Billy Slattery Portfolio

Page 1 and work-flow of our design process. I have also been lucky to be working UK and German customer base. We create a range of content from our weekly at AO during our re-brand process, therefore have helped to shape how our emails will look within our new brand guidelines. BAU sends, bespoke sends to our finance customers as well as monthly sends to our premium customers through our Samsung VIP Club. Over the last 2 years while working at AO I have tried to help innovate our sends by adding in more animation and interaction to the emails, as well as improving the overall design At I work mostly under the CRM stream designing emails for both our

Animation Within our emails sends one of our ongoing projects is adding animation to help highlight parts of the send to help bring it to life. We do this in a range of ways such as; to highlight deals or promotions, to explain a product feature or

technology, to show a products function and to add extra energy to our copy. While this has to be added sparingly so not to overwhelm our customers, it has been proven to increase clicks through to site.

Interactive Another way we are helping to improve engagement in our emails is by adding states and to customise products which are shown to customers. Our interactive interactive content within our sends. We have done this in many ways such as; Father’s Day quiz email we sent last June was featured on ReallyGoodEmails adding colour pickers to products, adding switches to show products in multiple as an example of great interactive design.

Brands While working at AO I have had the pleasure of working closely with many top Samsung, Smeg and Dyson. In addition to this we get to work with brands for brands to create bespoke content. We create bimonthly premium sends which their latest product launches, such as Playstation, Xbox and Apple. get sent to our highest spending customers which have featured brands such as In addition to working on I also lead the design of our sends for our German customer-base. This responsibility has given me a greater insight into how the design stream is ran and has strengthened my relationships

with members of the CRM managers. I have owned this area of our design stream since our re-brand last September and over this time we have managed to increase both our efficiency and importantly customer engagement.

Site While I mostly work in he CRM design stream I also create artwork for both the and sites. This ranges from homepage banners and product pods to brand shop pages. This has enabled me to gain experience in many areas of the design team.

Huawei Theme Design Awards 2020 Synchronous Here is my Watch Face design for the Huawei Theme Design Awards 2020, inspired by the earths rotations round the sun. I have taken an unconventional approach on the notation of time, using the Earth’s rotations to represent the hours and the Moon’s rotations to represent the minutes. The concept of time itself is determined by these real world rotations happening constantly,

therefore I felt it was a fitting theme for a watch face (a device which is used to translate these rotations into a language humans can comprehend) Synchronous - Making or denoting an orbit around the earth or another celestial body in which one revolution is completed in the period taken for the body to rotate about its axis.

MOW Magazine MOW is a group magazine concept which explores the consumption of fashion. For my article spreads I investigated two areas of sport fashion. Firstly how retro sports-wear has jumped back into fashion and is quickly taking over many peoples wardrobes. Secondly I discussed Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup kit, and how a clothing item typically intended for Nigerian football fans was snapped up by people all across the world, and used as a fashion item.

I explored different methods of editorial design, experimenting with type and image making. We used a limited colour palate throughout the spreads in each booklet of the magazine which helped to stop it looking like a typical fashion magazine.

b b is a concept for an organisation which teaches children about the importance from the community gardens to help raise money for the charity. Each garden of bees to our environment. The organisation runs community gardens where has a primary flower which is grown, in order to produce a unique tasting primary school children can come to and care for the plants as well as learn honey for their community. about how vital bees are for our ecosystem. The identity of the brand is formulated around the striped pattern of bees, and also uses bright colours to attract the young target audience. The organisation also sells honey harvested

Honey Jars The colour of each honey jar corresponds to the flower which gives it it’s unique taste. The striped design ripples out from the centre which frames the brand logo. The pattern continues onto the Hessian covering on the lid making it recognisable from all angles. Using glass jars with Hessian lids amplifies the handmade nature of the brand.

Reward Badges A reward badge is given when a child completes a specific task in their garden. Each set of badges are designed to match the colour of their gardens primary flower. Using a reward system will keep my young audience interested in the community garden schemes as they have something to work towards. The badges give my audience a platform to boast their achievements to their friends, which will help to promote the organisation.

Pollinate your board with all your badges!

Activity Book The activity book is an essential tool to help educate my audience about the importance of bees. On each spread the book includes both; information on the significance of bees, such as our reliance on them for food, paired with fun activities for the children to complete, such as painting the bees they see in their garden. This combination will ensure the children stay focused by making the information more light and digestible.

Our City Our City is an animated campaign created as part of my University Year 3 FMP project. The aim of the campaign is to showcase the memories of Manchester City fans, to help fellow fans to reminisce of the club’s history. The short animations are intended to be shown as part of the half time entertainment at the ground. The audio is recorded from interviews with real fans talking about their memories and experiences of City. The hand drawn

illustration style amplifies this, eliminating any corporate feeling, making the viewing experience more personal. The colour scheme is mostly white and sky blue, the colours of Manchester City, to keep with the visual identity of the club, while using other colours sparingly when necessary. Watch the full sequence at:

Watch at

I’ve never known it this good before. The best game for me would be quite recently, last season against Spurs. Sterling scored late on, it finished 4-0, and we played them off the park. We were unbeaten at the time, and everyone was saying Spurs would be the team to do it, but they couldn’t get near us. When Sterling scored, they had a blue moon rising on the big screens instead of showing a replay of the goal. I sat back down and turned to my daughter and said, ‘I’ve never known it this good before’.

I never shave on a match day. I’ll never shave on a match day. It started about 15 years ago, over the Christmas break, when we played Everton. We were 1-0 up, and decided to go upstairs for a shave because we had a family gathering that evening, but when I came back down and turned the TV on we had lost 2-1. From that moment I’ve never shaved on a match day again, even know deep down it doesn’t make a difference.

#GapHour The concept of the #GapHour campaign was to brand museums as cultural escapes for students. The aim was for students to realise they could gain the same experiences they get abroad, from museums at home. I decided on the ‘Gap Hour’ tag line as it would change student’s impressions that museums take too long to visit, when they can just go for short trips with the art pass.

My outcomes have been designed in a vintage, Art Deco, travel poster style. This is firstly again to reaffirm the idea that the museums can be seen as short holidays, where you can experience new cultures. The second reason I chose this style is because vintage/retro design is trendy within student communities therefore would encourage them to interact with the posters.

Dementia Awareness For the D&AD monotype brief, I created a campaign which raises the awareness of sufferers of dementia. I decided to do this by designing a book with distorted type to represent the different symptoms of dementia, including memory loss, confusion, and trouble with speech. The copy in the book was collected from a public survey where I asked for memories which people would never want to forget. By distorting these memories, it will help people to

understand the huge impact of dementia, and show you how it can take away some of the most treasured moments in your life.

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