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Organizational Communication Analysis Part II - Interpersonal and Intercultural Paper


The report details the second portion of an analysis of the organizational communication process that transpires within the Kelsey Garden, a business which manages organic gardens as well as a seasonal restaurant. Through the critique of its system of communicative

operations within the business structure, there is a glimmer of what could be in store for the business in terms of productive communication between the company and its investors, administration and workers. Communication that deals with businesses is defined as the interchange of information between two or more persons or groups of people, within a specific and predetermined structure that may or may not follow a preset procedure in conducting these exchanges. Employees as members of the organization, whether they are at the lowest rung of the business ladder, are also agents of communication within the organization. They receive and transmit information regarding the business then perform and respond accordingly. According to Sussland back in 2002, being able to forge a connection between strategic business and its execution is an important feat for organizations.


Com 480 week 2 individual assignment organizational communication analysis part ii interpersonal and  
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