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Executive Memo MGT/380

Executive Memo Walmart is one of the largest companies that was developed from the vision of a simple man named Sam Walton, who wished to provide a store that encompassed everything from groceries to oil changes. Walmart has grown to more than 419 billion in sales and 19.2 billion in



return for shareholders (Walmart, 2011). With a company that operates in 15 countries under 55 different names, the vision of Walmart states, “saving people money so they can live better” (Walmart, 2011, para. 2). Every company that has the longevity of Walmart must adapt to the changes in the market and that of their customers. Walmart over the years has diversified from the initial store that started in Bentonville, Arkansas and grown into Walmart, Super Center Walmart, and Sam’s Club warehouses. Walmart has adapted to these changes and continues to meet challenges with the economy and overcoming bad press about how and where their products are made. Walmart is a staple in every small town community in America, but every company has room for improvement and part of that improvement involves the willingness to change how a business is run. Below are the suggestions to improve and move the business of Walmart forward.


Week 3 team assignment executive memo