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Gas Prices Linear Regression BUS308: Statistics for Managers Professor Name Date


Gas Prices Linear Regression As a manager of a delivery service our bottom line and profit margins are extremely dependent upon the rise and fall of gas prices. Thus, a report to project the effects of rising gas prices within the next ten years is crucial to the survivability and profitability of the company. Furthermore, it is necessary to accurately consider the effects of the gas price predictions on the delivery business as a whole. Furthermore, there are a lot of external factors that can and will affect the gasoline prices. For instance, “The 1990-1991 Persian Gulf crisis and other recent oil market disruptions have brought to attention the response of retail gasoline prices to fluctuations in world oil prices. Some observers have asserted that gasoline prices react more quickly to increases in crude oil prices than to decreases� (Borenstein, 1997).




Bus 308 week 5 final part ii analysis paper on gas prices  
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