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Kudler Fine Foods IT Security Report There is an essential requirement to have a data safety plan in place in order to steer the freshly developed regular buyer program in Kudler Fine Foods. The program is meant to increase sales as well as to increase client devotion. There is the requirement in order to have a data access policy which will make sure that those who are permitted to gain access to data can do so. It is also essential to demonstrate who has accessibility to what data and who does not. If this is nicely shown in the policy, cases of illegal accessibility are decreased. Data is an essential entity to any company and therefore accessibility to data must be properly controlled. The accessibility control is effective when there is a good computer policy to steer the reliable people to handle jobs (Dhillon, 2007). The main data safety policy factors which will be required at Kudler Fine Foods to make sure that the latest regular buyer program correctly safeguards the shoppers are the Enterprise Information Security Policy (EISP). The EISP is a plan that is accountable for the variety of areas of data safety, including the “maintenance of data safety plans as well as the practices and responsibilities of end users� (Whitman, & Mattord, 2010).


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