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Thomas Tallis School – BTEC Programmes Observation Record Form Billy Rowlinson

Learner: Program me:

BTEC National Diploma in Creative Media Production

Unit Name:

Producing Video Installation Work

Level: Unit Number:

3 35

Description of activity undertaken (pleasebe as specific as possible) As part of the “Phobias” physical theatre & multimedia performance Billy, along with Jacq and Elliot, was responsible for the setting up of the  audience ‘holding’ area – prior to the experience of the event. Set up as an operating theatre, the environment involved some live ‘surgery’ on a  victim/patient whilst, simultaneously, footage of actual live surgery, sourced from the internet, was back­projected onto semi transparent  curtains. Also present were the ‘doctor’ & ‘surgeon’ who both talked to the audience and involved them in the experience. In addition the  students also filmed a looped sequence of a clown laughing insanely, this was projected in the main performance space – before, and during,  the performance of the same actor playing the clown. 

Assessment criteria (to which the activity provides evidence) P4 safely install a video piece for exhibition in the specified location with some assistance.  M4 safely install a video piece for exhibition in the specified location competently with only occasional assistance.  D4 safely install a video piece for exhibition in the specified location to a technical quality  that reflects near­professional standards, working independently to professional expectations.

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria (please explain how the learner met the criteria and the qualitative aspects of their performance) Billy, Jacq & Elliot were entirely in control of the set up of their own particular area – spending  two hours each day collecting materials & props and arranging them (they independently worked  out how to back­project and even how to flip the video so it was presented the correct way) in the  space allocated to them. Totally professional throughout they managed to generate an  environment that was completely believable and particularly ‘creepy’ especially enhanced by their  own performances as the doctor, surgeon and victim/patient. They worked totally independently  only asking for basic advice once or twice, whilst also liaising regularly with myself and other  organisers of the event – they were always aware of safe working practices and created a wholly  convincing ‘dark’ experience for the audience to participate in. As well as this they presented a  looped video piece within the main performance area that once again fully enhanced the audience  experience totally in sync with the timing of the performance and the overall mood. During both  the planning and the installation of their work they worked together as a team totally supportive  of one and other and all equally involved and enthusiastic. DISTINCTION

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P. Hodges

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Date: Billy Rowlinson

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Video Installation Observation Record  

An observation record