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Museum Center Karensminde Programme for Autumn & Winter


Welcome to the Autumn & Winter Seasons It is with great pleasure, that we can present an exciting and versatile programme in the coming season, filled with creative, educational and fun experiences and activities for children and adults of all ages. The programme contains both tradition and renewals and is yet again put together in close collaboration with our volunteers from Karensminde and the Occupation Collection in Grindsted, as well as the Billund Libraries. The highlights of this programme are, amongst others, the Historical Agricultural Show and Veteran Motor Vehicle Exhibit in September and the Christmas Market in December. We will put all our energy into it and the farm will be buzzing with life, happy visitors and historical activities. Finally, we are very proud to be able to present a unique, special exhibition in December and January. In collaboration with the Danmarks Radio (DR), we will give our visitors an opportunity to explore the design, scenography – indeed, the entire universe from this year’s exciting TV Christmas Calendar! And I can promise you already, that it will be a very special experience for you and your family. In the autumn of 2018, the museum will begin the proces of expanding on Karensminde, building a new museum center for the entire municipality in the years to come. It is an exciting and visionary project, which you can follow closely on our website. I look forward to welcoming you to many great experiences with Billund Municipality’s Museums. With kind regards, Ole Bisbjerg Head of Libraries, Citizen Service and Museums in Billund Municipality 2

Billund Municipality’s Museums is a state authorised museum of cultural history, located in Southern Jutland. The main subject of the museum is the recent cultural history in Billund Municipality, with a strong focus on agricultural history, industrial history, the development of the railway town and tourism. Furthermore, the museum has a large collection with approx. 12,000 obejcts from the time of occuation. News and updates on our website or


Museum Center Karensminde Museum Center Karensminde is an active agricultural museum, where Danish farming life as it was in the period between 1920 and 1950 comes alive. The farm is an outstanding time capsule, as is the beautiful surrounding nature. As a visitor, you will have an excellent opportunity to follow everyday farming life through a series of experiences and activities. A visit to Karensminde is like stepping into another time. You can go exploring all over the farm and in the many rooms of the farmhouse, where stories from the old days hide in every nook and cranny.

Is Your Name Karen?

If you share a name with the farm, you will gain free entrance to Museum Center Karensminde. Since 1773, there has always been a Karen on the farm. The last Karen, Karen Søgürd (born 1929), tells us that the farm got its name back in 1914 in reminiscence of all the Karens that have lived there. All you have to do is show us your ID when you visit, and you will be granted free admission. 4

Activities Through the Seasons During the year, Karensminde is buzzing with activities for the whole family. You can go to the woodshop, where you can make toys from the old days; the blacksmith where you can make iron hearts and tools; or you can get creative with textile printing or glass mosaics in the creative workshop. Why not visit the kitchen for a taste of the delicacies cooking on the old cast iron stove? Our volunteers and museum staff are happy to talk about their work and share stories of the farm’s history. They can tell you about how work was done on the farm and about the many interesting people who have lived on the farm. Pack a lunch, see the exhibitions and enjoy a day with your family filled with great experiences.

The Creative Workshop Special Activity Days 10am–3.30pm

On the special activity days, we open up our creative workshop. This is where children and adults alike can try their abilities with various creative crafts. The activities will vary and are adapted to the theme of the activity day. You can find the creative workshop in the old carriage house.


The Smithy

Special Activity Days On a cold day, you can warm your hands by the furnace in the smithy. Here, the children can work with the blacksmith and make a small iron heart on the anvil. The smithy was built in 1992 and is run by Karensmindes Venner, the Karensminde Volunteers.

The Wood Shop

Special Activity Days

Bang, bang, bang! This noise tells you that you are approaching the wood shop. Here, the children can build wooden toys themselves with hammer and nails. It is also possible to purchase lovely nest boxes and homemade apple crates. 6

The Horse Carriage Special Activity Days

On special activity days, the whole family can relax whilst being driven around the farm in the museum’s horse carriage. The carriage is pulled by big workhorses of an old Jutland breed. On this trip you will see the fields, heath landscapes and the small forest. During the winter months, you could be lucky to take a trip with the sleigh, but only if the snow falls are heavy.


The Main House

Special Activity Days The main house is usually buzzing on special activity days. In the kitchen, there is a fire going in the old cast iron stove and you can get a taste of the food, cooked from old recipes. In December, you can be sure to experience the smell of freshly baked Christmas biscuits, coming from the kitchen. In the pantry, you can see how the shelves were decorated in the old days and how the kitchen utensils and service looked like, back when people were living on the farm. In the living room, you will experience some of the old crafts that women occupied their time with; weaving, bobbin lace and knitting among others.


The oldest parts of the main house are from the mid-19th century. However, some remodelling has been done over the course of time. The present dĂŠcor, with furnishings, is from the late 1930s. Electricity was installed at Karensminde in 1939, as shown by the petroleum lamps turned electrical.

The Café (Kaffestuen) Special Activity Days

The café is open on special activity days. Here, you can enjoy a nice, home cooked meal, an open cheese sandwich or coffee and cake. In the kitchen, the food is cooked from old recipes, focusing on the season’s vegetables, fruits and berries that grow on the farm.

The Barn

Special Activity Days In the barn, you will find the famous waffle café, with the popular Karensminde waffles. Enjoy these soft and crunchy waffles, while enjoying the film A Year at Karensminde. You are also welcome to enjoy your packed lunch in the barn.


Meet the Animals

At Museum Center Karensminde, there are plenty of opportunities to get close to the animals. Some days you can help gather the eggs from the hen house or take a walk in the stables and see the pigs – they often have piglets. You can pet the bunnies, snuggling in their cages, or meet the goats who are always hungry for some fresh grass. When we hitch our big Jutland Horses to the carriage, you can come along on a carriage ride through the fields and the heath.

The Occupation Collection CF-gården Billund Municipality’s Museums have a large collection of approximately 12,000 items from the occupation of Denmark during WWII. The size of the collection ranks it in the top three of Denmark and shows daily life and special events during German occupation of Grindsted. In the CF-gården, a small portion of the collection is exhibited. The exhibition gives an insight into the resistance, railway sabotage, illegal magazines, rationing, and much more. Furthermore, you can see a replica of a Gestapo office and a presentation of a cell in a prison camp.


Special Activity Days

7th October 18th November See page 19 and 24-25

In the living room and the kitchen, you can see how people managed daily life during the occupation, in a time of blackout, control, shortage of goods and rationing. The exhibition also contains a small shop, filled with rationed goods.

The Occupation Exhibition is Only Open on Activity Days or by Prior Appointment For more information, please see last pages of the programme.


Activity Calendar

Historical Agricultural Show and Veteran Motor Vehicle Exhibit

9th September 9.30am-4pm Museum Center Karensminde

Experience the tradition-filled, historical agriculture show and see old Danish farm breeds. The animals will be accredited and presented in the Ring. The Broholmer Society organise its own dog show. The veteran motor vehicle exhibit is filled with old cars, tractors and motorcycles. Have a chat about horsepower and hood ornaments. In the afternoon, all the veteran vehicles will be presented in the Ring. In the barn, you will find stalls with with delicatessen, crafts and needlework. 14

As a special treat this year, world-renowned chef Per Mandrup, who is a passionate soul within the world of gastronomy, joins us. Per Mandrup will cook dishes with lamb meat from old farm breeds. Sponsored by:

Entrance Adults 60 DKK Children u/ 18 years Free Entrance


Activity Calendar

The Museum Celebrates its 95th Anniversary 27th September 2pm-5pm Museum Center Karensminde Free Entrance Billund Municipality’s Museum cordially invites you to coffee and cake on the occasion of the Museum’s 95th anniversary. At this event, the museum’s personnel will talk about the future plans for the collections, as well as research and the focus areas: agriculture, industry and tourism. This occasion also opens up to the possibility for our guests to gain some knowledge on some of the items and antiquities they own. So clear out your drawers, search your garage or turn over the attic for stuff that you would like to know more about or show off – the museum’s specialist personnel are available for a chat about the items. It will also be possible to donate one or more itmes to the museum’s collections for future guests to enjoy.


Tour of the Warehouse and Town of Vorbasse 29th September 1pm Meeting Point: Lille Østergaard, Østergade 59 in Vorbasse Free Entrance

The tour begins at 1pm, in the museum’s warehouse in Vorbasse, where a large part of our collection is stored. The museum’s personnel will give a tour of the warehouse. From the warehouse, we will meet at the town’s church, which is the starting point of the town tour. On this tour, you will hear about markets and street performances in the history of Vorbasse. The town tour is concluded at the Parish House, at around 3pm. The museum will host an afternoon tea. While we enjoy our coffee, curator Marianne Sørensen will give a talk about the museum’s collections and storage facilities. Please sign up by contacting Billund Municipality’s Museums: e-mail: or by phone: +45 7972 7490 Deadline for signup is 24th September by 12 noon. There will be a limited number of participants. In collaboration with Vorbasse Lokalhistoriske Arkiv (Local Historic Archive). 17


Activity Calendar

Try a Day of Self-sufficient Farm Life

- and Experience History in an Authentic Environment

6th October 8am Course for the Whole Family at Museum Center Karensminde Price adults 550 DKK Children u/ 18 years 350 DKK Take a step back in time and experience how daily life was in the countryside before the advance of technology. Help us take care of the animals, and join us in the fields and the kitchen garden. You can also try to slaughter a hen and cook on the old cast iron stove in the kitchen. We will enjoy our food together in the old dining room. It will be a day at Karensminde, filled with entertainment and learning where the family is in focus. For more information, please visit, where you can sign-up. There will be a limited number of participants. In collaboration with LOF and Karensmindes Venner.


Anniversary for the Arrest of Resistance Members 7th October 10am-4pm Free Entrance CF-gården

Archive photo: Welcoming the surviving concentration camp prisoners. Mogens Eg Sørensen and Mogens Høirup on the stairs of Varde Bank, during the homecoming festivities on 17th May 1945.

We commemorate the members of the local resistance, who were arrested in and around Grindsted in October 1944. Several of them lost their lives in German concentration camps, while others returned home, marked by their experiences. CF-gården will be open and there will be tours of the exhibition with stories about the local resistance. Wartime biscuits and coffee substitute (Ersatz Coffee) will be served. In collaboration with Besættelsessamling Grindsted Venner. For more information, please visit: and (Danish only) 19

Activity Calendar

Autumn Holidays Special Activity Days 16th, 17th and 18th October

On all three activity days you can help harvest potatoes and turnips in the fields. Carve your own turnip lamp in the creative workshop.

Beer Brewing, Apple Juice and Poultry 16th October 10am-4pm Museum Center Karensminde In the laundry room of the main house, we brew beer from old recipes. You can sample and buy the Karensminde Ale. The brewing starts at 10.30am. You can also watch the weavers make textiles on their looms. The whole family can join when we press fresh apple juice from the apples in the garden. This day we slaughter some chicken for soup.


Slaughter Day

17th October 10am–4pm Museum Center Karensminde Watch how pigs were slaughtered in the old days. We will slaughter the pig at 11am. In the old carriage house the butcher will show how the pig is cut up. We will make traditional Danish sausages (medisterpølse) and blood sausages from old recipes.


Activity Calendar

Soup and Apple Juice

18th October 10am–4pm Museum Center Karensminde

On this chilly October day, the museum’s kitchen holds a soup buffet. From 12 noon, you can taste a variety of soups, made from recipes in old cookbooks. Buy a meal ticket with your entrance for 60 DKK. You can see how fresh apple juice is made and have a taste - an activity for the whole family!


The Pollution of Grindsted in Documentary

Lecture with Michael Graversen 16th November 7pm Kulturhuset Grindsted Kino Entrance 40 DKK

Photographer: Michael Drost Hansen

The award-winning documentarist Michael Graversen grew up in Grindsted and in 2006, he directed the film Jorden er giftig (a pun on the Danish version of the game The Floor is Lava, which literally translates as the ground is polluted), which sparked a debate on a national level about the underground in Grindsted. Michael Graversen will show clips from his films and talk about his method, where he himself, to a large extend, participates in his documentaries – and the pros and cons of this approach. He will also talk about how to change the reality through stories and why documentaries are more important now than ever in a time where fake news and social media are prevelant. Danish will be the main language spoken on this evening. In collaboration with Folkeuniversitetet, Kulturhuset Grindsted Kino and Billund Libraries. 23

Activity Calendar

War Memorial Guide

18th November 2pm-4pm Kirkehuset, Grindsted Church Free Entrance On the birthday of Erik Brandt Christensen, a War Memorial Guide will be published. The guide records the locations in Billund Municipality, where commemorative markers for persons or events during the Occupation have been raised. Erik Brandt Christensen, who died 11 May 2018, was the initiator and driving force behind the Occupation Collection in Grindsted. On this day, we will honour his memory. After some afternoon tea, we will take a short walk to the churchyard, where you can hear about the commemorative markers raised there.


The War Memorial Guide will be available on request hereafter. Please enquire by contacting Billund Municipality’s Museums. This event is in collaboration with Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner (The Volunteers for the Occupation Collection) and Grindsted Church. The guide has been produced in collaboration with Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner and Hærhjemmeværnet, Distrikt sydøstjylland HDSEJ (Home Guard).


Activity Calendar

Special Exhibition DR Christmas Calendar 2018 1st December - 3rd Februrary Museum Center Karensminde Increased entrance fee for adults Free entrance for children u/ 18 years In December, we open the doors of an extraordinary experience at Museum Center Karensminde, as we host the special exhibition for the Christmas Calendar, aired by the Danmarks Radio (DR). At this point, we can only reveal that this year’s Christmas Calendar will be a grand fairy tale for the entire family, filled with magic, mysterious creatures and marvellous landscapes. However, we can already now tell you that it will be a unique experience, when the exhibition building is transformed into a submersive exhibition, with scenography, visual and sound effects as well as the original costumes and props, which gives you the opportunity to experience the magical universes from the Christmas Calendar up close.


Opening Hours All Days in December 10am-4pm (except holidays) January and February open Saturdays and Sundays 10amp-4pm

In connection with the exhibition, there will be a series of cultural events for children and adults alike. You can stay updated on the many exciting activities connected to the Christmas Calendar at: At the Magion Library and Billund Library, you will have the opportunity to see a mini exhibition, with original props from the Christmas Calendar and find inspiration for lending books about the themes, that the TV-show presents. The special exhibition on the DR Christmas Calendar is sponsored by Billund Municipality.


Activity Calendar

Christmas Market

8th and 9th December 10am-4pm Museum Center Karensminde As per tradition, this year’s Christmas market is filled with hygge. Christmas trees, decorations, crafts and needlework in abundance, set the mood for a fantastic ambience.


Apart from crafts, you can also find stalls with delicacies such as sausages, jams, cheese, smoked fish and more. On this day, Santa Claus visits Karensminde, and plays host for family activities in the barn, where you will also find a Christmas café with æbleskiver (Danish doughnut) and Glögg (mulled wine). During the month of December, you can visit the farm, the animals and the main house, which will be decorated for Christmas.


Activity Calendar

An Evening of Tales & Stories: Twelfth Night

7th January 7pm Entrance incl. Coffee and Cake 60 DKK Museum Center Karensminde We meet for a cosy evening of songs and storytelling, just as they did in old times during the winter in the countryside. These evenings will have a theme that the stories are based on. The theme for the evening will be published on the museum’s website. On this night, you can hear the story of the Twelfth Night candle, amongst others. As seating is limited, sign-up is necessary. Please write to Stories will be in Danish.


An Evening of Tales & Stories: Michaelmas

4th February 7pm Entrance incl. Coffee and Cake 60 DKK Museum Center Karensminde

We meet for a cosy evening of songs and storytelling, just as they did in old times during the winter in the countryside. On this night you can hear the story about Michaelmas, amongst others. The theme for the evening will be published on the museum’s website. As seating is limited, sign-up is necessary. Please write to Stories will be in Danish.


Activity Calendar

Winter Holidays

The farm is open 9th-17th February Special Activity Days 12th and 13th February

Beer Brewing and Animal Quiz

12th February 10am-4pm Museum Center Karensminde Experience how to brew beer as in the old days, and have a taste as well. The children can participate in the animal quiz and get to meet all the farm animals and hopefully spring’s first animal babies.


Pancake Day

13th February 10am-4pm Museum Center Karensminde The tradition-filled pancake day, where you can fill your tummy with savoury and sweet pancakes – or waffles, if you like. Challenge your family in the pancake quiz or try some of the old games.


Volunteer Societies Karensmindes Venner Karensminde Volunteers Karensmindes Venner plays an active part in running the museum farm, in collaboration with Billund Municipality’s Museums. The volunteers own and help with the care of the animals on a daily basis, they run the kitchen, the woodshop and the smithy on activity days, as well as work in the fields, do repair work and minor maintenance of the buildings. You can read more about this society on the website: (Danish only).

Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner

The Volunteers for the Occupation Collection Besættelsessamling Grindsteds Venner relates the history of the occupation period in and around Grindsted, in collaboration with Billund Municipality’s Museums. The society and the museum have a number of events connected to the Occupation Collection, located at the old Civil Defense Headquarters (CF-gården) The society’s primary aim is to bring the Occupation Collection into the light and preserve the memory of the German occupation for future generations. You can read more on the society’s website: (Danish only)

Thanks! We would like to thank all our collaborators and active volunteers, who play a vital role in the creation of the many exciting cultural events that we can present in the autumn and winter of 2018/2019. A special thanks to photographer Anette Sofia Svejstrup, for kindly lending us photos for this year’s programme. 34



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Special Activities Museum Center Karensminde Other loacations

Opening Hours Autumn & Winter 2018/19 Museum Center Karensminde

Agricultural history dating from ca. 1920 to 1950s, industrial history and the development of the railway town as well as tourism. Morsbølvej 102 · 7200 Grindsted September October November December

Open on weekends and 15th-21st Oct

10am –4pm 10am –4pm

Closed Open all days except holidays



Open on weekends

10am –4pm


2nd-3rd & 9th-17th

10am –4pm


Special Exhibition, DR Christmas Calendar 2018 incl. entrance to Karensminde farm Adults: Increased entrance fee Children u/ 18 years: Free entrance

The Occupation Exhibition at CF-gården The exhibition is open on 7th October, free entrance. Open by appointment, call +45 79 72 74 90 Hedemarken 16 · 7200 Grindsted

Billund Municipality’s Museums Administration Tel. +45 79 72 74 90 · Email Tinghusgade 15 · 7200 Grindsted

Changes may apply

Adults DKK 40 Children and u/ 18 Free entrance Group discount 50 %, min. 10 persons (except Agricultural Show) Guded Tour DKK 350 Tours must be booked at least 10 days prior to visit.

Programme autumn/winter 2018/2019  

Billund Municipality's Museums presents the programme for autumn and winter 2018/2019

Programme autumn/winter 2018/2019  

Billund Municipality's Museums presents the programme for autumn and winter 2018/2019