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Article Review1

Article Review Name INF/336 – Project Procurement Management

In this essay I analyzed Avery’s article called “MRO sourcing goes global. Purchasing” and identified three best observations inside it, as well as describing how a companythat I’ve worked for would improve with these practices.

Article Review2 According to Avery (2009), maintenance, repair and operations or MRO goods and services buyers at other establishments that operate worldwide are taking different strategies and are similarly successful. Some companies use locating strategies aiming at global, national, regional or local markets with industrial sources that serve customers from different areas. Other companies negotiate prices with global manufacturers and buy through third-parties from them. The article gives, as an example, United Technologies Corp. who are bearing in mindacombined supply or outsourcing method to the buy, by hiring intermediaries to take over the buying process, containing the provider’s technologies with their own.


Inf 336 week 2 assignment article review