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Role of Magazine Advertising in Promoting Unhealthy Body Image COM/340


2 Role of Magazine Advertising in Promoting Unhealthy Body Image

Advertising images explode color onto magazine pages, billboards, and television sets with perfectly glamorous, pencil-thin models. The ideal model figure possesses unworldly glossy legs, perfectly straight hair, and a pore-less complexion creating an unrealistic body image for young teens dreaming to “be just like them.” Airbrushing and image editing allow ads and their models to lose all imperfections; blemishes, dimples, freckles, oil – vanishing instantly. With this digital re-mastering technology experts find negative effects influencing adolescents. Depression and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating can develop, causing huge controversy on the impact of advertising ads. On one side of the controversy, experts observe the impression the images portray on the youth, and the damages it may cause. The opposing side argues the increased profitability of the advertising industry and the entertainment the ads produce, pointing out the thousands of jobs created. Explored below are the history and nature of the advertising controversy, as well as a social science perspective view offering possible explanations of social behaviors through psychological processes and how it relates to advertisements.


Com 340 week 5 lt assignment final paper and presentation  
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