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Life As A Correctional Officer CRJ 303 Name Date Submitted:

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Being a correctional officer can be very stressful at times. Trying to maintain order in a facility that houses all types of offenders can be trying. Consistency is vital for a correctional officer because inmates depend on it every day. Following strict guidelines are a key in facilities that house these offenders. A correctional officer’s job is not easy to say the least. They must provide reassurance to all inmates that their facility is safe at all times. Promoting a safe environment is not only helpful to the inmates, but to the officer’s as well. Strict guidelines within the facility help maintain the order they need. These guidelines can be as simple as maintaining specific times for specific activities. The inmate expects this daily schedule to happen which makes it easier for the officer to control the inmates.


Crj 303 week 4 assignment; life as a correctional officer  
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