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Huffman Trucking Security Risks

Huffman Trucking SR Security Risks CMGT/442


Huffman Trucking Security Risks 2

The Huffman Trucking Company was established in 1936 and has several employees that work for within the company. It operates in Los Angeles California and in many places. An election system (service number sr-ht-001) that would help in tracking of employee records and help bring out employee benefit was requested by the management. An Election System is indispensable for it allows people, students, and employees of organizations to vote for their leaders. It would guide the process of voting and in it is outlined the rules of voting and how votes are cast. In such endeavor, there are Potential Risks, Security Requirements associated with the establishment of an election system requested by Huffman Trucking Company. This paper would widely address these issues along with the mitigation of the risks.


Cmgt 442 week 2 individual assignment huffman trucking security risks