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JULY 20, 2013






BOARD OF DIRECTOR APPOINTEE ANNOUNCEMENT Board of Director Appointee Announcement The current Board of Director's would like to take this opportunity to Thank all potential appointee's for their willingness to serve on the Board of Director's. Each of you have attributes that would be beneficial to the Board, but as we have only one position to fill, we had a very difficult decision to make. We are grateful for your dedication and

passion for the advancement of Fairfield Plantation, and look forward to working with you as you bring forward your idea's and goals within the committee's that are of interest to you. At this time we would like to announce and congratulate the most current Board member appointed to fill the vacated term. Please join us in welcoming Anne Lussier to the Fairfield POA Board of Director's.

Anne brings a wealth of qualities to the Board. We are looking forward to her positive “get things done” attitude, her ability to work well with others, and her willingness to listen to concerns and make a fair assessment based on all the facts. Together, we will move forward with the common goal of making Fairfield the most desired community in West GA. Sincerely Fairfield Plantation BOD


POA Elections, Living In Fairfield Plantation Georgia—Facebook Journeys to Health PG. 2 The Basic of Long term Care Insurance PG. 3 Commissioner's Corner PG. 4

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Come out for a entertaining night of playing, eating, and socializing in style.

Dinner: 6pm-8pm

New Country Club Membership Rates PG. 5

Gaming: 7pm-10pm Tickets: $50/person

Billy Priest for POA Board PG. 6

Trail Blazers, Solar Car Race PG. 7 Dress for Giantness, A Girl Has to Eat PG. 8 Celebrations PG. 9 Fourth of July Pictorial PG. 10

includes play money and dinner Mark you calendars for this one folks!!!!

Attire: Upscale evening (requested but not required)

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Fourth of July Pictorial PG. 11


Yard of The Month PG. 12

This article is an effort to encourage residents to vote in the upcoming POA Board Elections.

Girl Scouts, Kiwanis Club PG. 13 Kiwanis Club, Women’s Club PG. 14 MGA, Tennis Club PG. 15 Exercise on a Molecule Level PG. 16 Willy’s Fitness Corner PG. 17 Market Place PG. 18 Classifieds, Tovey’s World PG. 19 Casa Sol Don Rich Ford PG. 20

As the owner and editor of this newspaper I am offering to all candidates the same an equal opportunity in the next issue to state their positions for review by the residents/voters in the community. These submissions will need to be received no later than Friday, August 9th, 2013. Details surrounding the submission will need to be discussed between each candidate and myself prior to the aforementioned deadline date, if possible by August 1st, 2012. This is to coordinate the appropriate size and dimensions for any and all submissions.

I do this, so as to be fair to all candidates as well as trying to help our neighbors be able to make wise and informed decisions while making their selections of representatives to vote for in the upcoming POA Board Elections.

To get this started, I offer my official campaign and position statement in the article; “Billy Priest for POA Board”, which you will find on page 6.

Three POA Board of Directors will officially be elected at the Annual Meeting on September 28th 2013. There will be a candidate Q&A Forum to be held on August 19th , where all candidates will be allowed to answer questions from the property owners present. The Annual Meeting Packet and proxies will be mailed to all property owners of record on or about August 30th, 2013.

Yard of the Month — Page 12— Lori London This is an Independently published publication, NOT an Approved nor Official publication of the Fairfield Plantation POA Find us at or Facebook at:


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For more information, comments, letters to the editor, suggestions and/or complaints. Please address to Billy Priest at the following:

Email: Website: Mailing Address: 7283 Tara Dr Villa Rica, GA 30180 Phone: 770-238-2151 Deadline for submissions in our next issue will be: Friday, August, 9th 2012 Our next issue will deliver: Saturday, August, 17th 2012

“Your Community Newspaper” Look for us on Facebook

KNOW YOUR COMMUNIT Y Know more of your neighbors, know more about the POA Board, know more about activities in the community and Carroll

County, know more about everything concerning this GREAT community by going to the Facebook Group: “Living In Fairfield Plantation, Georgia”

Look for Fairfield Newspaper Find information, Find Activities or…….Find a FRIEND of the

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THE BASICS OF LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE NEWS CONTACT: Michael L. Stone, AAMS® CEO & Founder Milestone Investment Management, LLC (770) 830-0063 Michael L. Stone, AAMS®

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The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance

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COMMISSIONER’S CORNER Commissioner’s Corner July, 2013 Rain, Rain, Rain…and more rain! I feel like we live in the tropics. My yard is a jungle, you can’t keep the weeds pulled, and mold is growing on everything. Usually we are begging for rain at this time of year, but not this time. I wish we could send some of it to the areas with the forest Vicki Anderson fires. It is a shame to have flooding in one area and fires in another and not be able to share resources! I know we have been approached at different times about annexing Fairfield into a city, but I have been recently approached by someone in Villa Rica. This person indicated Fairfield could maintain its private status with gate, but it would become a part of the city of Villa Rica. You, Fairfield, would be eligible to run for mayor and city council in Villa Rica. The City of Villa Rica would maintain Fairfield’s roads. They said they could not come in and fix them all at one time. Villa Rica would provide sewer and sanitation. All services available to the citizens of Villa Rica would be available to you. As a Fairfield resident, you would still pay county taxes, everyone does. All issues concerning Fairfield would fall under the auspices of the City of Villa Rica. You would not pay POA dues, but would have to pay the city of Villa Rica taxes. I know very little about annexation. I do know there is a requirement that the land of the city must “touch” the land to be annexed at some point. I don’t know that the land connect is present at this point. This information was told to me so I thought I would pass it on to you. Another option mentioned to me is Fairfield becomes its own city, like Bowdon, Whitesburg, and Roopville. Fairfield would elect its own mayor and council. All the townships in Carroll County, except for Roopville I believe, tax themselves and provide or contract out the services needed to run the community. I can see where having to provide services could cause taxes to increase, but you would be eligible to collect taxes from the county, based on the number of citizens residing in Fairfield. You would also be eligible for SPLOST dollars approved by the voters. There are 7 cities or townships in Carroll County at this time. I know just enough about the above to be dangerous, so you must seek advice or information from folks smarter than I regarding them. But looking forward, how can Fairfield residents continue to pay increasing assessment fees? At the current rate, how much will assessments be in 10 years? The infrastructure continues to get older each year and there is never enough money to repair all that should be repaired or replaced. More and more you are being asked to donate additional monies for projects inside the gates. Don’t get me wrong…I believe that is great if you can afford to do it. Many folks are having a hard time putting food on the table. Rising costs have caused assessment fees to increase and the number of lots paying the assess-

ments has decreased. There is nothing wrong with combining lots when it enhances your property. But, it does reduce the number of assessment paying lots. When we purchased the house we now own, lots had been combined, which makes for a wonderful yard area. There is one lot at the corner of the street that is separate from the house. (By the way, it would make for a fabulous place to build a house!) We like many with a vacant lot or lots have a difficult time paying the assessments on those lots. Just so you know where we stand, we have paid our house assessment but not the assessment for the lot. We will pay that lot assessment just as soon as we can. Unemployment does not lend itself for luxuries such as that. Just when you think you have things under control, the air conditioner goes out, the cars need servicing, and the lawn mower dies! You have to go to the doctor and the medication that is ordered is outrageous. Which one of the above do you really have to have and which one can you live without? You know what I mean! If you are in that shape or have been there, give me an “Amen”!!! I guess many would say this article is controversial. That is not my intent at all. I believe you are entitled to know questions that are being asked out in the world. I have no feelings positive or negative regarding any of the possibilities. I like where I live. I like the amenities that we have. I just want us to plan for our future and how we can continue to exist in our present state. Getting involved in your community is like getting involved in politics. You know the analogy: 20% of the people do the work (or are involved), while 80% of the people are just along for the ride. We know from biblical prophecy, there will never be peace in the Middle East. Abraham had two sons: Ishmael by his maid Hagar, and Isaac, by his 90ish year old wife Sarah. To make a long story short, God told Abraham that Ishmael’s “hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him. He will live in hostility towards all his brothers.” Ishmael was Isaac’s half brother, who had been an only child for 14 years. Isaac’s arrival changed Ishmael’s relationship with his father, Abraham. Afterward, Ishmael felt envy and rivalry toward his half brother, feelings that tribally have survived down through the centuries and which affect the politics of the Middle

East today. Muhammad, the founder and prophet of Islam, descended from one of the 12 sons of Ishmael. Many of today’s Arabs are Ishmaelites and Palestinians. Isaac’s descendants represent the “other” group, the Israelites, who believe Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Israel and Palestine are fighting over the same holy city. The descendants of two half brothers have been fighting over the millenniums throughout today. The reason I tell you this story is that written history has told us what will happen and how it will end. If you know how it will end and how the outcome will never change, then that should impact the way we as a country do business. It should impact the way our government is involved. These countries sure impact our economy. Look at the price of gasoline! Look what happened this week with the turmoil in Egypt. Gas prices rose 20 cents a gallon overnight. Armed with this information, you should know who you want representing you in Washington, in Georgia, in Carroll County, in Fairfield. You want honest people who will stand up and fight for what is right. If you make a mistake, admit it, say I am sorry, let’s learn from this and move on. If you stand on the sideline, you will be left behind, in more ways than one! Get involved! Research your candidates for positions. Research your candidates running for the POA board. Vicki Anderson


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Yt|Üy|xÄw cÄtÇàtà|ÉÇ Membership Rates Individual Inclusive: Rates include unlimited greens fees, cart fees and range fees. Property Owner: $165/month Non-Property Owner: $180/month Private Cart: $150/month 15% off food & beverage purchases, our cost plus 15% on all golf club equipment, 14 days advanced tee times, member charging privileges, reduced tournament entry fees for outings, entry into Member-Only events, and reduced fees at other area courses. Family Inclusive: Rates include unlimited greens fees, cart fees and range fees. Property Owner: $205/month Non-Property Owner: $225/month Private Cart: $190/month 15% off food & beverage purchases, our cost plus 15% on all golf club equipment, 14 days advanced tee times, member charging privileges, reduced tournament entry fees for outings, entry into Member-Only events, and reduced fees at other area courses. Corporate Inclusive: Rates entitle 3 executives unlimited greens fees, cart fees and range fees. Property Owner: $330/month Non-Property Owner: $350/month Private Cart: $300/month 15% off food & beverage purchases, our cost plus 15% on all golf club equipment, 14 days advanced tee times, member charging privileges, reduced tournament entry fees for outings, entry into Member-Only events, and reduced fees at other area courses. Individual Standard: Rates include unlimited greens fees. Pay separately for cart and range fees. Property Owner: $100/month Non-Property Owner: $115/month 15% off food & beverage purchases, our cost plus 15% on all golf club equipment, 14 days advanced tee times, member charging privileges, reduced tournament entry fees for outings, entry into Member-Only events, and reduced fees at other area courses. Family Standard: Rates include unlimited greens fees. Pay separately for cart and range fees. Property Owner: $150/month Non-Property Owner: $165/month 15% off food & beverage purchases, our cost plus 15% on all golf club equipment, 14 days advanced tee times, member charging privileges, reduced tournament entry fees for outings, entry into Member-Only events, and reduced fees at other area courses. Junior Standard: Rates include unlimited greens fees. 17 years of age or under. Property Owner: $50/month Non-Property Owner: $65/month 15% off food & beverage purchases, our cost plus 10% on all golf club equipment, 14 days advanced tee times, member charging privileges, reduced tournament entry fees for outings, entry into Member-Only events, and reduced fees at other area courses. Patron: Rate includes one round of golf with a cart per month, and $20 per month credit towards food & beverage purchases. Property Owner: $50/month 10% off food & beverage purchases, and member charging privileges Social: Rate includes the full month dues as credit towards food & beverage purchases. Property Owner: Individual $40/month Property Owner: Family $60/month 10% off food & beverage purchases, and member charging privileges

Please call 770-836-1112, Extension 1 for More Details.


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B I L LY P R I E S T F O R P O A B O A R D Dear friends, neighbors and residents of Fairfield Plantation, I have decided to run as a candidate for the POA Board. When asked recently if I had the time to do this, I said no, not really. The person asking the question seemed a little shocked but it was an honest reply. I followed the answer with “does anyone really have the free time to do such a job?”. The answer to that question in most cases, is also no but, someone has to and I feel that it is very important that not only to do my part as a concerned resident of Fairfield Plantation but also to offer my Neighbors an opportunity to vote for someone who will always be totally honest and keep every resident in mind when making decisions/plans for the future of this community. I personally cannot and will not make any promises to change anything. All I can promise each resident of Fairfield Plantation that I will do my very best and always operate, communicate and work with the rest of the POA Board members and residents in a professional manner with integrity and honesty. I will also encourage the other POA Board members to do the same. I will try and encourage different ideas and the consideration of all options to be considered when making decisions that are in the best interest of the WHOLE Community. You will find in the following, a brief but accurate statement from my campaign concerning my positions and reasons that I feel the residents should vote for me. I would also suggest that all residents seek out

the same positions of the other candidates so you may make an informed decision when casting your votes for three candidates in this next POA Board Election. Whatever your decision and whomever you decide to vote for, I do STRONGLY encourage each and every resident to PLEASE VOTE! Understand that a vote not used is still a vote and potentially describes to the POA Board that you are very satisfied with how things are whether that be the case or not. If you have any questions or misunderstandings of our voting system, you may contact Ian Stone at the POA Office or also feel free to contact myself or Tammy Priest (, (Home Phone – 770-809-9217).

personnel issues. • Consider all options for optimizing revenue generation for revenue generating amenities. Why vote for Billy Priest? I ask for your VOTE so I can influence and impact change within our POA Board. It is Time to do something DIFFERENT!!! Vote Billy Priest for POA Board!!! For more information, questions or comments please feel free to email me at: Visit my webpage by going to: and clicking “Billy for POA Board”.

Billy Priest POA Board Candidate It is time to do something DIFFERENT Who is Billy Priest? • A property owner and resident of Fairfield Plantation for 18 years. • Community volunteer with the Halloween Carnival for 17 years. • Helped organize and coordinate the Fourth of July Parade since its inception. • Owner and editor of the Fairfield Plantation News and Views newspaper. • Technical Account Manager – Southeast Region, one of the largest American Owned and Operated ink companies in the U.S. • Successful small business owner for the last 5 years. Why am I running? Fairfield Plantation is home for me and several members of my family. I have a vested interest in maintaining this oasis for my family and especially my granddaughter. What would I like to do? Identify creative alternatives to prevent the financial crisis we experience each budget year. • Encourage complete and absolute transparency on all Board actions except legal and

Inside Ministries, Inc. Presents

A NIGHT OF PRAISE AND CELEBRATION Friday August 9, 2013, 7PM – 9PM Midway Macedonia Baptist Church 3915 Carrollton Villa Rica Hwy., Villa Rica, Ga. 30180 For Directions call: 770-832-9605 “Free Admission” For more information contact Inside Ministries, Inc. 770-836-8715 We are committed to improving the quality of life for female inmates and their families.

“…I was in prison, and ye came unto me…” Matt. 25:36


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TRAIL BLAZERS This brief article and photo was unfortunately not included in last month’s issue of the FPNAV. The picture included is of a relatively new volunteer group who is working on cleaning and further development of our walking trails within our community. This group, seems to have been started and headed up Steve Barden. Pictured right, the “Trail Blazers”, The official name is the "Fairfield Trails Task Force" and they report to the Fairfield Roads and Maintenance Committee. People can find out more about what we are doing and our goals by going to They are working the trails on a Saturday morning. In this photo are, left to right:

Jay Brandenburg, Jeffrey Thomas, Chip Hurst, and, in the back, Phil O'Brien. This is just one of the many volunteer groups within Fairfield Plantation and I would suggest to all Fairfield Plantation residents that you find your interest and seek out one of the many amazing groups to get involved with. As my lovely wife has always said. “This can simply be a neighborhood you live in or an amazing community that you get involved with. It is simply what we make it through our volunteer efforts and friendships we develop along the way”. If you would like to find out more about this Trail system that Steve and his volunteers are working on, you should contact: Steve Barden [] Their next trail clean up day will be Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 8:00 to 12:00.

SOLAR CAR RACE Solar Car Race 2013 was a successful event with both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts participating during the Fourth of July Weekend Ceremonies. With the huge turnout at the Fairfield Plantation Country Club many visitors were surprised to see the Solar Demonstrations working even un-

der cloudy conditions. This just proved the power of "Solar Energy" and how sensitive PV panels have become. Many thanks goes out to Barbara Moreno of the Recreation Department and Scott Davis of Boy Scout troop 3030 for their help and support. Announcing

the winners of this years event we want to congratulate both teams for building and racing their very own solar cars. In first place was Austin Mikos and Christian May and in second place was Alyssa May and Katelyn Mikos as all received their trophies and S.C.R. Event T-shirts and had fun learning about solar energy and competing with their Solar Powered Vehicles. Thanks again and see you at the next Solar Car Race!

By Tony Nickoloff



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DRESS FOR A GIANTNESS Dress for a Giantess There should be standardization in clothing sizes. I am not asking for communistic control of clothing factories, or that all women be shaped alike a la Stepford Wives, but when I purchase a medium sized piece of clothing I should have a fairly good idea of what size it will be. I recently purchased a couple of summer dresses from a popular online retailer. I used to wear a

small, but I have gained a little weight and figured I probably wear a medium now.

woman; it was so long I was standing on it. And I am 6 foot tall.

I haven’t purchased new clothes in years, and was very excited to have a few new outfits. The delivery was very prompt. I unpacked the first dress – a lovely blue number in this summer’s style; a soft jersey maxi dress. When I held it up it looked a little large, but as every woman knows, you never say out loud how large a dress looks until after you have tried it on.

Looking in the mirror I started laughing. The bodice was so long that my boobs would have to be on my belly to fill it, the waist was loosely hanging around my lower hips, and the skirt was draping on the floor and under my feet. I pulled the dress off and checked the tag- yep, it was a medium.

There was lots of room as I pulled the dress over my head. (That can be a good thing – I was recently stuck in an extra small t-shirt, but that is another story.) As I dropped the dress I felt like the shrinking

Who were they cutting this dress for…the giantess from Harry Potter? Christina Henggeler

A GIRL HAS TO EAT Dining out, cooking in, and everything delish in between I’ve made mention before that I could eat Mexican everyday and be a happy girl. I could make a meal out of chips, cheese dip and guacamole and if I’m lucky, a margarita on the rocks with a salted rim. I love making fresh guacamole because it is so yummy and easy, which is a stellar combo. All it takes is avocados (I mash half and chunk half to give some contrast of texture), tomatoes (include the juicy parts), diced red onion, minced garlic, sea salt, cracked pepper, lots of cumin and a dollop of sour cream for some richness. To this base mixture sometimes I will add bleu cheese, mangos, jalapenos, or anything else I have lying around to give it a tasty twist. I could honestly eat my weight in guacamole. Now my favorite food weeks are the weeks that we go out and my vote, which is always for Mexican, gets picked because that means we get Mexican

twice that week. There are so many options when it comes to Mexican cuisine in our town and when we 1st moved out here we bounced around and I think we have come close to trying them all; it was a fun adventure. Now that we know our options we tend to always go back to Casa Sol in Villa Rica. My go to Mexican dish when we are out is a chimichanga, which is basically a fried burrito. I don’t tend to make this at home very often, I leave it to the professionals and Casa Sol’s is one of the best I’ve ever had. In addition to their scrumptious chimichanga, Casa Sol has what I like in a Mexican restaurant- variety, freshness, big portions, inexpensive and a ridiculously delicious margarita. But in addition to all of this they won my stomach over even more so with their all you can eat Mexican Buffet- aka Heaven.

fet is every day for lunch and also on Wednesday evenings. To add to all of this awesomeness if you tell them you are a Fairfield resident you get 15% off. Doesn’t get much better than all you can eat cheese dip at a discount. Highly recommend checking it out and if you see me feel free to say hi but hands off my chips and dip : ) Michelle Nyberg Casa Sol—Mexican Restaurant 955 W. Bankhead Hwy 78, Villa Rica GA, 30180 770-456-0040

All the cheese dip, guacamole, and chimichangas I can eat?! I’m surprised my family is ever able to drag me out of there when we go. The first time I was a little pouty when they said ‘It is time to put down the chip’. The buf-

Jeff Watson - Owner


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Happy Birthday to my beautiful Wife Tammy Priest. This woman has the heart of an angel and the patience of a God, to put up with me. Thanks Baby, I love you Billy

Happy Birthday Ron Nyberg Happy Birthday Ms. Dottie Hitzman

Happy Birthday Amy Sanders

Happy Birthday Holly Haley Happy Birthday L. C. French

S im p ly C a terin g Simply Call:


Happy Birthday Steve Smith

Internet Living


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FAIRFIELD’S FANTASTIC FOURTH Let it not be said that the Residents of Fairfield Plantation will let a little rain get in the way of them celebrating. Our 4th of July was outstanding as usual. Starting with the emcees our very own Shirley Garrett and Don Martin, who always do an amazing job of “emceeing” the Parade. We always get setup on the day specified for the celebration and all the participants gather in the designated locations. Always first on the scene are the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and the children that walk in the Parade. The Veterans get all lined up and ready and down on Woodmont, the Classic and custom cars get ready to roll out. There are always some colorful characters in this group.

vices help with the organization, safety and to “Kick” the Parade off by blasting the sirens and leading us all down Monticello.

Chief Tim Mikos and his Crew are always there for this community, in good times and bad.

They lend a hand in all of our many functions as well as lending lifesaving aid to our

neighbors when the need arises. Just after the Fire Department, we

have the Boy Scouts and other Scouts that carry our Flag in celebration of the

Over on Tara drive, all the golfers line up in their decorated Golf Carts.

As usual, we have our beloved Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Ser-

freedoms we all enjoy. Then there is the real reason for the freedoms, we so enjoy. Our Military Veterans who very appropriately, follow the flag. This is Fairfield Plantation’s Official kick off for our Fourth of July Celebration.

Then we have the children of Fairfield plantation who join in the Parade. They walk, and ride along the Parade route often under the watchful eyes of a Parent. Then there is the Grand Marshal of the parade which was Mr. Jim Stevens this year riding along with his Granddaughter.

We have our King (Yuri Goodwin) and Queen (Hana Anderson) of Fairfield Plantation. Then come the Floats. This year we were a little short on floats but as usual, we can count on the crew from Team Lush to be up for a party or celebration.

We also had three of the POA Board candidates join in with floats.


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Just after the Floats, we have the Custom and Classic cars of

tions, the show must go on and go on, it did, thanks to the Ski Club and many volunteers.

which most are from the Golden City Cruisers car Club. Follow-

ing the cars, We have our Golfers in their decorated golf carts. After the parade, we have several things going on all around the community. We have the Annual J.C. Collins Tennis tour-

The Ski Show was better than ever. Complete with Costumed Characters and some very talented Skiers showing off their acrobatics, stunts and tricks. Many participated in this show,

Last but certainly not least were the Fireworks Show put on by our amazing Tim Mikos and the Volunteer

nament. We also had this year, a boat Parade and an amazing Ski Fire Department. I want to thank Jeffrey Thomas and Lee Howard for all the

Show, put on by the Ski Club. We did not have very many participants in the Boat Parade , most likely due to the bad weather but pictured below are a few more of the famous Fairfield Plantation Characters we all know and love.

amazing photos. I apologize for not being able to get a few more in but, you

from the children to seniors and they all were amazing. Even in the challenging weather condi-

can find many more on the ‘Living in Fairfield Plantation, Ga Facebook site.

Billy Priest


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YARD OF THE MONTH July Yard of the Month The July Yard of the Month belongs to Lori London at 4193 Argonne Drive. Even in the hot and steamy month of July, Lori’s shady yard offers a cool respite! Through her hard work she has transformed her yard into an attractive, well-

den with ivy, hostas, and impatiens surrounding a decorative birdbath. The front

manicured yard boasting colorful plants, trees, and borders. Lori and Percy moved to Fairfield in 1991 and lived in a house on the golf course for 7 years before moving into this house in 1998. On both sides of the driveway are eye-catching beds filled with colorful plants, pots, and ground covers. On one side knock-out roses, verbena, lantana, daylilies, rosemary, mums, and mondo grass are mixed with statues and other yard art. On the other side, a large Japanese maple is surrounded by crepe myrtle, blackeyed susans, variegated vinca, verbena, and dusty miller. In the center of the yard is her shade gar-

of the house features a lovely fountain flanked by an azalea and a camellia bush. On the right side of the house is Lori’s “Bingo Money Bench” that she purchased with the money she won at Bingo here in Fairfield! Nearby are lovely blue hydrangeas.

The Plantation Planters Garden Club would like to thank Lori for working so hard to create an outstanding landscape and for helping to make our community more beautiful!

In the backyard three Leyland cypress trees and a large tea olive tree provide inviting shade. A pea gravel Lawn Maintenance Sprinkler Systems walkway leads to an arbor Land covered in aromatic Carolina jasmine. Management The walkway continof ues through an archway created by the Carrollton trees to a quiet sitting 770 770-616 616-5455 area that is perfect for enjoying the beauty of Lori’s CHUCK DETSCHER Landscaping plants and creative 3023 Lakeview Parkway Pressure Washing pieces of art.

Villa Rica, GA 30180

Tree Removal



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GIRL SCOUTS Girl Scouts Girl Scouts aim to empower girls and help teach values such as honesty, fairness, courage, compassion, character, sisterhood, confidence,

and citizenship through interesting activities and community service projects. Our local Girl Scouts range from 2nd to 7th grade so we have lots of opportunity for teaching and learning within our group. The 1st meeting of our new year, which correlates with the school year, will be

on Tuesday, August 13. We meet at the Rec Center from 5pm-6:30pm, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. If you have a young lady that is interested in joining us please feel free to contact me for details: Michelle Nyberg- or 636-4856457

KIWANIS SUPPORTS CARROLL COUNT Y 4-H BB GUN TEAM’S TRIP The Fairfield Plantation Kiwanis Supports Carroll County 4-H BB Gun Team’s Trip to National Championship in Rogers, Ark.

June 18, 2013 At the Fairfield Plantation Kiwanis Club meeting for June, 2013 started with a presentation by Mr. Scott Carroll of the Carroll County 4-H “Gun’s ‘n Clover’s” BB Gun Shooting Team. The BB Gun Team’s season begins in September for approximately 9 months. It meets at the Agricultural Center in Carrollton on Fridays to learn the NRA Rules for safety and shooting practice. New shooters each year spend the first few weeks studying safety before they ever touch a BB gun. The program is for 8 year old through 14 year old students. The firearm that is used is a ‘spring-air’ rife that fires a .177 BB at a target 5 meters which is (16ft 4 ¾ inches)

Pictured L-R is Mr. Brad Robinson, Mr. Scott Carroll and Ms. Chyann King receiving a check from the Fairfield Kiwanis Club.

from the firing line. The shooters fire from 4 positions; prone, standing, sitting, and kneeling. Each position has a possible perfect score of 100 for a total of 400 points for a meet. Afterwards there is a test on safety and gun knowledge that has a possible score of 100. These two scores are added together to determine the winners.

There are several tournaments in Georgia that Carroll County competes in. The State Competition is held at the University of Georgia’s 4-H complex in Madison, Georgia. 89 teams competed this year with Carroll County finishing 3rd. As a result we have been invited to the Daisy National Championship in Rogers, Arkansas. The Daisy Nationals is an invitation only competition. Seven shooters and their families will travel to Rogers June 26th and return home July 1st, hopefully with some GOLD. This is the first time Carroll County has had this opportunity. The team has been having fundraisers throughout Carroll County to help with the travel expenses. The Fairfield Kiwanis Club support is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you all for giving and caring. John King and Chyann Fairfield Plantation Residents

DAISY NATIONAL BB GUN (KIWANIS CLUB) ***UPDATE*** June 30, 2013 ---The Carroll County’s 4-H Guns ‘n’ Clovers BB Gun Team placed 9th out of 54 teams competing from all across the nation. This was the first time that Carroll County had a BB Gun Team invited to compete. This invitation came after the Guns ‘n’ Clovers finished 3rd in the Georgia 4-H State Competition at the University of Georgia’s Complex in Madison, Georgia. Our team’s hopes were to get within the Top Ten. Their performance was exceptional, dedicated to

doing their best.

9th. We certainly wish we could have brought the Gold back to Carroll County. With a taste of the NaIT tionals remaining we will return to Rogers, Arkansas to finish even better next time. This was a huge experience that the team will remember for the rest of their lives. Thanks to everyone in Carroll County that contributed to our trip, especially the Fairfield Plantation Kiwanis Club for their generous support.

Pictured R-L: Coach Carroll, Hadley Carroll,Maddi Boggs, Chyann King, Holly Bearden,Mark Burney, Collin Grubbs, Luke Grizzard,Coach Boggs and Coach Grubbs

WORKED!!! They reached that goal by getting the

Fairfield Plantation resident Chyann King and competitor in the event made the top score of the Guns ‘n’ Clovers Team,,,Congratulations!!!

KIWANIS CLUB It is pretty standard knowledge across the U.S.A. and the World that, the Kiwanis Club is a very highly respected organization that works extremely hard for children around the world. This is especially true here in our own community which, has it’s very own Kiwanis Club. Pictures and articles within this newspaper only reflect just a few of the activities, events and charities that this group supports and is involved in. We here at FPNAV want to offer our sincerest thanks to a very well run organization and offer our apologies for not always including more. They are just simply so busy, it is hard to get all they do each month included.

We ask our readers to please remember this and always try and support this amazing organization whenever possible. Club President, Mike Larson thanking Emily Cole of the Carroll County Child Advocacy Center following her interesting and informative presentation on the newly formed organization Club President Mike Larson and Betty Williams,

Chair for the Priority One committee, presenting Certificates of Appreciation to two of several ladies, none of whom are actually Kiwanis members, for their ongoing assistance in producing the simple dolls given out to young children who become hospitalized. The lady next to Mike is Michelle Nyberg; next to her is Andy Smith with Betty at far left


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KIWANIS CLUB The Eliminate Project As many of you are aware, Kiwanis International (KI) and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate the deadly disease Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) from 40 undeveloped countries in the world. Sixty thousand babies and mothers die each year from this curable malady. The infants who contract this disease experience unbelievable convulsions which cause their bones to break. In addition, they develop a hypersensitivity to light and sound and can not withstand the human touch. If there is any sav-

ing grace in this tragedy, it is that the babies usually succumb within seven days. During the General Assembly at our fall training a video was played that showed the pain these infants suffer. Observing this made me think about my own children and their healthy start in life. Needless to say, it was emotionally draining.

your head does not row the boat.” Let’s not just nod our heads. Let’s really get involved in this very worthy cause. “If you won’t be better tomorrow than you are today, than what do you need tomorrow for?” Rabbi Nahman of Bratscav

We can make a contribution to this project by setting up our own fund raising campaign. Who will step up and assume the lead for our club? KI has vowed to remove this disease from the face of the earth and prevent 129,000,000 future mothers and babies from being affected by MNT. Recently I heard an Irish proverb, “Nodding

WOMEN’S CLUB The Plantation Women’s Club The Plantation Women’s Club did not meet in July and hopes that everyone had a great holiday weekend. The rain may have dampened the ground, but it did not dampen the spirits of Fairfield Plantation. We here at the Women’s Club would like to send a big thank you to all involved in our neighborhood festivities. Your dedication throughout the rain put a little sunshine in our days. My family would especially like to thank the skiers and everyone involve in their awesome show, one of our new favorite activities. We can’t wait for the next show of their talent. THANK YOU! Date to remember: August 17th- Casino Night at the Club 7pm midnight with dinner from 6-8pm

Tickets are now available for $50 a person: includes dinner, $500 play money, and door prizes. Try your luck at Black jack, Craps, Roulette, or new this year Slot Machines. Upscale attire requested not required. Hope to see everyone out for this adult night of fun. The next Plantation Women’s Club meeting will be held on August 3rd, at 11:00am at the Country Club. The service project for the month will be school supplies for Sand Hill Elementary and/or items for our raffle baskets. This month we will have resident and fellow Plantation Women’s Club member Habiba Shaw speak to us on nutrition. We are proud to announce that we have reached our membership goal of 100 members. Ladies are encouraged to bring a friend and to all new residents this is a great group for meeting your new

neighbors. New members are always welcome and the fee is only $15 for the year. The Plantation Women’s Club meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Fairfield Plantation Country Club. Social time is from 11:00-11:30am, with lunch and a business meeting following. For more information call Pat Johnson, President (770- 3637654) or contact her via e-mail. We ask that you reserve your lunch for the meeting by e-mailing Pat Johnson at or giving her a call. Hope to see you there! Jamie Davis, Publicity


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MGA 1st Duane Hooper 2nd Jim Cormell 3rd Mike Trager 4th Corky Carr 5th. Carl Hamilton 6th Mike Campbell Closest to the Pin #4 Jay Cheek #8 Jim Mashburn #12 Carl Hamilton #16. Clint Watkins

Game: Best Individual Net

Skins #2. Duane Hooper #4 Jay Cheek #9. Mike Trager #10. Mike Trager #11 Duane Hooper #12 Jay Cheek #15 Jay Cheek #17. Paul Phillips

THE 4TH ANNUAL J.C. COLLINS MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT nament running smooth and making it a fun event for everyone. Let’s keep the ball rolling with our paving stone fundraiser, youth division round robin on Sunday, July 21st and more round robins for all levels of play in the near future. See you on the courts!!!

THE 4TH ANNUAL J.C. COLLINS MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT Despite the many rain delays, the players had a great time at our annual July 4th J.C. Collins Memorial Tournament, as can be seen by the faces of our winners and runnersup.

WINNERS OF GOLD DIVISION: Brian and Cheryl Golgart; Runners-up: Dori Seagraves and Robert Bagwell

The Fairfield Tennis Committee would like to thank our community for its continued support in making the 4th Annual J.C. Collins Memorial Tournament a great success. There are many sponsors to thank from individuals, families, and businesses, both big and small. In addition to its usual recipients, this year’s funds are going towards a beautification project that will benefit our entire community.

of which will be inscribed with desired text before being placed in the walkway. If you would like more information on this project contact: or by phone 770-830-7498 .

There will be an opportunity for Fairfield residents to purchase two types of walkway paving stones, both

Thanks also, to all the volunteers that donated time on and off the court to keep the tour-

Buying or selling a home? Got a real estate question? Chip Hurst –Fairfield Resident Maximum One Realty Greater Atlanta 770-294-9976


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EXERCISE ON A MOLECULAR LEVEL Exercise on a Molecular Level By Dr. Habiba N. Shaw We all know exercise is good for us. Running, biking, weight lifting, or yoga—moving our bodies makes us healthier. And research at Joslin is elucidating why. The lab of Laurie Goodyear, Ph.D. studies what exercise does to our bodies on the molecular level, both after one exercise session and after making exercise a routine part of life. When you exercise aerobically once—take one run, say, or swim 50 laps—your body experiences immediate benefits. This single bout of exercise, or acute exercise as it’s referred to in Dr. Goodyear’s lab, increases the amount of fuel your muscles need to keep working. And that fuel usually comes in the form of blood glucose, helping to clear the bloodstream of excess sugar. Muscle is home to proteins called glucose transporters. They function as their name suggests—transporting glucose from the blood stream into the muscle. They usually live deep inside the muscle cells, but exercise turns on signals in the cells that call the transporters to the surface, allowing them to take up all the glucose muscles need to keep powering through the workout. Benefits extend post-acute exercise, too. “Insulin works a lot better after exercise,” said Dr. Goodyear. “You can more readily take up blood sugar into your tissues.” The effect can last up to 24 hours after exercise. “You don’t have to be highly trained for these responses to occur,” said Dr. Goodyear. Any form of exercise, even walking, helps; however, the more intense the exercise session the more benefit your body gets. Studies have mostly focused on these acute exercise effects in aerobic exercise (the movement of large muscles and muscle groups that get your heart beating fast). Acute strength training also seems to provide these benefits, though the effects have not been as thoroughly studied. Chronic exercise is exercise happening on a regular basis, or at least three sessions per week. People getting the recommended amount of physical activity each week, for example, are chronic exercisers. If acute exercise has good benefits, chronic exercise is even better because you reap the short- and long-term effects. Routine cardio can actually change the amount of certain proteins in your body—including those glucose transporters that get activated with each single bout of exercise. The more glucose transporters you have, the more efficiently your body takes up glucose from the bloodstream. And it’s not just muscle tissue that sees benefits. Almost all tissues in your body are modified for the better when you make exercise a regular part of your life— everything from your heart, pancreas, blood vessels, and even your body’s fat.

Strength training includes doing exercises using free weights, resistance bands, or even just your own body weight (think push-ups or squats) Chronic strength training is “just as important to overall health,” said Dr. Goodyear. Working your muscles against resistance like bands, machines, or free weights maintains muscle and bone mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more glucose gets taken up. Also, “muscle utilizes more energy even in a resting state” than fat,” said Dr. Goodyear. So more muscle mass can mean a higher basal metabolic rate, which translates to more calories burned even when you’re just sitting around. “Exercise is critical for everyone, but especially for those with diabetes,” said Dr. Goodyear. Given the increasing awareness that there is a link between Type 2 diabetes and cancer and cognitive function, including Alzheimer’s, it is especially important to mitigate the effects of diabetes by exercising. In fact, there is now strong evidence that there are lower rates of certain forms of cancers and Alzheimer’s in people who regularly exercise. And if you aren’t losing weight, don’t quit! The molecular benefits of exercise are independent of weight loss. Studies have shown that people with high Body Mass Index (BMIs) and a high percentage of body fat have a much lower risk of disease if they’re physically fit. Physical fitness doesn’t necessarily mean trim and toned. It’s a measure of your body’s ability to take up oxygen; in other words how long you can perform an aerobic exercise. The more oxygen your body uses during a single bout of exercise, the harder you’re working, and the more physically fit you are. If you can lose weight while you exercise, all the better, but “physical fitness is the strongest determinant of overall health,” said Dr. Goodyear. So get up, get out, and get moving! Source: Dr. Laurie Goodyear, Joslin News. Joslin Diabetes Center is Affiliated with Harvard Medical School.


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W I L LY ’ S F I T N E S S C O R N E R WILLY’S FITNESS CORNER By Wilhelmina Barry, IFTA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist PUMP UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!! Are you one of those people who seem to catch every ‘bug’ that passes thru town? How often you get sick is partly due to genes, the bacteria & viruses you are exposed to & your immune system. BUT, the most important key is your lifestyle; exercise, diet, stress & sleep are key factors in pumping up your immune system. Here are some key strategies to help you build up your immune system; STRATEGY #1; Pump up your diet; Get your 9-12 servings of RAW fruits & vegetables everyday. The more color in your fruits & veggies, the more nutrient dense they are. Can’t eat that much?? I have found a product, Juice Plus, that contains 17 fruits & vegetables in a capsule or a Gumi. I call it Jetson food!! Want more info? Go to Protein at every meal; This does not mean a Big Mac for lunch! Lean protein is the key-yogurt, almonds, chicken, turkey, lentils & beans are some good choices with every meal/snack in small quantities; 3-4 ounces. Go for fish; Eat salmon, mackerel or tuna twice a week or more. These fish are rich in Omega

3’s which may reduce your risk of respiratory infection & may boost virus fighters like helper T cells. STRATEGY#2; PICK THESE SUPPLEMENTS; Juice Plus which has over 25 Published research papers from double blind, third party researchers in medical journals from some of the most prestigious hospitals & Universities in the world. Many Dr’s are recommending vitamin D which seems to boost the production of T cells. Always check with your Dr. first before taking any supplements. Probiotics; This puts ‘good’ bacteria in your gut which can help fight the ‘bad’ bacteria. Probiotics are found in yogurt, Dan-Active & a supplement called ‘Acidophulus”.

STRATEGY# 4; CUT BACK ON STRESS; Emotional stress causes your body to release cortisol & adrenaline, which decreases T cells. There are many ways to de-stress. Research has shown a few things that really work; LAUGH!! Laughter boosts virus & cancer fighting natural killer cells. PRAY; Those who regularly attend religious services are about half as likely to have hi levels of protein that increase inflammation. DANCE; It’s a potent relaxer & listening to dance music for 50 minutes can decrease your cortisol & build your antibodies. Sounds like fun to me-I hear Disco music!!!!

STRATEGY# 3; EXERCISE; A study conducted in 2010 found that those people who were active at least 5 days per week halved the length of their colds. Why? Exercise sparks a temporary rise in immune cells. If you are not currently exercising ,start with walking for 30 minutes, 5 days per week. Not sure what else to do? Work with a Personal trainer who can design a fitness program based on your needs, goals & medical conditions.

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Tovey’s World

Tovey’s World

Calling All Parrotheads! Calling All Parrotheads! If you enjoy meeting PHriendly new people; Jimmy Buffett's music, and participating in social and community service activities, then join the West Georgia ParrotHead Club at our monthly social meetings at Max and Henry's Restaurant, 108 Adamson Square, Carrollton, GA Our meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. For information contact IslandTime Bob at

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