of the railway town as well as tourism Morsbølvej 102 · 7200 Grindsted February Open Winter Holiday, 10th–18th 10 –16 March April May

Open Holidays and Weekends

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10 –16 10 –16 10 –16 10 –16

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Adults DKK 40, u/18 Free. Entrance fee is higher for the Garden Fair. Group Discount 50 % to groups of 10+ people (not Garden Fair ). Guided Tour DKK 350 Tours must be booked by calling +45 79 72 74 90 at least 10 days prior to visit. Activities in the creative workshops DKK 5–25.

The Occupation Exhibition at the CF-Farm The exhibition is open on 9th April and 5th May, Free entrance. Open by appointment, call +45 79 72 74 90 Hedemarken 16 · 7200 Grindsted

Magion Library Administration for Billund Municipality’s Museums Tel +45 79 72 74 90 · E-mail Tinghusgade 15 · 7200 Grindsted

Changes may apply.

Find more information about special activity days inside the program.

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Program 2018 spring summer eng  

Activity Calendar for Museumscenter Karensminde, Denmark