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Advertisement For Television Evaluation - Billy Rowlinson The product I chose to advertise was Ipod and before I began creating my advertisement I needed to do some secondary research to establish target audience, brand image and accepted advertising. I started this research by analysing previous advertisements which Apple had commissioned for Ipod. Doing this allowed me to establish the brand identity, persuasive techniques, target audience and opportunities for expansion into other audience markets. The research showed me that Apple have kept they’re advertisements very consistent, building upon they’re corporate philosophy “simple design and recognisable products”. This research also informed me of Ipods target audience of young Middle Class aspires with an SOC of C1 and above. Apple’s adverts are kept very simple and crisp which reflects the product design whilst also showing how easy the product is to use. This gave me a clearer idea on what market to target and allowed me to do some professional idea generation where I came up with various ideas and concepts for my advertisements. An example idea of mine was to have a giant apple headphone in the middle of a busy street playing music. I would then have a massive flash mob of dancers which then disappear, similar to the concept of T-Mobile. This idea was one of my favorites from the idea generation that I did. I thought it would target a music loving audience in a different an unusual way. I chose the Apple headphones for their ipod as they are very distinct and are recognised by almost everyone for their simple design and bright white colour. However by doing a viability test I could choose which idea would be possible to execute with the time constraints and budget that I had. I thought the flash mob headphone idea would not be possible, as I wouldn’t have time to create a large ipod headphone or choreograph a team of dancers. For that reason I decided to focus on Ipod’s relationship with the multinational brand Nike, the largest sports brand in the world. It was this, which gave me the idea to advertise the ipod which has accessories to be used as a tool which helps motivate runners. More secondary research informed me that Ipod has only been around 10 years. However in that time they’ve developed over 20 different ipods ranking it number one, best selling portable media player in the world! The popularity was confirmed when I carried out primary research in the form of a questionnaire which provided me with qualitative and quantitative data about my product and its previous advertising. I found out that 82% of my respondents would buy an apple ipod or iphone. So I had a huge niche market within a huge potential market to target with my accessory ad. I also did some secondary quantitative data research which informed me that 40% of Apples profit comes from the sale of ipods

alone - informing me of the global success of the product and the brand. I’ve also incorporated Nike into my advert which is the number one sports brand in the world. Its famous ‘Swoosh’ graphic is instantly recognisable, just like the Apple logo - which helps consolidate their corporate philosophies “recognisable products”. The research had a huge impact on my final tv commercial and the type of audience I was aiming to target. My research gave me ideas into different approaches to my advertisement, but I felt the most viable approach was to target an audience who are predominately interested in sport and therefore most active, mainly people aged 15-30 who are young professionals and would be professionals in the SOC of C1 and above. As a keen sports person myself I decided to advertise ipod using the nike + app to target that niche sports market. Once I made my decision on my product and target market for my advertisement I attempted to investigate the rules and regulations for my product but could not find any specific advertising regulations that apply to electrical goods, however I did find the general Adverting Standard Agency (ASA) regulations which state adverts need to be honest, decent, truthful and not knowingly misleading for the viewer. Pre production planning proved valuable due to the simple fact that my shoot went according to plan and ran very smoothly. The pre production paperwork that I think helped me the most was the call sheet. This document was supplied to my crew and actors informing them of production base, meeting times, shoot location expected weather and other useful information to support continuity. I also attached the contact details of everyone involved in the production. This ensured everyone could contact each other incase of an emergency, or other problems like transportation issues. Another piece of pre production paperwork that proved to be important was my location recce document; I used an aerial photography map to highlight areas of filming, to point out the risks, and the things that may cause problems. I also took photographs to ensure the risks and potential problems were clear to all concerned so all involved in my production on the day could appropriately avoid them. The pre production document that I think I could improve on next time was my production schedule. At first I kept up to date with my schedule but I soon started to fall behind it due to the fact that the schedule that I set was actually unrealistic, because of my lack of production experience ass a media student. Another piece of documentation that proved to be quite helpful was the footage log. This was used to keep note of which shot name/number was the best and therefore qualified to be in the final edit. I also used this to put the time codes in and out of the exact piece of footage to be used. In postproduction this was helpful as a

result, the editing workflow was sped up and I didn’t need to spend hours searching for the perfects shots, as it was already pointed out on the footage log sheet, w then informed my edit decision list. When filming for my advert I chose not too focus to much on the ipod itself. The reason for this is that the ipod is such an established brand most people would predict because of size and reliability the ipod is the product of choice for runners whilst jogging. When editing the footage I decided to try and keep each shot shorter than 4 seconds to keep the viewer engaged with the advert via variation. I think is most successful in the beginning few shots where we see a close up tracking shot of running trainers followed by a wide low angle shot of the running trainers and then a side profile shot before cutting back to another wide low angle shot all of which are edited in time with the music. This automatically builds excitement among the viewer to capture their attention and keeps them engaged, and according to my focus group feedback this was one of the most memorable parts. Once I had the appropriate footage imported into the timeline in the order I wanted it I then decided to colour correct it so it would create an urban feel, I was inspired by the colour correction used on programs such as TopGear. The effect of this is making it more visually interesting to watch. Whilst adjusting the colours of the footage I got some feedback from my tutor who tried to help me get the colour correction right and consistent throughout the footage. Another important factor created in post production which seemed to engage the audience from the beginning is the use of voiceover, “beginning workout” and “ending workout”. The effect of this is to simulate the effect of the actual nike app product - and show the audience its capabilities. The reason the voiceover was successful is partly due to the use of quick short duration shots at the beginning which are synced with the music and voiceover. My peer feedback highlighted ‘The smart shots you used and the music’ ‘The "Starting Workout" Voice Over and The Beginning’. Another point that seemed to be my target audiences most favorite part is the music I used as ‘it makes you think that if you listen to music when you run, its helps you to keep going’ ‘The music!’ ‘definitly the music, it was very effective!’; the ‘soundtrack was good, it’s one of those adverts with the soundtrack that when you go away from the tv it’s still in your head playing’. I think the music was so successful due to my primary market research on my target audience which told me that my audience I was aiming to advertise to enjoyed listening to Indie/Rock music, so that’s why I used Woman by Wolfmother and Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet. Overall I feel my advert has fulfilled my original intentions to create an advert for ipod which targets the sports market. The quality of

the final product was hugely helped by the research I did prior to making the advert, without this research I wouldn’t have known who to target, what music to use and what possible techniques to involve in my production.


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