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Risky Situations

Note three types of sensitive information involved with each situation. Then, note three ways each information item could be misused or harmed. For each of these, note at least one likely finding that you would include in a risk analysis report of the organization. Finally, answer the questions at the end of the table.

Situation 1 – Online Banking System Information Affected Customer details

Potential Harm (Risk) Illegal accessibility

Likely Finding in Risk Analysis Report Terminal illegal access to client account information as well as particulars.

Modification of client particulars

Hackers acquired illegal accessibility and changed client particulars and information.

Copying of client particulars

Illegal access to client particulars and copying of client details.

Transaction details


Access to deal details and modifying the facts for malicious goal.


Illegal access to deal data and details.


Get illegal access to deal info on a specific deal and using the data for private benefit.

Account Details

Illegal accessibility

Getting security passwords and security information on an account and accessing it for private benefit.


Illegal access and alteration of the account information.

Mistakes and omission

Deliberate or accidental omissions and mistakes on info and data.


Cmgt 400 week 1 individual assignment risky situation  
Cmgt 400 week 1 individual assignment risky situation