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==== ==== Want to get loads of STYLISH and UNIQUE tattoo designs that can add new color to your life?? Hurry up and visit here: ==== ==== These days, a wrist tattoo is probably one of the coolest tattoo designs that you can find. Regular people in the street and even superstars, you will notice them wearing a wrist tattoo. And so, is there any symbolism or significance when a tattoo is placed on the wrist? As with all tattoos, these figures and images placed on the wrist often means different things to many of us. In past centuries, wrist tattoos have been used to prevent disease and illnesses. Wrist tattoos were as well placed by people who voyage the seas as their protection and to guide them on the way to their location, a good example of which is the nautical star designs. There are some people who opt to have their inspiration inked on their wrists to enable them to easily look on it and inspire them when times get rough. The most crucial thing is to find a wrist design that has value to you and causes you to feel great each and every time you look at it. But before you settle your thoughts about a wrist tattoo there are several more essential things to take into account. For starters, you have to consider your ability to withstand pain. How painful is a wrist tattoo as compared with other tattoos? According to tattoo experts as well as those people who have tattoo, areas where there is thinner skin and has less flesh to cushion the needle can be more painful. Which means if your ability to tolerate pain is very low, it is probably best to think about putting your tattoo on other area your body which has more padding. Surprisingly, there are many people who claim that the pain sensation they had while having their tattoos on areas where there is thicker skin is very much the same when they had their tattoo on their wrists. Aside from the pain factor, wrist tattoos can take a longer period to recover because the area is more exposed. And due to this constant exposure, wrist tattoos may need to be refurbished years into the future in order to maintain the design's color and sharpness. The second important thing is your commitment to getting a wrist tattoo. Do you really want this? As outlined by various reports, 25% of individuals who chosen to have a wrist tattoo regret the decision right after the design is done. In comparison of all tattoos, wherever placed, lead to less remorse that wrist tattoos, with only 17% of individuals unhappy with the outcome. That being said, it is extremely important to be 100% certain before going to the tattoo shop and have a tattoo permanently inked on your wrists. And then finally, you should also know that wrist tattoos, particularly those designed with stars, closely identified with the gay and lesbian communities around the 1950's and 60's. At least you are aware about the history of this tattoo design even though old associations have practically gone away and we are now dealing with contemporary society. If you take note of these tips you can choose a special and popular design that you'll be you will end up for the years ahead of you.

==== ==== Want to get loads of STYLISH and UNIQUE tattoo designs that can add new color to your life??

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