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Case Study 1-The Big Data Challenges “Converting data into business value at Volvo� CIS 500 - Information

Volvo integrated the cloud infrastructure into its networks. It took the proactive approach instead of being reactive. Volvo chooses to take the cloud work for them and it saved them money in the end. They had a centralized data base in which all their information was

gathered and stored and from there it was turned from natural information into practical information. Volvo had the ability to collectively harness the information that they collected data from hundreds of sensors that were embedded throughout the cars. This material was being captured for help from the car and transmitted via the cloud back to the manufacture. This information was streamed into a centralized analysis hub, where they were being used by the customer relationship systems, dealership systems, and product development and designs systems. This way they could share information about any particular vehicle and any question that they may be experiencing and prevent issues before it gets out of hand.

1. Judge how Volvo Car Corporation integrated the cloud infrastructure into its networks.


Ash cis 500 case study 1 the big data challenges  
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