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Essex Boys How Terry Winsor established and develops the thriller genre in the opening to Essex Boys By Billy Simmons

About the film • Director- Terry Winsor • Genre- Crime Thriller • Release Date- 14th July 2000 (UK) • Rating- 5.9/10 from 2,461 users • Stars- Charlie Creed-Miles, Sean Bean, Gareth Milne

Locations and Lighting: Garage The opening scene of Essex Boys shows a garage with near enough no lighting. It then shows a small amount of non ambient lighting (chiaroscuro) which instantly suggests that it’s a dark film and establishes the genre of the film. Also the location suggests claustrophobic surroundings which adds to generic convention, it also is supported through the chiaroscuro lighting which suggests isolation.

Locations and Lighting: Garage Sean Bean who plays Jason Locke is introduced to the film in a way that makes you think he is the danger man in the film. This shot is especially effective and I think it’s the best shot in the opening as there is a small amount of non ambient lighting which shines on Jason Locke and makes him seem like an important and powerful character. Not only that but the use of the dirty wind screen gives a sense of corruption on Jason’s behalf and that he is possibly a man you don’t want to mess with. Again the location of Billy gives a claustrophobic feeling as he is almost trapped in the car behind the windscreen.

Characters and Costumes •

From the opening of the film you would assume that Billy and Jason are the main two characters in the film.

Billy seems like quite a shy and contained character, possibly due to the presence of Jason who comes across as the boss of the two. Billy wears quite plain dark clothing which again suggests that he is quite contained compared to Jason.

Jason comes across as a “hard” character due to the leather jacket he is wearing in the opening shot through the windscreen. Not only that but his posture and the way the camera shows him is as a powerful man. His costume also suggests he has a lot of confidence as its bright yellow compared to everyone else around him who is wearing black.

Action In this scene Jason shows that he is quite an aggressive man. The generic convention in this scene could be that Jason seemed to know who he was going after, this could have been in revenge for what had possibly previously happened to Jason? Revenge can be a common theme for thriller films which is why it’s a generic convention. The aggression that he shows can also support previous thoughts on Jason’s character as you assume he is a tough man; which he shows in this scene. I also think that Sean Bean shows that Jason Locke is going to be a tough character, as Sean Bean is thought of as a tough man who likes a fight in his previous film roles.

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