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Accent Industries ISCOM/361

Accent Industries Accent industry is an organization located in the United States, producing items delivered directly to stores all over the world. Accent industry’s strategic programs are to become the top in the market by becoming a leader in price, ease, as well as service to its clients. The organization has developed a strategic set of goals to assist them stand out as well as contribute to international achievement. As the low cost

manufacturer, providing the perfect customer support, providing the best of quality to their clients, and the fast as well as outstanding responsiveness in the market. In this report the topic will deal with how a rules impacting supply chain administration affect the assessment of and the association with vendors, explain the concepts of buying and the supply measurement methods, select 2 buying and supply strategy tendencies, and create a balanced scorecard for buying and supply chain managements, and determine how morals and ethical decision impact the scorecard. How Laws affect Supply Chain Management and Suppliers


Iscom 361 week 5 individual assignment accent industries example