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Team Creation Paper MGT/437


Team Creation Paper

2 Team Creation Paper

Successful teams are built by selecting appropriate team members for a project and assigning specific orders to decrease the chance of conflicts arising within a team. Initiating enjoyable activities that provide employees the ability to get to know each other will build a bond and promote team unity which will also help to build the morale of the team members. Cohesiveness must be present to assure the team achieves the goals of the project. When an individual feels that he or she is truly a part of a team, more thought and consideration will be placed on completing the project. Team Member Selection In order to create a successful team, members should be selected to a project and assigned specific roles based on skill level and experience. Assigning roles based on skill level will ensure that the strengths of each member are being used to create optimal results. This will allow each team member to recognize that his or her specific work contributed rather than a mere opinion that was used to complete the task. This will also alleviate the tendency for one individual to complete the majority of an assignment. A sense of completion is important for the continued success of a team. When selecting members for a project team it is important to imply those “based on all facets of the project� (Kerzner, 2006). Therefore, each team may have a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds. It is important to learn and understand each individual's personal history to find the best possible fit to create a dynamic team environment.


Team Creation Paper


Mgt 437 week 4 individual assignment team creation paper  
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