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Common Information Security Threats Info is an important asset to an organization or a company Info is processed, saved, and distributed to the locations they are required by use of IT system and communication units. These units face risks from various sources and of different types which leads to the risks to information. Info is passed through networks which workers as well as other people depend on every day to create income for the organization (Microsoft Corporation, 2000). Dangers to info in the company are mentioned in the sections which follow: Spam: this is a main danger to electronic mail users in which emails are stuffed with undesirable as well as not-so useful items. These items contain scum items, designer goods, and plans which are impractical. Research indicates that as much as 95% of emails in our mailbox are spam and seeing that email use is an increasing trend that is damaging to the info in the company. Spam has links to websites and web pages which can lead to downloading of spyware as well as malware that is bad for organization files in their computer systems. (Gollmann, 1999).


Cmgt 400 week 2 individual assignment common information security threats  
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