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Week 3 DQ 1

Please post a 150- to 200-word response to the following discussion question:

How does leadership style impact group communication? Talleyrand exemplified the power of leadership in a superb quote where it is said that it is reasonable to be more afraid of a team of 100 sheep guided by a lion than a group of 100 lions run by a sheep. Such is the power of leaders. According to Robbins & Judge (2011), leader’s guides their groups by showing a vision of the future. The leaders also group people by passing this common vision and encouraging them to overcome hurdles. A leader can effectively direct and support a team while he/she understands the whole team. A leader acts as a communicator for the whole team working as a single unit.



Com 530 week 3 dq 1  
Com 530 week 3 dq 1