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Organizational Communication Analysis Part V - Reflection and Evaluation Paper


This report concludes the 5 part analysis of the current organizational communication found in Kelsey Garden business found in Kelsey City. A recap of the aforementioned detail plans will be presented, along with a proceeding reflection and evaluation of the course of action done to improve the organizational framework of the company Kelsey Garden. These tactics will

overall foresee a glimpse of how Kelsey Garden could use various communication tools to help improve the relationships between its employees, management and stakeholders. The field of communication is considered to always be two way in a sense that there are parties involved on either side. These parties must arrive at a mutual understanding of the subject being discussed, which can be done via an interaction that involves the exchange of thoughts and ideas. And because communication is also seen as a circular process, it is known to have various stages.


Com 480 week 5 individual assignment organizational communication analysis part v reflection and eva  
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