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Marketing Manager BUS 330: Principles of Marketing Instructor


The initial marketing campaign needs to communicate very specifically with target market, which is the woman between 40 to 55 years of age. The initial campaign has to design a copy for advertisement before releasing the product in the market. Since the product is cosmetic as well as something that is going to be symbolized as improved health. But, before that Personal Selling effort to “Test Market� the commercial viability of the anti aging cream for middle aged women would be a better proposition. The company needs to differentiate the product from simply providing cosmetic value to providing nourishment to skin apart from hiding wrinkles. So, the product needs to highlight on twin benefits of providing nourishment to the skin and making the skin look and feel fresh and soft, reducing the sign of aging. Good introduction and thesis.


Bus 330 week 5 final paper (marketing )  
Bus 330 week 5 final paper (marketing )