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This week I learned that the database administrator's (DBA's) responsibilities are wide-ranging and still growing. Being a jack-of-all seems to be a prerequisite for the job. DBAs need to ensure that the database is performing optimally. If not, they need to troubleshoot and determine the best way to improve performance. Security is also of concern to the database administrator. Security has become a specialty within the database administrator's role. With threats coming from multiple areas, the DBA needs to ensure that the database is secure by monitoring user permissions and access. The discussion question with the CPU and the DBMS was interesting. When I looked further into it I came across the MonetDB which exists only in the CPU, not in memory. This makes the database much faster. The structure of the database is different than normal relational databases. Tables have two columns and are hierarchal. MonetDB uses column-store technology. This makes the database scalable without needing to invest in more hardware.

Dbm 265 week 2 summary