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Team Funding Sources and Planning Paper BPA 301

Education has always been a significant issue in the United States of America. In fact, many Americans see education as the gateway to survival of democracy, production of the economy, and overall basic knowledge. Throughout American history, there has

2 always been importance placed on educating the poor on basic knowledge at the least. In the past, education was based on the responsibility of the parents, but as of state, it’s the responsibility of the entire country. Federal funding for education is strictly focused on maintaining a strong educational platform in American because the evolution of the country depends on it. Federal funding permits there to be educational programs such as elementary, secondary, and teriarity education to be available for qualified applicants. In addition, the funding makes certain programs available for students that are disadvantaged or disabled. All applicants must go through a process in order to apply for a grant from the government.


Bpa 301 week 3 learning team assignment funding sources and planning paper