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Religions of the World: Buddhism


Religions of the World: Buddhism


Religions of the World: Buddhism


Religions of the World: Buddhism Buddhism is a way of life and was founded in 520 BCE by Siddharta Guatama; this is the man became to be known as Buddha. Siddharta Guatama was born to a royal family as an Indian prince. He was raised in luxury and sheltered by his parents from the sick, criminal, and evil in the world. When he reached adulthood he had a dream which contained a vision that showed him the sick, the dead, the poor, and the maimed. This dream and vision was one of the main causes of the long quest that Guatama ventured upon to find inner peace. The journey ultimately led to the belief system he began, now known as Buddhism. The Buddha lived in poor, simple conditions by choice during his journey; for long periods of time he would live in the wilderness without any shelter. He learned forget the need for material possessions, the want he had towards the money and goods that he was raised with and, most importantly, he learned that letting go of the ego, or self, is the key to inner peace.


Hum 130 week 9 final project world religions report